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  1. I see the biggest risk here where a stereotype takes the place of actually looking and scouting a player. Because that takes time and effort a lot of people would be better served by adjusting their answers (eg. this player MAY be like that player). That said the narrative of racial stereotypes for athletes in some ways has gotten larger than actually occurrence of said stereotyping. The motivation (anti-racist) isn't bad but some of those descriptors are accurate of players who fall into those respective categories and not true for others. You can't or don't accurately describe players
  2. Yeah. Osorio was balling out at DM last year. I've always been a fan but he was defensively sound, moved the ball, and used his dribbling to absorb pressure.
  3. Ayo strikes me as a player who's going to get better (his positioning is getting better, is strong, can finish) so yeah wouldn't mind seeing him in the fold.
  4. He also has looked great attacking in the U20s so I'm reluctant with the he's big therefore he should be CB argument.
  5. Baldisimo strikes me as similar to Liam Fraser in that they both have a wonderful ability to hit a pass which looks pretty and is a joy to watch.. They also both have limitations when they get pressured. Baldisimo's not the biggest and wasn't getting the protection to get off those passes and doesn't have the dribbling to get out tight situations. Fraser's a little slow and doesn't make up for it with positioning.
  6. You have an incredible ability to oscillate between really insightful comments (the JasonDias stuff) and a not so useful arrogance. I understand pushing back against a North American "bigger is better" approach over more skilled players but I watched a tournament where Lucas's skill was minimized by faster and stronger opposition that was not adequately offset by the strength, balance and conditioning you mention. This is hardly out of the norm for an 18 year old and hardly insurmountable. My opposition is against the reflex on the board to promote him beyond a level where he still needs to
  7. I find Ballou an interesting player. I once thought he was more promising than Davies (shows you what I know). Doesn't quite have the strength or speed to beat an outside defender and then get away. Maybe he moves inside where his footwork can better shine and becomes a passer.
  8. But realistically that's every player in the pool! We become more attractive compared to other countries by winning. We win by having the best players out there. Lucas looks like a talented 18 year old who needs to bulk up a little before he breaks through as a pro. Theo was on the bench for a top Premier League team and doesn't look out of place against men, Lucas look young against U24 competition. I'm okay with a couple really promising youngsters displacing second tier vets (eg. Corbeanu vs Akindele) but that's only ever going to be 1 or 2 players which brings us back to who does he displ
  9. It does, he's not good enough at the moment. I sincerely hopes that changes sooner than later. You cannot cynically give an 18 year old without pro experience 4 caps in WCQ at this point. That said he absolutely have a place at 2nd tier/Camp Poutine type camps to better integrate in him into the program.
  10. And who does he replace? Remember Jayden Nelson is there as a replacement for Osorio.
  11. I love how the Mexicans can boot the ball out of play as they see fit without a card.
  12. You're being obnoxious. He played every game as one of the youngest players in the tournament over a single week.
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