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  1. My fears (of the answer i would get) have been realised. What has Larin done recently ? Cavalini had 6 goals and a scoring percentage 0.37. Akinola has nine goals and a 0.76 scoring percentage (one of the best in the league). Who in their right mind would say that the Caps centre forward had a better year than Akinola.
  2. What? I see him as a starter based on current form. Alongside David in the role of the false nine. I am going to ask the question that i fear to see the answer. But who do you have ahead of Akinola on the pecking order?
  3. Read many ulogies from media and former players around the world. From what i gathered, the place where the ulologies have been more reserved is in nation that was the victim of the hand of god. For me, i wont dispute anyone who says he was the best ever but (if asked) i cant say for sure if I thought he was the best player i ever saw. Maybe i think that way because he was a flawed individual off the pitch. Or maybe its because we didnt get to see in canada all that much club soccer matches from europe at that time. But i did read alot about him in the Italian media sources that we wer
  4. Absolutely. Been thinking this from the first day that they announced this format. Someone might be tempted to bring up that the world cup finals are like this after the group stage. But these people might not be aware that it wasnt always like that, there use to be another group stage. And since the FIFA change, all we have had is good soccer games during the group phase and totally crappy matches starting from the round of sixteen. Scoring in the round of 16 matches is way way down from what you see in the group stage.
  5. Btw, i hate it that the edit feature option has disappeared from this forum. This sucks.
  6. They will have tough decision to make regarding Altidore. Working against him is his number of injuries and availability. Akinolla has shown he can do the things you would expect from Altidore but the sample size is still small. But Is Akinola another Altidore or another Anthony Jackson Hamel? I dont know. Ideally one more year from Altidore (maybe at TAM instaed of DP) would be the best solution. We also cant ignore the contributions he had in the last 4 years (cup winning goals, decisive goals in playoff matches allowing TFC to advance...etc). So he has earned a recignition for this.
  7. I really really dont get the “Hate on” i read here for Omar Gonzales. The central Pairing of Gonzales and Mavinga has been fine. Its one of the better pairings in the league. The real issues arise (and you clearly see it) is when one of the two is injured or not avaiable. I hope that people realize that: 1) you cant go an entire season without conceding a goal. 2) when a goal against is conceded in soccer, its not always and/or exlusively the fault of the central defender(s) or 3) sometimes opponents and opposing players are also capable of good plays and making good plays
  8. I can envision Nashville making it to the finals playing the way that they do. And equally, i can see them missing the playoffs next year. Thats what i hate about single game playoffs.
  9. Endoh, Gallardo, Mullin. There was not veteran spark available off the bench.
  10. Meant to say you DONT NEED A REBUILD
  11. You need a rebuild. Especially in MLS. You can pick up any kind of players you want from any place in the world. And presto you can do like Atlanta and become an instance contender. MLS is not the NBA or nhl, where the top talent is drafted.
  12. I am fairly confident that after a couple of years, the two leg play off matches will be reinstated.
  13. In the big games, your best players have to be your best players. They werent tonight. A team loss.
  14. Not impressed with Priso tonight. Made too many bad decsions
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