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  1. I wouldn't think that the IOC would even be party to the decision. 100% up to FIFA isn't it?
  2. Too soon. Let's see if this is for 3 weeks, 3 months, or 18 months. Could well be moot ...
  3. I'd assume that it wouldn't impact us, given that in the same release, COC called for a postponement. The statement said they aren't sending athletes to the game "in the summer of 2020". As we all know there won't be game then, it shouldn't be an issue. Besides, Australia has said the same thing, and they've already qualified for the men's soccer. So presumably they won't be unqualified.
  4. Surely - but the season doesn't start for a month. Even MLS hasn't cancelled games that far away ... yet.
  5. Champions League suspended - tonight's games are cancelled.
  6. No - but with MLS also shutting down, it seems unlikely that either these friendlies or the Olympic qualifying will happen
  7. That was days ago. Given the number of players coming from Europe to play in this tournament, surely it's going to be cancelled or at a minimum the rosters delayed so they can switch to all North American-based players.
  8. How is identify a political buzzword? Surely the gender that one identifies as, has nothing to do with whether one votes PC or NDP. And inclusive ... how is this political?
  9. What left-wing extremists? I can't remember the last time I saw a Marxist or Communist protest or anything! Yet no one would deny that white extremists are active. Why create straw men? And what does this have to do with new soccer teams?
  10. That seems a very bizarre time to do the season opener. Why not do it one of the three previous days during the weekend that everyone is off?
  11. Why ... checks map. It's less than 10 miles? Is transit better on weekend? I'd assume that everyone would be pretty much driving, with such a poor location - even on weekends.
  12. We did try - and we failed. Don't put words in my mouth. There's no point in screwing up our best Olympic chance in a generation, in a long-shot to the Hex, that requires other teams to lose, and us to win. Besides - we might have a better chance of qualifying to 2022 by not being in the Hex. Finishing 5th and 6th in the Hex doesn't get us to 2022 - and finishing 4th is no better than qualifying outside the Hex.
  13. I don't see it happening for years - especially with the CPL cap on each players salary being only $750K. Given that's less than the TFC average per player, they'd have to shed a lot of players - which is not in the interest of the fans who want to watch good football. Perhaps we should be speculating on new teams here, not MLS teams, which clearly aren't going to be moving to CPL anytime this decade.
  14. Based on the Iceland friendly (and the Haiti Gold Cup match) we aren't worthy of the Hex. Move on ... play our best 11 in the Olympic Qualifiiers, and qualify for Qatar through the alternate methodology.
  15. How is Thursday night a problem with so when Wednesday isn't, for fans? (though I don't know why you wouldn't do Wednesday/Saturday rather than Thursday/Sunday)
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