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  1. My go-to has been to tack the city name on the end. "Forge FC Hamilton" or "Valour FC Winnipeg" .
  2. Forgot about Ottawa, I meant Hamilton and Winnipeg.
  3. It seems to me that using stadiums they already control and operate is is more sustainable than renting or building something different.
  4. Packers playing ~3 games a season in Milwaukee up until the 90s.
  5. Not quite the same, but London Irish, London Scottish, and London Welsh all exist in the professional* rugby structure in England. *how professional is very much in flux below the Premiership
  6. Amen to that! The CFL missed the boat a long time ago to spread outwards rather than get to big to expand. There's no reason why they shouldn't have teams in London, KW, Windsor, Quebec, etc, and be sustainable off crowds of 5-10K. London Knights get 8-9k regularly for as many games are in a hockey season! Sure you can't afford multi-100k contracts, but that's okay. It would still be the largest pro league thats totally Canadian. Soccer has the opportunity to do exactly that.
  7. The whole XFL thing threatens what I love about the CFL - being independent and Canadian. These are the exact same reasons I'm a CPL fan when I never was a soccer fan previously - it's ours, subservient to nobody. I haven't been able to bring myself to read any of the articles ever since the XFL-CFL rumours started. Just comments in passing like this thread. It feels like if I look, I'll see my heart being ripped out. I've been so invested in the Ticats for so long and if we move to some bastardized 4-down US league - I don't think I'll be able to follow. In my opinion its the opposite of what the CFL needs to do. It needs to be more unique, not more like the Americans. I want what the Irish and Aussies have in the GAA and AFL - our own thing, and screw what anyone else thinks. The majority of Canadian sports fans disgust me with their love of all that comes out of the US to the detriment of our own. Why on earth should some someone from Hamilton care more about Alabama vs Clemson, than Mac vs Western? It's blindingly obvious what the TV networks have done - easier to buy cheap programming and copy in the hype rather than build our own - but everyone eats it up. Sorry, this is so barely on topic... thank God I also have the Arrows too, although I'm well aware of the irony of them being in an American league.
  8. I think they must have feedback that the old logo was too edgy or modern, but I think they've veered a little too far the other way into "fuddy fuddy" old fashioned. But it's not terrible, the colours are very good, it's not a complete identify change, so yeah overall not bad. Any pics of the stadium progress? I hear the Arrows rugby team might be back to YU (oh shit, did they consider the confusion with the University?) as well since the city is using the Lamport dome as a homeless/covid shelter or something.
  9. Forget the protests. Evidence, from many sources, shows that outdoor transmission is very low. That, along with everything else reopening, is enough to think that is a reasonable way to have fans in stadiums this year. Might be with low capacity, might be with mandatory masks, might be some other compromises. But it should be able to happen.
  10. I find if I need to specify I say "Forge FC Hamilton" .
  11. I'd see it as much more likely that they pair up with the Arrows and make it a national rugby stadium. Much more likely is still not that likely, though. Both teams have to play away until a certain point each spring because the city won't give up the community use use they get out of having the winter dome.
  12. What's the latest on the stadium changes?
  13. Kinda similar to the condo at TD plae as well, obviously much more tied in.
  14. Now how would you feel if someone said they hoped the CPL went bankrupt and switched to MLS farm teams or something equally terrible?
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