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  1. I can't really see a 9 pm kick-off in Halifax - which is surely more deserving of finally getting a match. Though as pointed out, the kick-off time can't be set in stone, given they've scheduled night games in countries where they can't play at night ...
  2. I hadn't realized there was a parking lot at Pioneer Village station! Probably a 1-minute walk from the southeast entrance to that lot, to the stadium ... I assume the parking lot is north of Steeles somewhere?
  3. Why not park at Highway 407 station, and take the subway one stop - it's right next to the stadium. Gosh, looking on streaming ... that one stand, with great views, is absolutely empty. So why were tickets more expensive ... I couldn't stomach paying about double what I do for a TFC Voyageurs Cup match?
  4. What are the grass CPL options? Halifax? Where else? I thought York was artificial turf, but looking at tonight's game, it seems to be turning brown ... though I guess if they play in Toronto, there are other choices.
  5. Would it be much more expensive to charter? Quickly looking a 35-seat jet from Pearson to Miami is about $39K one way and $44K return. Flying time to Havana is similar ... pricing seems to be about $5K more ...
  6. That seems reasonable information in a local paper, about a match thousands of klicks away. Few reading the paper would know what Pacific or even Langford is. Everyone knows Victoria. I'd be glad they mentioned it at all! Yes, they shouldn't get the score wrong ... though it shows part of the problem with the silly York 9 name for the team that plays in Toronto ... perhaps they'd be doing better if they started their best 11 rather than 9!
  7. Ah - I checked for CFL - but not rugby! Interesting. Both at BMO? One at Saputo? Commonwealth? Halifax would be cool, but neither kick-off time suggests an Atlantic time-zone game.
  8. Surely the national team would have a charter, from wherever leg 1 is played to leg 2. Let the Cubans fly coach. Hmm ... Iqaluit?
  9. They surely are ... but it's clear that there's been some thought behind them, and CONCACAF didn't just pull them out of their imagination. They surely reflect CSA's recent, if not current, thinking.
  10. Yes - though stresses Cuban players too - perhaps more so as none play in leagues outside of Cuba or Central America, so the travel is something they are even less use to. I've becoming cynical enough though, that I don't think that's a significant factor in CSA planning - and that the $ or the coach's personal preference are bigger factors.
  11. That seems like a reasonable educated guess now that we now the kick-off is at 7:30 pm Eastern - which precludes locations like Edmonton and Vancouver. The 8 pm Eastern match against Cuba on Saturday September 7 is harder to predict - if they were playing in the Eastern time zone, I'd hope they'd play earlier on a Saturday - though that does avoid the late-summer heat. I'm guessing though that the Cuba match will be in Edmonton or Vancouver - I'm not getting the vibe that both games will be in the Eastern time zone.
  12. I don't see how that would do more than tie up one day of that window.
  13. Gosh, I don't think Canada would ever play in Canada if Concacaf didn't force them to occasionally ... Glad to see a pre-Gold Cup friendly ... and certainly pragmatic that it's in LA - but one day they need to start playing more games in Canada.
  14. Rugby Union is also an option now, with Major League Rugby now operating out of Toronto
  15. And even more recently they've cancelled the Confederations Cup. The last one was in 2017. http://www.sportspromedia.com/news/confederations-cup-cancelled-us-soccer-carlos-cordeiro
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