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  1. With reports that they left 10 minutes before the players were back on the pitch, and players don't return to the pitch until there's been 30 minutes without lightening ... then how would it be a worker safety issue? A "nothing was working any more" issue or a miscommunication would sound more likely.
  2. How many other mid-week night games have they scheduled against a TFC match this season? I'm surprised they are doing this for a league match ... it's been 3 weeks since the last TFC match and a month until the next one - seems easy to schedule around.
  3. I'd think with TSN having purchased the entire tournament, then it won't be available - which is what we saw historically for Nations League games when they were broadcast in Canada. Not sure why Cuba is showing up - probably an error. Perhaps with a VPN outside of Canada/USA ... I guess this is good for those currently in Europe. Might be simpler to sign up for TSN for a month.
  4. For the last couple of years, they've kept the early-season schedule light to aid a deep run in the Champions League. But that comes with a cost - like the two away TFC games during the September international break. And the schedule changes. I doubt it will have much impact on the gate at BMO Field though. Perhaps more impact on any supporters groups planning road trips for the first ever Cincinnati game - which isn't much a much further drive than Columbus.
  5. The cheapest way, on weekdays there's a Hamilton express bus every 20-30 minutes to downtown, that stops at the Hamilton GO Centre, from where there's frequent express GO buses to downtown, or shuttles to Aldershot to take the GO Train (that stops at Exhibition station for BMO Field). What's bizarre, is there appears to be NO regular city bus service to the airport on weekends ... which is odd, as the biggest user of such services are the airport employees! Here's the Google transit directions departing the Airport at 2 pm on a Monday, to BMO Field. The Hamilton Transit (HSR) website indicates there's some kind of transit cab shuttle thing though - which would be very economic - https://www.hamilton.ca/hsr-bus-schedules-fares/schedule-routes-maps/glanbrook-trans-cab
  6. One rumour doing the rounds earlier was St. Louis at Busch Stadium. I've no idea how reliable that rumour was though.
  7. Oh! That's good news, when I checked my Rogers PVR a couple of days ago, it said that it was going to be on TSN2 - which is much more expensive than TSN1/3/4/5 which is in my very basic cable package! Glad I didn't subscribe to it already ...
  8. Someone should tell York 9 about this thing called "marketing".
  9. Was it ever about playing in the city of Laval? If the plan is to have a Quebec City team at Laval University (which is in Quebec City), perhaps there was only ever one serious Quebec team in the offing, not two? (gosh, I hadn't realized that they'd amalgamated Sainte-Foy into Quebec City!) (But I'm pretty ignorant on the issue - I'm just throwing it out there after reading this artcle)
  10. Almost every nation in Europe has a pathway to the Champions League - except Liechtenstein who have no national leagues (though their teams that play in the Swiss league can still get there). Some of top soccer teams in Northern Ireland, Wales, Gibraltar, Faroe Island, aren't even semi-professional - let alone fully professional! One can shill a product or something occasionally, or even once. No repetition is necessary.
  11. The ticket price issue is probably a red herring that may have been fixed. Looking at the next Wednesday York 9 game, there's general admission tickets now on Ticketmaster for $11 plus a $5 fee (including taxes). What is it at the gate then - just $11? So how is the team advertising? I've seen absolutely nothing, anywhere, and just have seen stuff in discussion groups and Facebook pages - not even promoted stuff. This is a problem in a big market, how to get the word out. In somewhere like Halifax, and I suspect even Hamilton, this kind of stuff is easier to communicate.
  12. What's the point? I can get to games now, but I"m not travelling to near King City once they move - so there's no point supporting them while they are Toronto-based. I hope to get to a game or two as a neutral at some point though. Hmm ... that sounds like the schedule the Whitecaps had for their own stadium back in 2011. Though at least the distance from BC Place to the Waterfront Stadium is a short walk ...
  13. Will the permanent stadium have a roof? What's the time-frame on that BTW, I don't think I've seen anything mentioned since the season started.
  14. Aren't too many loans where it's only 2 subway stops from the one teams training facility to the other teams training facility - even in London! It's not like there was any travel involved.
  15. Not sure what him going to university there has to do with anything ... the York 9 stadium is just down the road from TFC's facility at Downsview Park where all the TFC players are based. Where is York 9 training based? Might be further away from where they play than TFC"s training facility!
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