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  1. I've had an opportunity to watch most of all of his matches thus far with Panetolikos. I am happy to say it appears his club has written his name into Starting XI with ink, so I do expect him to see action every week which is obviously better than sitting on the bench or "taxi squad" in Vancouver. I think he's played well overall but has had some issues with positioning. Hopefully, he will be able to adjust that as he gets more used to his teammates. What I do like about him is he does very well to remain standing when defending and is not diving all over the place to make the tackle. He also always has his head up with the ball looking to make the forward pass and does try to find opportunities to dribble up field if it's there on occasion. 🙂
  2. Cornelius subbed off for the first time in the first three matches (85') in a 2-1 loss. Fun Fact #2: Cornelius faced off for most of the second half against Diego Biseswar, the big hair #10 that played for Surinam in their qualifier against Canada and the Gold Cup.
  3. Cornelius starts for Panetolikos in their league match at home to PAOK. Probably his biggest test thus far in Greece, though PAOK has struggled offensively to begin the season. Fun Fact: Cornelius faces former NYC player Mitrita.
  4. Cornelius plays 90' in Panetolikos' 2-1 away win against Atromitos.
  5. I'm sure you'll find a lot of agreement among TFC supporters, myself included. I think "trying to save my job" is also at play here. 😞
  6. Not quite. Encroachment by both teams results in a retaken penalty, regardless of who encroached first and whether a goal was scored.
  7. As someone who also follows the team van't Schip currently manages, I'll take a pass, thanks. If we thought Benito Floros' starting XI was out of left field... 😄 He did lead them to a big win the other day, so there's that.
  8. I think it's unfair to compare ratings with the Blue Jays. Keep in mind that the entire Rogers media empire is one big marketing tool for the Blue Jays. It is not uncommon to tune into news680 on the radio and hear a news story on what Guerrero Jr. had for breakfast (I'm not really kidding). With coverage like that, casuals will know when the team is playing. A more appropriate comparison would be basketball, and in particular the Raptors, IMHO; a sport and team that is not as established here as baseball and hockey. And what we learn is something we all know: if you win, they will come. 184K the other day seems a little disappointing but I remember the Raps getting consistently less ratings WITH Vince Carter back in the day. In fact, Raptor fans would complain (and I was one of them :-) ) that the American media cared more about the team than the Canadian media. But once they won that title, they've been everywhere.
  9. Feels like he is starting his 100th straight game he is eligible to play in. And he'll go 90.
  10. Derek Cornelius starting in Panetolikos' first match of the season, at home to Asteras Tripolis. Goes the full 90' in a 0-0 draw.
  11. I think in the past the CSA would have rejected this outright because they may have wanted to sell as many tickets as possible to help with the bottom line. I hope they would be more willing to consider this nowadays.
  12. It will be interesting to see once all this is done the success rate each nation had in the 3rd game of everyone window and whether they mirror the final standings.
  13. Every time I see the USMNT, the term "Frat Boy FC" always comes to mind. 😄
  14. Cornelius started today in Panetolikos' FINAL final friendly against Panathinaikos B' in a 3-1 win. Cornelius assisted on the second goal, heading a corner kick towards goal. The League will finally begin next weekend.
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