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  1. Is there even turf available any more for Skydome? Otherwise, probably not insurmountable if there was revenue on the table. But they'll be out of pocket anywhere 'cept BMO or Downsview Park.
  2. It looked beautiful for the last match. Very low use this season. It was poor for that February CCL game because it had been frozen for the winter, and hadn't had time to come to life properly after they turned the heating back on. It shouldn't have frozen by mid-December ... and if it gets that cold, then leave the heating system on. But it's looking like a warm winter, and then the ground doesn't freeze until New Years or so, if no heating system.
  3. I'd think so. Though top seed normally gets home field advantage - and I'd think they'd prefer to be playing on grass.
  4. If they can play at BMO in February, then they can play at BMO in mid-December, when it's typically warmer.
  5. I was just checking out the subscription rates - as my one-year subscription lapsed during the Island Games, and they weren't offering anything similar - and half the games I was interested in were on CBC or CHCH. Looks like they are back to the old subscription pattern? $75 for "one year soccer" ... is that actually until November 2021, or just until the end of December 2020?
  6. The whole York Region branding was based on the assumption that they'd be moving to King City, and that they were only temporarily playing in Toronto. So the branding surely must change, if they make a permanent home in Toronto. If they end up in a stadium next to the new Woodbine GO with every 15-minute train service, interchanging with Line 6, they'd be much more accessible to Brampton and Toronto, than most of York Region!
  7. I don't remember CBC skipping any matches (other than the simultaneous ones) when they used to air the World Cup. And they've certainly bumped The National for sporting events before.
  8. Back to where they were when there was only one fully-professional team in Canada rather than 11? Perhaps other things have changed as well ...
  9. Anyone can edit Wikipedia ... it's meaningless, and often wrong. I fixed it though!
  10. Where are you seeing this? https://www.uefa.com/uefanationsleague/news/0261-104769dcd706-e6bc951d84f5-1000--how-to-watch-nations-league/ listed the Canadian rights as not being sold (i.e. at https://www.uefa.tv/) I can never find anything on that dreadful site. It shouldn't require me to click seven times to see what's airing on TSN1-5 tomorrow afternoon. I see no in indication that TSN isn't giving CPL the attention it deserves. So many false claims here ... the claim they have UEFA Nations League rights - completely false (other than perhaps 3 final games in the previous compe
  11. Announced, as in that's what they are hearing from staff with TFC - not official ... but no reason to doubt.
  12. ??? I couldn't see much at all on that dreadful website. But I just typed "forge" into the search box ... it's the first hit: https://www.tsn.ca/search/search-7.427283?q=forge
  13. I'm pretty sure they aren't. They didn't carry any of the group stage last time either, and only jumped in for the finals ... and maybe semi-finals. Where did you see that they are the broadcaster?
  14. TNS is a disgrace ... does that make OneSoccer a disgrace, for turning down UEFA Nations League rights ... and trebling subsciption costs? I've heard TSN mention CPL during broadcasts. I seldom look at their website, but there's coverage of the CPL final already - https://www.tsn.ca/forge-fc-downs-hfx-wanderers-in-canadian-premier-league-championship-game-1.1526938
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