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  1. I don't think any new restrictions have been imposed on most of the province. And I don't that the impact soccer matches in empty stadiums ... they've exempted people going to cinemas and banquet halls for example. This is more about house parties. Or did I miss something in the last hour or two in this constantly changing world. Not sure the big issue here ... this is CSA's choice. They could have scheduled it whenever. And what's stopping them playing it in the next few months in Hartford? Obviously not happening, or someone wouldn't have already told Toronto FC that it's in December. When is Forge playing Concacaf League 2020?
  2. Because the team showed up in another country and many on the team tested positive on arrival - while most teams were entirely negative. I doubt that Juventus or Bayern would pull such a stunt. But if they did, then I'd have no doubt they would indeed be kicked out.
  3. (looks at climate data). Good grief, it does rain a lot there! Make's England look like a desert!
  4. Why would you tear up the turf in mid-November, before the ground has frozen?
  5. St. Pierre has warmer winters than Toronto, and much less extreme lows. Why can't you play on grass in November? Though, it's clearly not a real option. Newfoundland itself is more likely, being Covid-free ... but the travel issues are the same as the rest of the country. Florida would be my bet, unless players are willing to quarantine for some time before playing ... or returning home in Canada afterwards.
  6. Saving thousands if not tens of thousands of lives is wasting money?!? How does that make any sense? Or is this some bizarre play on "waist" that I don't get ... because surely no one is actually ****** in the head enough to think that we've wasted money fighting covid!
  7. Aruba is a problem though - it has the highest recent Covid rate in the world. I don't see how Canada can play them in November, without them quarantining first, no matter where the game is played. https://ig.ft.com/coronavirus-chart/?areas=can&areas=sur&areas=bmu&areas=abw&areasRegional=usny&areasRegional=usca&areasRegional=usfl&areasRegional=ustx&cumulative=0&logScale=0&perMillion=1&values=cases Though Aruba is small ... and could drop quickly. They are currently averaging about 70 new cases a day ... similar to Quebec. But Quebec has a population of 8.5 million and Aruba has only about 100,000.
  8. There's no reason that if the CPL champion beats the MLS champion, that hey couldn't play in both the 2021 Champions League and 2021 Concacaf League. The Champions League is long-over by the time the 2021 Concacaf League starts. The issue would be that if Hamilton Forge win the 2020 Voyageurs Cup, and also qualify for the 2021 Champions League by finishing in the top 4 of the 2020 Concacaf League. Presumably then the CAN1 spot in Champions League would go to the runner-up in the Voyageurs Cup. And that isn't anything special about this year ... that's true anytime a CPL wins the Voyageurs Cup. A bigger question will be if there really is a Concacf or Champions League in 2020 and 2021
  9. Everytime they kick the board above head height, it vanishes behind the low-resolution adverstising. That's abominable, and makes it frustrating to watch. At least yesterday on CBC and today on CHCH.
  10. Good point. Perhaps they can just make the final between the first-place and second-place MLS teams in the upcoming 9-game MLS mini-tourney. (I'll get my coat ...) (frankly, there's little about 2020 that's not disappointing)
  11. They did change it overnight. "From UPEI Artificial Turf Field". I guess Artificial Turf is the sponsor? I wonder how much BLM paid for the sponsorship ... Edit - okay, I've only been watching a couple of minutes ... but on CBC every time the ball gets kicked high, it disappears behind the fake, empty, stands. That's not right ... Hopefully those paying for this, don't have to put up with that.
  12. I bet you haven't done it by driving through Labrador and the North West Territories.
  13. By that criteria, both Toronto and Ottawa are from the coast! Only a 6-hour drive from Toronto to where the St. Lawrence becomes tidal ... and 7 hours from Hamilton to the Atlantic coast in New England! Gosh, that's a long flight from Victoria with 3 stops and 4 hops.
  14. I'm on OneSoccer primarily for the Voyageurs Cup and National Team games. I might watch CPL a bit, but going from $6.25 a month to about $15.50 a month is so utterly egregious and outrageous, that there's no chance I'll be ponying up a cent until they do something about the pricing, or the MLS teams join the Voyageurs Cup (who knows if they'll have exclusive rights to that or not ...). I'd accuse them of being opportunistic, were it not for the complete incompetence they keep showing, by not even emailing those whose subscription is expiring, and the constant airing of their own content free on YouTube, but not even making it available for subscribers on their own service!
  15. I've never encountered that before from any subscription service (either the complete lack of communication, or the automatic roll-over when they have my credit-card on file). Which by definition, could make them the most unprofessional streaming service I've ever dealt with! I should dig through my old emails to see what I signed up to.
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