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  1. One minute, two American citizens are duking it out but later in the match they probably bond through the chant of a homophobic slur at the opposition (at least that's my guess).
  2. And after pumping up his tires here, he proceeded to set up Minny's go ahead goal with a terrible giveaway.
  3. I just don't see the Caps bringing back their academy grads. Bustos might have a better shot elsewhere in the league. Heck, the Caps might find somebody they really like but I think they would prefer that their supporting cast role players come from in house (or get relatively cheap but pro experienced Cancon from abroad, like Edgar, De Jong, Henry, Ricketts, and Cornelius).
  4. Both he and ubiquitous Teibert get starts tonight.
  5. I knew I would get a rise out of you on this 😉. I thought you had a thread about the series in the General Discussion: if you want to move it there, I will talk to you more about this great series.
  6. Like Clarke breaking Kharlamov's ankle? (As I throw a smokebomb then disappear from the discussion)
  7. I stand corrected regarding the Eagle. If his clients on that team who came to his rescue only knew then that he was going to rip them off later on, they probably would have joined the Russian police in roughing him up! I was on a beach in Nha Trang, Vietnam, which is like Puerto Vallarta for vacationing Russians, a few years back and I wanted my wife to take a picture of me "doing the Frosty" as I walked among the sun bathing Russian tourists. Unfortunately, she wouldn't do it, and I didn't have the needed red ensemble.
  8. The big problem for the Caps and their academy "brand" is that it is not in their best interest to be a buying club from CPL. They are strictly in the business of moving their academy grads in the other direction, hopefully with a carry on fee arrangement in return. And they certainly won't be bringing back guys they had under their own umbrella. I am not up to speed on this but which CPL guys since Waterman have moved on to MLS? I know former Halifax man and Caps pre-season trialist Sissoko went to Indy in USL but I am drawing blank on the MLS front.
  9. This derby always seems like it is defacto home fixture for the Mexicans when played in California or Texas. I will watch this match because I think there is even more potential for volatilty.
  10. ^It's seems pretty sanctimonious then for American pundits to be calling out the Mexico supporters in this particular stadium.
  11. Bikel has been like the Diego Chara of this side. I would be surprised if he lost his place in the preferred starting eleven
  12. Looking forward to seeing what the trio of Gauld, Bikel, and Alexandre can do in this midfield.
  13. LOL! I forgot that. I remember this board pining for the inclusion of the attacking talents of Russell Teibert to be on the field. Osorio, not a Floro fav, had not yet matured into understanding his role. Six years ago. Wow.
  14. One of the many famous incidents during the most dramatic game in Canadian sports history (Game 8 of the 72 Summit Series) was Eagleson and trainer Frosty Forrestal (in his all red Canada tracksuit) walking across the ice and flipping the bird at the Russian crowd. Now that would have been great here!
  15. However, I love that 4-3-3 forward line!
  16. Wasn't that going to be the same with us though?
  17. We have some unlikely support in the American sports talk mediasphere: on his show, SiriusXM Sportsgrid's Gabe Morency was just giving it to the Mexican players and supporters for their lack of class and even offered to pay the fine for one of our guys if they clocked a Mexican player or two. It was fun listening!
  18. We've come a long ways from playing four centre backs while searching for a winning goal to qualify out of the group stage playing at home in BMO like Floro did six years ago.
  19. But they are also professionals, including the coach, and if they see a guy who can help them get to the promised land over another guy, then so be it and they move on. There is a ruthlessness that happens in this business. It's about now, not the past. Apart from one instagram/twitter "cap" comment from Hoillet, we really don't know how the rest of the team feels. We'll obviously find out in September and then October if Arfield is healthy, wants to be there, and is or is not included.
  20. When is the best XI for the tournament annouced? The day of the final? I sense that Turner will probably win the Golden Glove but Crepeau deserves the back up. I am curious as to which Canadians get the nod?
  21. I am not as big on Fraser as some other posters here. I am not sure his defensive game is what it needs to be at this level. His stock in trade is still distribution and passing range.
  22. I listened to Herc Gomez on the ESPN website talking about the chant delay and I was left wondering how many of the Mexican supporters in the Arlington stadium were American citizens (or what not: landed or undocumented immigrants, former anchor babies)? I didn't think the border wasn't officially open until later in August because of the Covid surge down in the southern American states so that crowd would be all-American (in some form or another), wouldn't it?
  23. Johnson has been a key contributor in Nashville from day one. The other two didn't pan out at Orlando, for whatever reasons.
  24. I sure do remember that. Heck, some posters were even predicting that the two would be alternating this tourney gig. St. Clair's time will come.
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