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  1. Exactly. Don't want to get them caught up in a Balkan internet flame war.
  2. Yeah the MLS is better than the Bundesliga. And the Champions League for that matter.
  3. No you don't. That's someone's livelihood.
  4. Yeah. For a period of time I was more excited about him than Davies. Shows you what I know...
  5. But is Kaye as starter in your midfield is everyone healthy? I don't think he starts over Arfield and Eustaquio, Hutchinson if he's around, and is a toss up with Piette/Osorio. Let alone if we ever decide to play David in a withdrawn position.
  6. What about the idea of him playing left back for the Nats? We have a lot of strength in midfield, he's smart and good on the ball, and I think he played okay when he played for Canada (once if I remember correctly)?
  7. But that's a their last name... I mean it's cool if you want to only go by one name but you need to make that clear and not be shocked when people reach for the only other name that's been associated with the last name. First name, last name is the most common way to identify people, trans or not, so again adding another layer of complication is likely going make others screw up. Anyhow I wish them well.
  8. Sorry but what name are they asking to be used?
  9. At least a hat-trick... come on.
  10. Zaveleta as DM incoming.
  11. Can I get a David CANMNT jersey? Any advice from the board? I mean I don't have high expectations of the CSA/Nike.
  12. Yeah I don't see this as a bad thing. The more pathways for young Canadians the better.
  13. This checks out with my bias. Let me tell you about Marky Delgado...
  14. That run 23 seconds in... my god.
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