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  1. Well done to Cavalry. Win or lose tomorrow, they have shown the CPL is a competitive solid league. Like many on here I thought Cavalry would prove to be one of the weaker-middling teams of the league. But they have shown to be very solid. Good luck against Montreal, but whatever happens, the CPL is here to stay, and that can only be beneficial to Canadian soccer, the best players may end up being creamed off by European leagues and the MLS, but I think the goings on in Saskatoon shows there is huge talent hidden away and having a professional league in place will only help in development of talent and hopefully improving you national team long term.
  2. Pumped about tonight's match, but I'm in the UK, so it may prove to be a bit too late for me to watch live (got work in the morning!).
  3. Are we on the way for a Chinese club appearing in the CanPL? 😋 (Obvious attempt at joke).
  4. Been proper impressed with Halifax, seems to have a real feel of a lower league English club (this is meant as a real compliment).
  5. York9 have been looking pretty good, although it has been pretty competitive. It's rare for me to be able to catch a game live (time difference). Not got my shirt on as I'm on my way home from work :).
  6. Jamaica looked impressive, a good win against a pretty good Honduras side. Curacao were very disappointing, they just didn't have any real creativity and that really was a must win match for them. I thought Curacao may have ended up being a bit of a 'dark horse' this Gold Cup, I thought they may have beaten El Salvador and even get a surprise result against Honduras. They have a tough group, but sadly I can't really see them getting any points now. While Mexico are the big favourites, teams like Jamaica, Costa Rica, Honduras & and even Canada (we will find out more tomorrow!) could give them a tough time. The U.S. haven't been in the best form of late, so even if they top the group, they will likely face Jamaica or Honduras in the next round which will be difficult. I even went as far as putting a cheeky £1 on Curacao to win the Gold Cup (not exactly high stakes, but the returns would have been worth it and I can take a £1 hit). So far I'm doing pretty good on my returns from the competition, largely helped by Jonathan David, Dever Orgill, Costa Rica and the good number of goals so far!
  7. Well, im happy, put a small bet on the game having more than 2.5 goals via Bet365.
  8. Aye, Saskatoon would be more likely, Regina, for whatever reason was the first name that came to head. Would like to hear from people with more knowledge with regards to towns and cities which may pull a similar crowd. But HFX have impressed me.
  9. Before the start of the season, I thought Pacific would be up there and Cavalry would struggle! I'm sure I'm not the only one. Thinking back, that was probably silly, considering Cavalry had a core who played together last season. In fact they probably always had an advantage for the spring season. Oh well!
  10. Halifax supporters really are a good advertisement for Canadian Soccer, I think 'similar' places would really be good for the league, like Regina, I think, would have similar support (obviously I'm no expert).
  11. Put a small bet on a HFX victory today.... Which no doubt means a Pacific win
  12. I knew he scored a lot for The Blue Devils last season, but he has still taken me by surprise. If he carries on like he started, then he could be a breakout player. How was he never picked up by a team in Europe or MLS? (Hopefully that comment doesn't bite me in the future ha).
  13. That Novak goal though... Such a good finish... Lovely.
  14. My York9 shirt arrived yesterday, currently wearing it at a pub in South London.
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