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  1. Recovering from vaccination it seems. I got the impression from the broadcast he'd travelled - and surely that meant that plan was to play him.
  2. Death rates are way down, because 80% of the deaths in Canada were in long-term care homes, and they've almost all had 2 doses many weeks ago. But if you take an average person in their 30s, 40s, 50s, etc., the death rates are up. The UK variant (B.1.1.7) is much more deadly than the B.1 strains that decimated Europe and the USA in the first wave - https://www.forbes.com/sites/victoriaforster/2021/03/15/uk-coronavirus-variant-significantly-more-deadly-says-new-study/ There's only been a handful of cases in Canada of the original November/December 2019 Wuhan virus (A.1) that st
  3. This isn't last summer's variant. It's far more transmissive, more deadly, and impacting people who are younger. If only we had the virus strain from Wuhan. The one that spread in Europe in January/February 202 was much more virulent after a significant mutation. To the point that the original Wuhan strain seems to have died out. And we coped in summer of 2020 with that strain ... now the UK strain (and other strains) is dominant here, it's a very different story.
  4. I don't think we are going to be suffering from a lack of goals this season. In either direction, sigh ...
  5. Might just be some rights. I'm not sure anyone picked up the English rights for Montreal for some of the games in recent years. Not sure the status this season.
  6. And DeCovidiot for Okello
  7. I'm only counting 6 Americans. That might be a record.
  8. I'd assume that management was sending a message to DeLeon after his anti-vaxxing BS. I'd guess his days at the club are numbered if he keeps peddling his dangerous nuttery. MLSE won't look kindly on that for long.
  9. It's hit and miss. Some stuff goes up real fast. Some waits for the next day. It's almost 7 pm on a Friday, and we are still waiting for Thursday's One Soccer Today - 24 hours later!
  10. From what you described then, Gold Cup will pretty much be the only thing to watch, other than the one-game Euro final on day 2, until Gold Cup group play is done when the Olympics start. MLS is breaking then as well, along with most other leagues in the world. Who knows when CPL will start. Rate we are going, we'll still all be locked indoors as well.
  11. Still, it's endless. It doesn't have to come up in every thread. Especially when this match saw more Canadians involved than most! My gosh, in other groups, I've been skewered for commenting that perhaps Arsenal should have at least one English player! Here, 7 isn't good enough! Surely this season, we are looking at what most be the most Canadian squad ever. We'll see if those who've commented in the past that they'd support TFC if they were putting as many Canadians in the line up as Montreal and Vancouver were serious!
  12. Wow! That went better than I feared! I liked what some of the youngsters were doing! This pressing style could well be very fun to watch this season. Hopefully we get back to BMO at some point.
  13. Why would anyone care where he's from? My gosh there were more Canadians on the pitch at times for Toronto than non-Canadians. And far more Canadians that you ever see English in a Premier league match. Leon seemed to have less Mexicans at times than TFC had Canadians. If we want to win these competitions, we need to put that kind of partisan BS behind us.
  14. Surely one should cheer louder - don't want the ref to hear a muted response.
  15. Indeed it was! He appeared for one of the Canada games last month too.
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