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  1. Not sure what the Ottawa Athletic Supporters would think of that ...
  2. Several of them WERE Ottawa! I doubt very much we'll hear by tomorrow as many were saying earlier this week. Sure, something's in the work - I have no doubt of that - but there's no guarantee they'll be playing in April 2020!
  3. Let's see if and for when an Ottawa team is announced. We've heard so many reports of impending expansion announcements - none of which have panned out yet. Though if they do end up playing in the spring 2020 CPL, and there is a desire to add them to the Voyageurs Cup ... I'd have thought the easiest (and most regional) way to do it, would be to rescind Calgary's bye to the quarter-finals, have Cavalry play Winnipeg in the June Qualifying round, and Ottawa play Hamilton - with the winners playing in the quarter finals. I'm not aware of any matches being scheduled yet - just the bracket and trimeframes.
  4. Wow, I wasn't expecting commentary. Who is it? Surprisingly decent!
  5. An impressive quality picture for the anthems. Using my Amazon Fire stick and the Amazon Silk Browser to the CSA website - plugged into my CRT HDTV.
  6. Presumably because this thread is in the CPL forum, and it's not a CPL game. Presumably many national team followers, don't follow this subforum.
  7. It get's worse than that. I thought it would be nice to catch some soccer this morning - but it's FA Cup this weekend. Great ... I have some Sportsnet channels. But hang on ... I can have basic Sportsnet, Sportsnet One, and Sportsnet 360 for more than $60 a month ... but the FA Cup games are all on Sportsnet World ... which despite having virtually no content these days, still costs more than DAZN, just as an add-on if you have the other 6 Sportsnet channels. Sure, I could add Sportsnet World temporarily with Rogers ... but it's a complete pain to remove it again, as you can't do it on-line.
  8. It was back in the package in 2019 because the final was only Toronto FC's second Voyageurs Cup game. If TFC makes it to the final this year, it would be their third Voyageurs Cup game. And being in September, I'd assume that the 3 extra games in the package, will be the first 2 Voyageurs Cup game (July and August), and the first Leagues Cup game (which started in July in 2019). Though they'd have a month to sell the final this time.
  9. I hope not - gosh, Google says that's another 40 minutes of transit AFTER you get to Vaughan Centre station. So 45 minutes to get there changes to 90 minutes (with a good walk) for me. I'd be less likely to attend York 9 games. Also, isn't the stand at OSC still for only 2,000? That's a lot less than at York U.
  10. I'd assume that second game wouldn't be included in the Toronto FC ticket package. Would they really sell 8,000 tickets? York 9 only sold 728 to the match versus FC Edmonton. Does York Lions Stadium really seat 8,000? Didn't seem that big for the one match I attended last year. What was the last non-season Ticket Canadian Championship game at BMO? Was it the 2018 final against the Whitecaps, when TFC drew less than 15,000? I say hold it at York. Now, Toronto FC at L'Amoreaux Park would be interesting. I see the capacity listed as 500 on one unreliable site, and 2,000 on another. Gosh, 6 rows of seats, with one full section, and two half-sections. What, about 80 a row? 500 sounds about right. I wonder what other options there are. Birchmount is larger and in Scarborough - though it's almost as far away from L'Amoreaux as York U!
  11. Why would the province pay for it? The city of Toronto owns BMO Field, and Toronto FC paid for 100% of the costs to upgrade it from plastic to grass. And most of the new stands they built recently. It's not really the ones in Vancouver that are the issue - it's all those that won't go to Vancouver without a better pitch. They do it on top of the turf? I've been to a few convention events in Montreal at the Olympic Stadium, but they were all in the level underneath the pitch. Yeah, that could be a problem. What's the time frame of Vancouver FC getting their own stadium, that they were talking about previously?
  12. No, I simply countered the claim that people show up to watch. Though I did imply a roof doesn't seem to increase attendance. Perhaps I wasn't clear. I replied to the "people showing up to watch" claim. And then I pointed out that Canadian team needs to play on real turf. Sure, if there were to be January camps/games - but with the January international break long gone, how would that work? Grass quality at BMO seemed infinitely improved this year, with the hybrid surface, and didn't seem to suffer from Canadian football, the way it did in the previous recent seasons. So how is that an issue for either the early November or late March internationals, which are both much earlier and later (respectively) than MLS games are played at the same stadium? Though why they don't remove the roof and put in real grass at BC Place I don't know ...
  13. And yet the Whitecaps had lower attendance this season, than the season they were at Empire Field, despite having a better record this season! Need real turf - not artificial. They've been playing club soccer at BMO Field in both December and February in recent years. I'm not sure why the national team can't play there in during either the early November or late March international breaks. There hasn't been a January break for years.
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