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  1. Just read through the last week's posts. So little content. What is status of this ... I thought we were going to hear a July 1st announcement? I haven't been following closely, but I can't see any information.
  2. They were there quite early. And still there - in quarantine.
  3. All 26 teams are there. Toronto arrived today before Vancouver did.
  4. What friendly? Team is still in Toronto ... might fly tomorrow if no one "reports" a "sore throat".
  5. Sad indeed. I've heard through the community that the owners are moving to the Maritimes.
  6. Surely everything has changed. Teams have been added. Teams have been removed. Timeframe has been moved. Tournament has been moved. If anyone needs to be seeded (I'd simply go back to the older round-robin type thing, but with 2 groups of 4, and one group of 3, to give all teams more games), I'd give priority to the 2020 CPL Champions.
  7. Aston is about 1000 years old ... (though they called it Estone back then). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aston Romulus F.C.would be a better Brum example.
  8. The contract between MLSE and the city, who own the stadium, may have certain performance requirements. Also, MLSE is likely to play ball with the city if the city pushes something, given other concessions that MLSE wants. They've been very co-operative with meals in recent weeks. Avoiding artificial turf would be nice - but if it's good enough for Hamilton - not to mention many MLS teams ... I don't see the track as a huge problem. Many a team plays with tracks.
  9. It would be. And lots of pubs nearby! And on two different subway lines!
  10. As far as I know, most of our home games are played in the USA Over the last 4 year-cycle (2016 to 2019) there have been 4 games in Toronto, 3 in Vancouver, and 1 in Montreal. The issue isn't that Toronto gets too many games. The issue is that only playing twice a year in Canada isn't acceptable. By my count, there's only been 11 friendlies in Canada in the last 20 years! Only 5 in the last 9 years.
  11. Without a vaccine? We have parts of the country where they have literally been zero cases. There's only been 130 cases on the entire Vancouver Island, with only 5 deaths, and no active cases. I don't think that there's any way in the world that there's not going to be some travel restrictions entering at least parts of Canada well into 2021 - at least from countries that haven't virtually eliminated Covid. Combined with the dreadful situation in some CONCACAF countries, such as Mexico, USA, and Honduras ... I don't see March 2021 happening in Canada at least. And I don't for see much chance of a full MLS season in Canada in 2021. It's not so much the crowds in stadium issue - which might be moot by then, at least in BC, which is well on it's way to being Covid-free. But the quarantine requirements for teams travelling from some other CONCACAF nations.
  12. I doubt TFC would allow it - but perhaps they'd be in breach of their contract if they aren't playing there themselves ... It's too big anyways - Lamport is more likely TBH. Or even Varsity.
  13. CPL might be the only professional soccer we get to see in Toronto for a couple of years ... mightn't be a bad time to try a second team here. Could even play at BMO, given how little use I expect it will get in 2021 ... though probably financially infeasible, unless the city makes some noise.
  14. Surely the discussion is moot for the fall 2020 matches ... I very much doubt that any foreign teams from most Concacaf countries are going to be coming to Canada before the end of 2020 unless they quarantine for 2 weeks when they get here ...which seems unlikely. Costa Rica isn't doing badly, but many areas haven't even peaked yet, like Mexico ... and California. I don't see how this works, other than doing a tournament somewhere for the entire 4-team group, and quarantining everyone when they get there. Some parts of Canada might be Covid-free, and other parts are all improving - but that seems to be the exception in North America, not the rule. Though I suppose with 3 groups of 4, you could probably wait until 2022 to do the qualifying, if you use a tournament, instead of home-and-aways. I expect this will look a lot more like Olympic Qualifying than the Hex.
  15. CBS was reporting last week that the tentative schedule sent to the teams, started on July 9, with the final between August 6 and August 9. The number of new daily cases in Florida has surged in the last couple of weeks, going from about 500 a day to over 1,000 a day. Which is far more than the entire country of Canada is now getting a day. Perhaps we'd be better off if the Canadian MLS teams joined the CPL teams somewhere that's Covid-free for an epic Voyageurs Cup. https://www.cbssports.com/soccer/news/mls-tournament-in-orlando-could-start-as-early-as-july-9-format-could-split-teams-into-six-groups/
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