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  1. I'm not arguing Newfoundland or PEI at all. It's Nova Scotia and New Brunswick that are the examples of why separation by sea isn't necessary. Not sure what the Atlantic Bubble has to do with it. That was only established after all 4 provinces were Covid-free. People forget that the fifth province that became Covid-free last summer was Manitoba ... which then went on to have some of the highest Covid rates in the country. As for private health care ... my gosh. I think we've all seen what a complete disaster that has been in the UK for the last 75 years. Growing up in Canada and visit
  2. What has Newfoundland got to do with the New Brunswick/Quebec and New Brunswick/Nova Scotia border, that has as many crossing as the Manitoba/Saskatchewan border?
  3. Not sure what the Atlantic Ocean has to do with it. There's 24 roads crossing the Manitoba/Saskatchewan Border (Ontario was less of an issue at the time, as the northwest was virtually Covid-free - but not many crossings there). There are 20 roads crossing the Quebec/New Brunswick Border. And 3 crossing the New Brunswick/Nova Scotia border. That's apples and apples. Not sure what "supposedly free" means. Who'd not want the kind of relatively benign restrictions that a province like New Brunswick put in place (by a conservative government none-the-less). If the Covid-6 had kept
  4. We could all have been isolated islands, if most of our provincial governments weren't so incompetent. Manitoba had it beaten in July. If they'd closed the border to Saskatchewan the way New Brunswick did to Quebec, they might have not had such a rough second wave.
  5. Newfoundland? They had an outbreak at a high school in St. Johns, and have beaten their rate down to about 1/10 of what it was only 3 weeks ago. And one-half of the current PEI rate (which will also be quickly dealth with). Newfoundland had a higher rate than Ontario, Manitoba, and Alberta 3 weeks ago. In those 3 weeks that Newfoundland has crushed it, Ontario's rate has barely changed, and Alberta's has gone up about 20%. Manitoba's has dropped 20% - (though has done quite well since mid-November when it had the highest rate in Canada!) Over the course the pandemic, the death rate in Ne
  6. Given the pandemic situation, I don't think any big decisions are going to be made anytime soon. When things like the 2020 Olympics and Euro 2020 are being played in 2021, it's pretty clear that previously established timelines are out the window. Things will look very different in a year or two.
  7. That's too close to the international break unless they are playing in the USA. They'd have to play by March 17. When did Forge camp open?
  8. Tough luck for Montreal. But a great opportunity for Vancouver to get their act together. Any chance that Ottawa would look at a bid? Or any of the other CPL cities?
  9. Personally, I was hoping for postponement, so that we could send the A team to the Olympic qualifiers. But will be nice to have some matches to watch for first time in over a year.
  10. TFC camp only opened up this week (earlier than the other MLS teams), to prepare for this match. When does Hamilton Forge camp open? That would give us an indication of when this match might be played. https://www.tsn.ca/mls-aims-for-mar-1-for-players-to-report-to-camp-toronto-fc-to-start-earlier-1.1592480
  11. It doesn't take consistent negativity to be the subject of criticism here. Even being neutral and positive much of the time, but negative on occasion, quickly starts the bullying from those who feeling defensive. It's almost as if there's an unwritten agreement to not discuss weaknesses with the league (and every league has weaknesses. We've seen it with Ozzie - who get's abuse even when he isn't being incendiary. And the abuse of Duane here is disgraceful - why the moderators haven't spanked those doing it is beyond me.
  12. It was $12,900 - the league minimum. Essentially for academy players who'd no experience, most of them living at home I'd think. Several players were at this. Looks like the highest was $300,000 for Robinson. Many were over $100,000. The union still has the August 2007 salaries online at http://s3.amazonaws.com/mlspa/2007-08-31-Salary-Information-Alphabetical.pdf By year 3 (2009), the minimum had increased to $20,100 - but I only see one TFC player at this rate (Gabe Gala - who only played one game). Everyone else seems to be over $30,000 including those remaining who were at $12,900 in
  13. Hadn't thought of that. Has there been any news about the 2021 Canadian Championship?
  14. Longer we wait for the season to start, the more chance, they can do the away games first, and we can watch some in the stadium in the late summer and fall.
  15. Ouch. Club Leon was recently the top team in Mexico. By all rights they shouldn't be in the bottom half of the Champions League rankings. TFC's usual nemesis, Tigres, is way down in sixth.
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