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  1. Big fan, second best keeper in the league last season (personal opinion: by only a tight margin, Ingham also had far more to do, and kept Y9 in the match on so many occasions).
  2. Ingham would have got my vote. I'm excited about the squad thats been put together for this season. Excited, but still many question marks, signings with good pedigree, but how good they are, who knows. I'm eager to see how Y9 start the season!
  3. Not sure it's been mentioned here, seems to have gone under the radar, but Bruno Zebie has signed up with Cavalry for the season. Depth signing, quite versatile, so can cover a lot of areas.
  4. A shame on Gattas as I liked him, but glad we are keeping Murofushi, i really thought he had some quality, had good positioning, vision and worked hard on the pitch. Really hoping Y9 push on this season, but Forge and Cavalry still seem to be ahead of the pack and I have this feeling HFX will be up there.
  5. I can't say i've had a bad experience, but maybe when they see an address abroad it's given extra attention (my brother didn't have an issue either when ordering an Edmonton shirt out of some sort of ironic joke to me).
  6. I may actually have a chance to fly out to Toronto next summer, trying to arrange things with my sister (i'm the primary carer for my dad and I also work part time... had to drop hours). Going to be going to see York9 live, exciting times!
  7. Cavalry are still going to be hard to be. Big fan of Adekugbe, thought he was impressive, good movement, detetmined and worked hard. Waterman was impressive at the back. Anyone know if Mavilla has signed on for another season?
  8. Happy with the signing, should be a step up in the middle of the park from what we had. Regular starter for Ottawa. But we do seems to have a wealth of talent in the centre mid positions. Looking forward to future announcements. Glad we have kept a core, but with room to move and hopefully challenge.
  9. Yup, it's a odd thing which started a few years back. Blame a successful career on Football Manager with Vancouver Whitecaps and the Canadian National Team. Since then I've been following soccer in your country, rooting for your national team to do well (they just seem like a likeable underdog), and following the CanPL this season.
  10. I assume they're going to pick peter schaale? He was pretty good last season.
  11. From an Englishman with no connection to Canada.... beware some odd choices, but this is just an opinion Ups: HFX - great set up, well supported, a real beacon of what a CPL team can be, shame the football hasn't been as attractive as the fans! Cavalry - like many I thought they didn't have much coming into the season, but they played good football, and represented the CanPL to a high degree in the Canadian Championship. The young talent - young Canadian players have a real place to shine, players such as Tristan Borges, Terran Campbell, Noah Verhoeven, Easton Ongaro and so many more, on the past, may have just drifted playing semi-pro football before leaving the game. But now they have a real platform to improve and get noticed. Nathan Mavila - odd choice, one of the only players I've seen play in the flesh, from what I've seen of Cavalry on One Soccer, he impressed me, consistently performed, not the most flashy player, but seemed a real unsung hero. Nathan Ingham - one of the few bright spots of York 9. Arguably one of the two best keepers in the league. But Carducci arguably has more of a pedigree. I had never heard of him before Y9. I initially assumes he would be backup to Silva, who had played more pro games. Downs: York 9 - the team Im supporting, so probably being harsh! Disappointing season, failed to really perform, and the ground they're at, just doesn't seem to have a great atmosphere, hopefully things will improve. The established names - disappointed on the whole. Didn't seem much better than the unknown youngsters. De Jong was injured (so not his fault), Haber, Nakajima-Farron, even Petrasso (ok, he wasnt bad), Edgar and Cox... They just didn't do much and didn't seem like they were any better than the young lions. Ledgerwood was a real leader though, I liked Malonga and Fisk was solid.... But yeah. Valour - sorry, but on paper they should have been so much better....
  12. Well done to Cavalry. Win or lose tomorrow, they have shown the CPL is a competitive solid league. Like many on here I thought Cavalry would prove to be one of the weaker-middling teams of the league. But they have shown to be very solid. Good luck against Montreal, but whatever happens, the CPL is here to stay, and that can only be beneficial to Canadian soccer, the best players may end up being creamed off by European leagues and the MLS, but I think the goings on in Saskatoon shows there is huge talent hidden away and having a professional league in place will only help in development of talent and hopefully improving you national team long term.
  13. Pumped about tonight's match, but I'm in the UK, so it may prove to be a bit too late for me to watch live (got work in the morning!).
  14. Are we on the way for a Chinese club appearing in the CanPL? 😋 (Obvious attempt at joke).
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