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  1. How did Vanney kill this prospect? He got something like 4-5 years to show his stuff.
  2. I watched him closely. The only threat i saw from the left side was from Morrow. But morrow had issues defensively.
  3. Shaffelberg made a couple of good passes late in the half. But yes, prior to that, he wasnt influential enough in the game. Morrow is another candidate to be subbed out for a better defender.
  4. Hate to say it but. I didn’t think that that was offside. Saved by var
  5. Wow. I was nervous just watching it 😃. Not sure that i would like to be goal keeper in that session. Imagine trying to stay in one small area trying to focus on the play and the ball all the while not knowing what could be behind you. That there is a reason for not wanting to live in Florida.
  6. I dont know if it has been mention in this thread or not but on another radio station, Manning mentioned that a final decsion on the venue selection would be made at the end of this year. Seems that FIFA has already done its inspections. https://www.tsn.ca/radio/toronto-1050/bill-manning-on-his-five-year-extension-the-2021-cfl-season-the-push-for-bmo-field-to-host-2026-world-cup-games-1.1609893 Its 14 minutes, Scroll to 6:30 minutes.
  7. I did the same thing. I started typing a long post relating to Singh’s match. Then i stopped after a paragraph and was lost for words. Then then i also started contradicting myself 😄
  8. There is indeed too much game by game over analysis. Positive or negative. The positive analysis and reviews can be just as faulty, naive or misleading. I find it best to wait for at least five outings before starting to pass any kind of judgement and i say this about any developing player irrespective of nationality. And it has to be against a certain quality of competition.
  9. I am sorry but i got a kick out of this line. “Needing to work on his work rate”? 😁 There are alot things (ie.: skills, attributes, behaviors, experiences) that people can develop or need to develop with time as professions in any walk of life. But work ethic is not one of them. You either have it or dont. Given that this is being attributed to a kid that has just been promoted and needs to prove himself, this has to be a major red flag.
  10. Unfortunately, nobody is providing names of clubs. Thats what i want to hear. The blanket statement “there is interest in Europe” just doesnt reasonate with me. who is interested? Thats what i want to hear. edit.; just realised in that report, they did name names.
  11. Yes, from the get go, i have always viewed and read Fraser’s as the guy who will spell and be groomed to take over for Bradley. So i dont know why it is being assumed that he should be the guy who will be slotted in in roles that dont fit his attributes and skillsets.
  12. Yes. I was shocked. I dont know what kind of side they dressed for this tie but We’ve seen now a lot of the mexican sides in CCL over the years. You quickly learn to distinguish the mexican sides from other small clubs in smaller concacaf countries. In this game i couldnt tell the differnce. There were some bruttal mistakes and very bad man marking that they committed that lead to TFC goals. Their quality overall was poor. As i said earlier, happy for the win but cant help but wonder what was up with this team.
  13. TFC is playing well, yes. But i am shocked to hear that these opponents are the champs. This looks like the poorest mexican side i ever saw in CCL
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