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  1. That totally characterizes my comment. What I said, in response to a comment where someone was suggesting a format where Montreal gets a bye to the semis was "Isn't it more likely that Toronto will get a bye than Montreal, if (only) one team were to get a bye?", noting that Montreal's Champions League commitment was over at the end of April, while Toronto's Leagues Cup commitment directly conflicted with the Voyageurs Cup. I certainly never suggested that any team "deserved" a bye - I merely pondered if only one team were to get a bye, would it be Montreal. I also pondered how they'd deal with the conflict, unless they were to move the tournament back to the spring, or remove the double-legged format.
  2. I'd assume there'd be at least 2 nations, with TFC playing at BMO Field - presumably one of the games in the 20-game ticket package for 2020.
  3. Not just - Impact can compete as well, if they qualify. Very much like the Europa League, with the lower teams going into it. The top six teams from the Concacaf League go onto the Champions League. The Concacaf League is more like a qualifier for the Champions League. I suppose one way they can do it, is start Voyageurs Cups a bit earlier, and stick to US Open dates, which gives 5 clear weeks. Ending the double-legged matches could help that - which are one thing when there's only 4 teams in the tournament - but could be 15 next season.
  4. Sanctioned by CONCACAF. I'm just curious how it's going to fit in the schedule.
  5. If that was the only issue, yes. But how does deal with the conflict between the Voyageurs Cup and Leagues Cup? No Canadian teams played in the Leagues Cup previously.
  6. Isn't it more likely that Toronto will get a bye than Montreal, if one team were to get a by? Montreal is playing in the Champions league, but that's over in near end of April. But Toronto qualified for the Leagues Cup, and that conflicts directly with quarter-final and semi-final weeks for the Voyageurs Cup (at least in 2019). I'd think they'd have to give more than one team a bye or give Toronto a by to the Final, to avoid the conflict. Or move the tournament back to the spring (giving Montreal the bye).
  7. Which will be interesting, given last season the game dates clashed significantly with the Voyageurs Cup. Presumably any teams playing in both, will need a bye to the latest entry point in the Voyageurs Cup.
  8. Too late now ... ... though surely the bigger injustice, is that the 2019 winner - Monterrey - isn't in the 2020 CCL . And that the 2018 winner, Guadalajara, wasn't in the 2019 tournament (or the 2019 Leagues Cup).
  9. Some people don't need a laugh track to tell them when to laugh. When the humour is obvious, I'd prefer not to have the smileys. Oddly, on the rare occasion, where I think the humour is obvious, and put in a smiley, to make sure no one responds seriously ... someone does. Which makes me suspect, it isn't that smileys are necessary - but there are other issues.
  10. In 1990, it was a B team we played. The USA matches were May 6 and May 10, 1990 in Vancouver. But the main USA World Cup squad was playing the same week, friendlies in the USA against Malta and Poland. So seems to be fair to call the USA squad that went to Vancouver a B squad. The 1988 Olympic Qualifier (on May 23 1987) - can't find much official information on who was in either squad. Looking at the Toronto Star article from May 24, Bearpark was the Canadian coach, and 29-year old Mitchell were playing, along with 24-year old Norm Odinga, 26-year old Sven Habermann - the only other 2 players I can see mentioned were under 23. For the USA, it was Lothar Osiander with 24-year old David Vanole in goal. So perhaps first victory over USA in 32 years instead of 34 years. Though we did lose the return match a few days, and the aggregate score.
  11. They seem to be pushing hard in Canada though ... between acquiring the EPL rights, and all the advertising I see everywhere - much harder than I've ever seen OneSoccer or CSA push.
  12. That's unfortunate, that channel costs extra beyond TSN1/3/4/5. When they weren't airing it all, I could watch the TSN stream. Now it will be blocked.
  13. Under pitch heating, and winterized plumbing (recall that it wasn't for the first 2-3 years, and they had all that damage one late-March game). But it's the bathrooms that are key, and if they are already renting it out in the winter, then it must be designed for that. Personally, I'm quite happy if we didn't play at BMO in February again ... I'm okay to sit in shirt-sleeves at Skydome - but no one wants to pony up for the conversion costs these days.
  14. I'd not been to a Forge game before. The energy of the crowd was very impressive - in stark contrast to the York FC game I got to last weekend. With the lower west stand quite full, the crowd felt bigger than it probably was! I'd certainly be there regularly if I lived in Hamilton - a bit of a trek from Toronto on GO, but perhaps I'll get back if they make the quarter-finals (which looks to be against one of the two remaining Guatemalan teams). it was a great game to watch ... though Bekker was giving me deja-vous. So, if Hamilton makes the Champions League (which is quite possible, with 6 of the current 16 teams going through), where are they going to play in February? Is Tim Horton's usable when it's that cold?
  15. Most of the discussion on this (900+ posts) is in this thread: http://www.bigsoccer.com/threads/club-world-cup-to-expand-confederations-cup-to-end.2035241/
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