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  1. I think that's it, and with many "inferior" fields, players can still use their speed to catch up to passes, first touches that were led astray due to the conditions. You couldn't do that here.
  2. There's also that epic away win in Guatemala but whose quibbling? 😄
  3. I completely blame Davies' off game on the turf. Attacking defenders with the ball is what he knows.
  4. Win by one, run for the plane. The fact that the actual match was the first time Canada could play on this pitch worked as an extra defender for Haiti. I'll take Canada just needing a draw on an exponentially friendlier pitch in Chicago. Good result.
  5. In my experience, if the mainstream media does pick it up, they will completely ignore the match and blame the incident on soccer.
  6. Actually it probably has more to do with a national team doing well for almost a generation now...
  7. It would be Dunlop that dresses like a clown.
  8. http://blogs.canoe.ca/reds/sports/canada-to-face-the-united-states-in-houston/
  9. Crepeau's knee was hyper-extended. It could have been worse.
  10. Crepeau out for the rest of the tournament, according to CBC, though the injury apparently isn't as bad as it looked: http://www.cbc.ca/sports/soccer/story/2011/06/20/sp-u17-canada-crepeau.html
  11. ^^ Bell TV has ch 1412 designated as Gol TV HD, and it was black last night.
  12. 1. Atiba Hutchinson 2. Josh Simpson 3. Dwayne De Rosario
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