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  1. I am referring to the context, not how easier/harder each chance was.
  2. I guess the trendy (overused?) term is "load management" and I agree, especially if the clubs' fixture schedules are congested. I know the Caps have a lot of matches in and around GC time. I always saw this year's version of the GC as one where we would see fewer A listers and more prospects or MLS club benchwarmers looking to get in the shop window, so to speak.
  3. Not only himself, but many posters here felt the same way. I never saw him as the focal point "10" but he has matured and recognized what he needed to do to maximize his skillset without trying to write cheques he couldn't cash with his abilities. Using a movie analogy, I remember saying that he was more of an excellent supporting cast character as a opposed to a leading man type. And he is great in that supporting cast role, btw.
  4. I see this with Theo Bair, unfortunately, but I really hope he proves me wrong this year. I sense that the striker they drafted from Akron may be more than just a throw in depth piece: Egbo's selection plus Schuster's preseason comments about playing Bair in more of a central role might be more of challenge for him to up his game. I wonder how Vanney compares in that area to other similarly tenured managers with the same MLS club?
  5. You mean this ugly challenge by Bocanegra in "that" match?
  6. All that was missing was a torch, "be yours to hold high."
  7. The Caps' p.r. choreographed Colyn's debut with Davies's curtain call substitution in his final MLS game, in front of the home fans.
  8. Teibert and Akindele are two I have in mind as guys who might choose to miss out and concentrate on club situations. After WCQ, Kaye won't be heading out again: I would be surprised if he did opting instead for "load management." If Chapman is a back up at Miami, he might be a "shop window" guy, same with Hamilton, Edwards, or even the currently unattached Jackson-Hamel. I still believe we will see a fair number of prospects at this Gold Cup, benefitting from the absences of A listers and their immediate backups on the depth chart.
  9. I heard that Besiktas was going to be part owner of an CPL franchise.
  10. I think you will be seeing a very young squad at this Gold Cup, guys looking to prove themselves but maybe not getting the minutes with their MLS clubs. I don't think you'll see MNT "C" squad MLS vet types because I sense that at this stage of their careers they will be focusing on helping their clubs during the summer stretch of MLS fixture congestion even around the break time for this tourney. For many of these vets, I think the sun has rapidly set on their international careers by the emergence of these younger guns, so concentrating on club pay cheques and availability would likely be
  11. Which one? I can't recall but was Metcalfe the other signing with Facchienieri at the time or was it Pecile? Or Boehmer? To whom are you referring?
  12. I'm not convinced that a preseason Fraser would have been that much of an upgrade in the Guadalajara climate and altitude. I hope Fraser finally gets his due under Armas. And I really liked what I saw of Baldi last season but I am not sure he will get the minutes this year with the Caps to solidfy his break out.
  13. Which makes me ponder how much his similar to others MLS preseaon fitness level would have affected him out there.
  14. With the nature of the summer WCQ, how many guys here do you think go the Gold Cup?
  15. Raposo's going to be brought on and will have his George Pakos moment for the winner! You heard it here first, folks!
  16. Bair wasn't good at either vs Honduras, frankly. He'd be a passenger out there tonight. Better with him as a sub, imo.
  17. Oddly enough, giving up a relatively early goal might not be as catastrophic as some may think, so long as we continue to be a tough nut to crack on the bus park. The frustration of not being able to run up the score might be more of a psychological problem for our home opponent. They will keep pushing up numbers and we have the Tajon factor off the counter so, we can sucker punch. We fell behind against a highly favoured opponent twenty-one years, tying in the second half, winning on a golden goal. Dare to dream!
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