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  1. 68 off the world record... was this non-league Stone Skipping?
  2. Yep. And if you break into conference it starts to look like a regional "minor" league (think WHL, OHL, QMJHL). Perception is everything here with the general populace.
  3. Nope. Davies keeps other teams honest with his speed. He's a better defensively at LW for Canada than LB because he's expected to provide offensive for Canada in a way he's not required to do for Bayern. When's he's playing LB for Canada he gets forward and gets caught too many times because of it. I'd love to a strong enough team that we could play Davies at LB but that's not the case. Hoilett is going have to come off the bench or play on the right side.
  4. How about we have U17 players get professional games before calling for a CANMNT call?
  5. And the best part? There's another teenager who just won the Canadian player of the year who's also pretty damn good.
  6. I think they means he might not be eligible for Canada ever... I thought you couldn't switch if you didn't hold the nationality prior to playing in official FIFA competition.
  7. That's criminal. The full video makes it even worse. The play starts and finishes the with ES striker in an offside position.
  8. Well there is precedent within MLSE with firing of Dwane Casey after winning coach of the year... one can hope.
  9. Bradley barely touched Pity Martinez. A red there would have been a travesty of epic proportions.
  10. We also watched him play with Canada in the last two games... Steady at the back, good on the ball, solid in the air, and vulnerable to speedy attackers.
  11. In all honesty I like PES less across the board.
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