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  1. Well there is precedent within MLSE with firing of Dwane Casey after winning coach of the year... one can hope.
  2. Bradley barely touched Pity Martinez. A red there would have been a travesty of epic proportions.
  3. We also watched him play with Canada in the last two games... Steady at the back, good on the ball, solid in the air, and vulnerable to speedy attackers.
  4. In all honesty I like PES less across the board.
  5. And then would have been immediately released by his club.
  6. At the game I was actually quite impressed with Vitoria's cameo minus one pass. Physical presence, good on the ball, just a little afraid of what happens against speedy attackers.
  7. Yeah, but Davies speed keeps the opposition honest throughout the game. I don't think this is mentioned enough. You lose that with him at LB.
  8. This is so important. I familiarized myself with the CNMNT through FIFA World Cup 2006 the game and was radicalized by the 2007 Gold Cup Semi-Final. I don't care about Canadian soccer if not for video games.
  9. Really? Did you see the extended interview where he said that he was upset that he had to play today because he missed part of the Argentina - Qatar match. Something too about getting to watch "real national teams".
  10. Midfield too defensive. Need at least Kaye, Osorio, or Arfield to be a forward presence.
  11. How long will we be able to buy? It's harder to bring new people to the game if its 3-4 months out.
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