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  1. Hmm, I couldn't tell any of that. I'm pretty new to watching soccer. I couldn't see what happened and there was no replay to show. Or clock running on the scoreboard. It was stopped at 90 in-stadium
  2. My dream future is for the Hamilton Tigers to be reborn as a professional rugby team. Hoops galore.
  3. Welp, this game had everything that makes it hard to try to start watching this sport. Penalties for guys falling over their own feet. No explanation about what penalties are for. No replays to try to figure it out, or even if you know what is for to decide if you agree, or even see a better angle. Arbitrary time added that they don't even show OR keep the clock counting, so you can't even tell how far into mystery time you are. Seems like a coaches challenge or something would be useful. Frustrating....
  4. What is with the complete lack of in-stadium replays? It's infuriating
  5. They were charging $10 for Arrows games, seemed reasonable to me.
  6. Of course movies do it. They have all the filler stuff and previews. The movie doesn't actually roll at whatever the time is.
  7. The whole bottom was open to buy season seats in, and really, the West (not on camera) side is preferable. Most wind comes out of the West so the stand behind you block it, and the sun will either be just above (at 1pm games) or behind you and not in your eyes.
  8. I wouldn't be surprised if there were a lot of no-shows, it was quite cold.
  9. I didn't say "just handing out teams" , I said owners ready to write checks and build stadiums. You're telling me if Barry in KW finds a David Argyle - type billionaire and an agreement with Laurie or UW to expand their stadium, has the money and plan ready to go, you would say "nah... we're holding out for Fraser Valley who we haven't heard from yet, sorry" ?
  10. I think length of season should/would be taken into account. 2 games out of a 10 game season is significant.
  11. In an ideal world, there are several cities in other provinces that would get it together re: ownership and stadium enough to join, and the other big Ontario cities would fill in after. In the real world, I think we need to take whoever is ready to go. If say Niagara or London have owners begging to write cheques and build stadiums, it would be crazy to turn them down.
  12. Why couldn't Macron print north American sizes on them? Seems really easy to do.
  13. I think the best move would be for KW and London to enter at the same time, to really use that natural rivalry
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