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  1. Its hard to tell where you will be drawn in the quarter finals when you have three group 12 team tournamnent. So, to be honnest, i am not sure that Goal diff will matter. The last games in the group will be played more or less at the same time. The US lost their first game, so you wouldnt want to sweat it to finish first and build up a good goal diff only to find out that you will play the top rated side in the quarter finals. That could happen.
  2. The chileans are really not any where close to Canada’s level. That’s why it was concerning when after 35 minutes it was still 0-0.
  3. Yes. 1-0. Now we can breath a little. This goal might open the flood gates as the chileans will have to push forward.
  4. Lets just hope “You know Who” does not have to to come off. Looks like she is still limping. edit.: Maybe not.
  5. Yes, i noticed this as well. Soteldo made a couple of nice plays but they didn’t amount to anything. And at the same time, on other plays, he got dispossessed too easily. It might be an issue that could be resolved over time when he becomes more accustomed to his team mates.
  6. Agreed. A players performance is all relative. But what we see is that too many players are assessed through a tunnel vision. People just look at the micro aspect of ever single movement that player makes without looking at that player in relation to others. Its very easy in soccer to look at a guy you want to see succesed and point out all the positives that he did and similarly look at another guy, and focus only on the negatives. But the people, the professional people, who have to have to make the ultimate decsions, have to look at the big picture. this is why the game by game player ratings dont work. And its also a reason why its good to wait and see for several games and outings before really judging. Kudos on the goal. It was a nice goal. But Priso still has to prove that he is an every day starter. That asssesment is not yet complete.
  7. There are likely be more hondurans who live in Houston than in San Pedro Sula. Looking at the crowd in last night’s Hon-Qatar game, there werent many empty seats. You could probably say the same for : Costa ricans in the north east of the US (eg.: New Jersey). Same for El Salvadorans living in the US. For Mexico, there were stories years ago that they wanted to play more games in Los Angeles but were rebuffed by the USSF. Given that the revenues would be in US dollars when playing in the US and that the standard of living and disposable incomes of mexican americans is higher than in mexico. I’ll say, There would be more money to be made by the Mexican FA if they played all their international games in Los Angeles The fan base (with money) for these central american teams is in the US. Thats why the US is the the only place that can host the gold cup. And the only place that will ever host the GC.
  8. Yes. Ayo was the exception. He needed to be there. Same could be said for the other MLS players. where i drew the line is for the players who play for the Big clubs in Europe (Bayern). Or the near big clubs (eg.; Lille).
  9. Except for the part: “The CMNT has had problems for decades getting players committed, because it has been run poorly”. other than that part. I concur completely. The reasons the CMNT has had problems getting players to committ is because the results were not there and those players had other passports in their pockets. And those passports were from countries whose teams were winning more often. i was actually looking forward to seeing something like a B, B+ or an A minus team for this tournament. It might have allowed Herdman to uncover new talent like we did with Tajon during the OQT.
  10. Wasnt Brescia in Serie B while he was there? They may have gotten promoted.
  11. Sandro Grande. Played in Serie B. Came back and finished his career with the Impact. He was a very underrated player for Canada. He got a shot to play for the NT under Yallop (i think it was Yallop) and he was very good. edit: @The Real Marc already mentioned this. Just noticed now.
  12. They are not ahead at all. They are clearly behind. And have been for a long as I have followed int’l soccer.
  13. I only started watching the Qat-Hon match at the 75th minute. Honduras should have equalized against Qatar. They were very wasteful, and that is one of the traits of honduras that quickly comes to mind when i think of all the games i have seen them play in Concacaf. A lot of bonehead mistakes wasted of orchestrated plays. Like finishing.
  14. Watching Hon-Qatar. Looks like a big crowd in Houston for this game.
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