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  1. Like I've seen things in decades of watching soccer but I've never seen a man pick up a ball at the centre spot and chuck it off the field... With the referee standing right there! I'm still in shock.
  2. I find the transition from holdout to vocal core of the team has been pretty awesome to watch.
  3. I've tried it all. Browser and app. Chromecast dongle and Android TV box. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't with no rhyme or reason.
  4. Yeah. The casting doesn't want to work. So frustrating to pay for something that almost always has an issue.
  5. His one footedness hurts him. It makes him predictable and there was a handful of times where there was a switch available but it required his right foot to be executed in time.
  6. But with the new FIFA regulations I think he can switch...
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