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  1. Not a surprise, given the Whitecaps still aren't playing in British Columbia.
  2. And Hathaway games for them too. Makes you wonder who they passed off!
  3. No it isn't. The transmitters in London don't come anywhere near Wales or Scotland. Some of the programming from London isn't even available in most of England, as it's strictly local. Nice try though ...
  4. Personally, I listen to BBC Radio Wales a lot. And BBC Hereford and Worcester occasionally.
  5. Not sure what BBC you are watching, but it's clearly not BBC Scotland. I'd assume you are watching or listening to a BBC service from England?
  6. And the Rogers Centre (Skydome) in Toronto. They've had 50,000 in there for soccer before. Would need new turf though ...
  7. A ruse? Did you see the press conference? A reporter asked what he called an off-topic question about when they were returning. Manning simply said Thursday. When asked about playing in Canada he said they were still waiting for permission, but would play at either BMO, or an contingency location in the the USA - but definitely not in Orlando. Where was no ruse. And he answered the questions he was asked. Either way, the Hamilton Forge announcement make it clear that September in Ontario will be fine - assuming there's no spike in cases.
  8. Tournament is scheduled over 34 days. You could put in 10 games at one stadium, if they did 5 group-stage matches, one round of 32, two round of 16, on quarter-final, and one semi, and still keep 3-4 days between matches. But it won't happen. More likely that they'd use two venues in Toronto, or reduce the number of games in Canada to 7-8. In the 2026 bid book, USA is putting 60 games in 10 only stadiums. Most stadiums got 6 games. One gets 7 (with no semis nor final). And in Qatar, Lusail Stadium IS getting 10 games, despite the tournament only being 28 days, compared to the 34 days for 2026. And there's three 4-day gaps in there! If the Jays get a new stadium near East Harbour station (the quayside alternate in that article) , I'd be surprised if it's done by 2026 - especially as the subway won't open until 2030 or so. But if they do, it could be ideal, as you could put grass in the Skydome earlier and for longer ... before imploding the entire structure.
  9. Must suck currently with all the Canadian media going on about the Canadiens.
  10. There's a good 3-second or more delay right now with what's on TSN through Rogers Cable, to the same (Euro) game on Channel 9 using an antenna.
  11. Well, that would save me money on my cable TV! Might even be enough to push me to cut cable completely, and buy a PVR that can record OTA.
  12. Perhaps Armas is the toxicity. The longer he is around, the worse they look. You have to be very right, if you sit our only available DP for several matches. Clearly it was wrong. Armas needs to go.
  13. Virtual stadium was making me feel nauseous! Kept moving all over the place ... way too close to the pitch.
  14. I don't see how the MLS teams can all participate this year looking at their schedules for the rest of the year. Unless they play in international breaks.
  15. Will it? Depends who French Guiana has. They didn't look like complete walkovers when we played them in 2017 and 2019. Not much difference between them in the rankings. Cuba is 15th and French Guiana is 18th.
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