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  1. I may off myself though, if they don't get rid of the Davies commercial for Instagram. Do we have to here it so incessantly?
  2. Worked fine on Roku - a great picture all game. Though neither the Panama nor Honduras game were as clear - but presumably that's a source issue.
  3. Sold out - other than some wheelchair seating. Looks like Voyageurs still have 75 or so in 115/116 ... for those who have paid their membership and can access those in Ticketmaster. Amazing!
  4. Hopefully. I'm holding out for something. I guess if they do this, it might actually increase attendance - perhaps they'll hit 5,500 I think they should have given this one to Victoria.
  5. So 6 out of the remaining 7 teams make it to the Champions League? A bit messy ...
  6. Which games are conflicting with the international break? The October WCQs run from October 7 to 13, the November WCQs run from November 12 to 16, and the next Voyageurs Cup round runs from October 27 to November 3. I feel I'm missing something here!
  7. TFC also just made it harder for SSH to get tickets to this match, by only offering them a 5-pack of the remaining games - which given we are already have no chance of making the play-offs, mean that I think even more will likely not take up their tickets. (sure, they are letting people phone in and just get come games - but how many will bother?).
  8. I thought that Stadiums were still capped at 75% capacity. So 22,500 for BMO, About 37,000 for Skydome. Certainly looking at the map of available play-off tickets at Skydome, they aren't selling the whole thing - and much of the upper deck remains empty. Edit - Neil Davidson says 21,000 limited at BMO. Perhaps capacity currently at BMO is 28,000.
  9. Ah, right ... 10 games. I thought the tentative schedule and other information in the bid book was enough to decipher that Toronto, at least, got the opening game with Canada - but I haven't looked at it for a while. And the memory cheats ... And of course - things change.
  10. Teams with few or no international players can easily play during international breaks. I'm not sure how that's relevant. I'm not sure how Toronto held anyone hostage for the 2020 Championship. They were unable to return to Canada to play in 2020, and Hamilton was unwilling to travel to the USA. Then in 2021, Toronto returned early to train for the Championship, and Hamilton didn't file the paperwork to begin training! Perhaps instead of blaming either side - just respect both sides trying to cope with a once-in-century emergency.
  11. As a TFC fan - playing this game in Victoria sounds like a great idea. Helps make up for the loss of the Canada friendlies at the beginning of the Covid emergency. I'm looking forward to the return of the home and away format.
  12. Perhaps they can build the temporary stands to boost the capacity to 40,000, then not sell them, to fill the stadium!
  13. If you look at the tentative schedule in the bid, it wasn't going to work like that. It looked like both Edmonton and Toronto would get a Canada game (of which there'd only be two in the group stage, with the 3-team groups). Also, wasn't there only 8 games scheduled in Canada (and Mexico)? Presumably 4 each in both Edmonton and Toronto.
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