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  1. This is one of the most material changes I've seen with the CANMNT over the last few years where the pool has gained so much quality (as cool as watching AD and JD is). Having Canadian clubs and academies is only going to help sustain the growth of the program going forward.
  2. Well Davies has turned heads and Bayern obviously got a steal. I think European clubs are hoping they might find another diamond which likely means overpaying for good players. Not a bad thing for the MLS.
  3. That seems really ridiculous. What's the issue with Eustaquio? Attitude? I've watched a single Cruz Azul game since Eustaquio joined and I hardly think they're good enough to simply ignore a player of his quality.
  4. 1. Alphonso Davies 2. Jonathan David 3. Jonathan Osorio 4. Atiba Hutchinson 5. Stephen Eustaquio
  5. Also MLS MVP is 6 characters. The full name is 19. The former sounds so much better.
  6. Giovinco was such a special decision. Bradley and Altidore have been good but TFC never gets transformed like they did without Gio (so much so that I almost forgot how painful the early years were).
  7. Real Montreal would be a fantastic new name. It would bring some much needed authenticity to soccer in North America by following in the footsteps of European clubs.
  8. Yeah, Osorio was balling and covering a ton of distance. I can't wait to see how he pairs with Eustaquio, that's a combo I'm excited with and provides a steadiness in the midfield we really need to excel.
  9. Exactly. Don't want to get them caught up in a Balkan internet flame war.
  10. Yeah the MLS is better than the Bundesliga. And the Champions League for that matter.
  11. No you don't. That's someone's livelihood.
  12. Yeah. For a period of time I was more excited about him than Davies. Shows you what I know...
  13. But is Kaye as starter in your midfield is everyone healthy? I don't think he starts over Arfield and Eustaquio, Hutchinson if he's around, and is a toss up with Piette/Osorio. Let alone if we ever decide to play David in a withdrawn position.
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