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TFC 2020 Season


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Here is the list of unprotected players for the expansion draft.  Only one player can be drafted from the team.  

  • Jon Bakero
  • Nicolas Benezet
  • Laurent Ciman
  • Tsubasa Endoh
  • Drew Moor
  • Ashtone Morgan
  • Justin Morrow
  • Patrick Mullins
  • Caleb Patterson-Sewell
  • Ryan Telfer
  • Eriq Zavaleta
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From a Canadian perspective, the three players who's options were not picked up were Morgan, Telfer and Daniels. They mention  though that they are in discussions with Morgan about coming back so I expect that will likely happen (same with Bradley & Benezet). They did pick up the option on Julian Dunn, which I suppose is encouraging.

I'm still mentally counting Telfer as a Canadian even though I know he's actually now only eligible for T&T.

And I hope that Laryea gets a raise!

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On 11/26/2019 at 4:21 PM, SpursFlu said:

Not sure if TFC fans noticed but Giovonco's team made the Club World Cup. They look poised to play Flamengo in the Semi finals. 

I definitely noticed. Good for Giovinco, he won his Champions League in the end, while making $10 million in the process. I imagine he's happy with his choice to leave Toronto FC.

I still dream of him finishing his career at Toronto after his Saudi stint. His family is still based in the city.

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Great news for TFC. Bradley back as TAM makes a lot of sense. We have spoke about it at length around here that it needed to happen and now it has! Very happy for the player and the club and it was handled with class. Great job TFC!

Now for a massive DP attacker. Once he is brought in, Toronto will undoubtedly be stronger than last season, a year where they defied the odds to make it to MLS cup.

With no CCL distractions, 2020 is shaping up very nicely indeed for the Reds. Atlanta, Seattle and LAFC will be beating themselves up with fixture congestion to start the year. Meanwhile, Toronto can focus squarely on the league and hopefully get a head start in the Supporters Shield race. 

SS should be the clubs focus in 2020. Not only is it more silverware, but home field advantage would be locked up for the playoffs. 

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1 hour ago, Club Linesman said:

And according to the Neil Davidson article if you use Tam to buy down a DP you must sign another DP at an equal or above contract.  Does that apply here? If he counted for 6 million plus that would be a significant signing.  Or because he was out of contact does it not apply?!?

He's not being bought down. He's signing a new contract with the club using TAM.

The DP slot will be vacated on January 1.

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