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  1. Correct me if I am wrong, but I thought In-Beom was in the young DP category, so his cap hit would be notably lower (by about $400 K) than that of a garden variety DP. As for In-Beom's possible replacement, I find it interesting that MDS had implied at times during this MiB that 4-4-2 was his preferred base formation, yet his personnel features players better suited to 4-3-3. I mean, if he wants to continue with Adnan at left mid in 4-4-2, that leaves the squad top heavy with forward/winger types not necessarily suited for flank midfield duty. Maybe he feels that he'd rather go with starting two of Owusu, Teibert, Bikel, or Rose instead of having to start three of them and then call upon his not-ready-Academy grads as regular replacements. If they bring in a forward as a DP/young DP/TAM player to complement Cavallini, what does that say about the incumbents in that area of the field? Will someone else in that pool be moving, too? Edit: after looking more closely at the league rules, I think In-Beom is indeed a full DP this year.
  2. In theory, that's how it should work but how many times in NT soccer history (in any country) have we seen a coach stick too long with an out-of-form favourite or vet ("form is temporary...class is permanent" trap) or a another guy or two get their noses out of joint because they feel that they should be starting, so suddenly the camp doesn't seem happy/happy anymore if expected results don't happen? This type of man management is supposed to be Herdman's meat and drink and the success of this campaign really will hinge on this.
  3. I truly believe this. Even at this point in his career, he still would benefit from playing alongside a steady "quarterback" type of guy leading the back line. I thought he did well with the Whitecaps (the fact that he and his back line partners and Crepeau had to face a shooting gallery too often had far more to do with the ineffective defensive midfield play in front of them), and he was able to leverage that into a move abroad, which I also believe is a good move (different, wider range of experiences on and off the pitch). Against the Galaxy recently I watched Jakovic give away a penalty on a late, awkward challenge and then later get skinned by Pavon on his goal which was called back for offside, and there was no discussion about it but if Henry did the same we would be having a handwringing fest on here. On the other hand, even last season there were times where I watch him dive in to block or challenge and I would close my eyes and hope that the ball didn't play off his arm or he didn't clip his opponent. When he makes a mistake (which happens, even to guys like Van Dijk on occasion) he needs to have a short memory, Donnie Brasco "fugget about it," and get re-focussed on the game, and not have that error daisy chain into more mistakes (which I have also seen happen with him). His physical talents are excellent, even after fairly serious health issues, but to get the best out of him, he needs to play alongside that back line leader. For me, he's our starter at RCB.
  4. In watching this play I was actually quite impressed by the anticipation and work rate of the striker on that play (was he a sub or had he been on the whole match?). With a different referee, maybe it's a foul but regardless, it shows the importance of closing down space on defenders in vulnerable positions. Henry misplayed the original bounce and that provided just enough time and space to make recovery more of a 50-50 venture. That's a good clip for a coach to show a young striker on why it's important to stay focussed in such situations.
  5. Poor goalkeeper positioning as well as poor marking by Jordan Harvey, goes to lottery shoot out, and there you have it. Harvey also misses the only penalty.
  6. I'm not holding my breath.
  7. Jakovic continues his renaissance tonight against Tesho and Orlando City.
  8. Based strictly on the personnel available, this is an Ocho qualifying team, plain and simple. I haven't always said that about our NT, especially during the times when FC Unattached or FC In-the-pressbox-on-matchday provided too many squad players for us. But now, though it still has question marks in some areas, this team makes the final eight.
  9. Big game for Kaye and his mates against a "banana peel" opponent tonight. Potential for a letdown after convincingly eliminating a (normally) tough defensive in the 16s round. I look forward to seeing him at his attacking best!
  10. With that, the levels of expectation gets cranked up significantly. And this isn't a starting XI that picks itself: all depends on how well he handles the bigger personalities if things don't go as planned. Surely we can get to the Ocho with this squad?
  11. I am interested in watching LAFC-Orlando. When you think LA is going to run the table, they seem to have a hiccup which undermines them in the end. This is the kind of opponent who might be able to do that. I'm not that convinced of LAFC's overall defensive play (tbh, there's been plenty of dodgy defensive play by supposed better defensive teams in this tourney, like Seattle and now SKC tonight), but they generate and finish chances. I'll put it on record tomorrow evening.
  12. Thanks. I expected him to be on one of the live TSN broadcasts in the elimination rounds but now that all the Canadian clubs are kaput, I guess that will be it for awhile.
  13. Has Herdman shown up any of the TSN broadcasts for the MLS tourney to discuss qualifying for the Ocho and other things MNT?
  14. Sometimes you miss, and many other factors come into play.
  15. Was it just three years ago that so many of us were scratching our heads about his inclusion into our Gold Cup squad? I am SOO glad I was wrong about him. This guy is the real deal. In the "word" of Caldwell, he's a quality playmaker.
  16. Both remtatches of last season's conference finals have been one sided in favour of the runner up sides. Sounders look gawd awful tonight...and yet they just score, so let's see if that gets Seattle back on track
  17. The Caps? They gave it their all with what they had last night and would have been quite happy to ride this wave as far as possible.
  18. That and TFC figuring that they just needed to show up, particularly with Altidore and Osorio available from the bench. No tempo and rhythm and the midfield got owned.
  19. I think that's how Stefan Marinovic arrived in Vancouver, coming off the strength of his shot stopping at the Confederations Cup tourney. That said, this will serve as a great step in Hasal's future pro development.
  20. I thought his positional defending was really good, working well with the CB to cover and seal off penetrating passing attempts. The only hiccups for me were off the Zusi chance as well as the dodgy man handling of Shelton while he was on a yellow which, had this been played at SKC, might have resulted in a second booking and sending off sending. Otherwise, I'd like to see more of what he can do.
  21. Based on other MLS happenings today, he's more likely to be booking his flight for Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport in Atlanta instead of YVR.
  22. With that in mind, maybe the regional CGI ads for the Caps game should feature a promo for the BC Lotteries Corporation 😉
  23. I think when you are playing an inverted role where you spend more time cutting inside, you don't need the pace as much as you need to make the space for the overlapping attacking fullback. That said, the jury is out on him.
  24. I think he's much better when he can play down the left, where played to star the year and vs SJ.
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