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USA vs Canada - Friday Nov 15th, Orlando FL

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EDIT: Admin

Just waiting on a code or link from them.  I might have to do the tickets, but there is zero chance rando's from Florida are going to buy them from me so I would rather not do that.  

  • Currently there are 50 tickets on hold (however, we can make this bigger if we need it)
  • The tickets are located in Section 138  (Exploria Field)
  • The tickets will cost $29 USD each
  • The tickets will all be mobile tickets
  • US Soccer has set a deadline of November 4th


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36 minutes ago, Olympique_de_Marseille said:

looking at flights! :) 

Bought a 1-way of flight network from Montreal to Orlando for $171 after tax  (Air Transat) from http://www.flightnetwork.com

I will buy a return separately.


EDIT: And just got an email that they could not confirm the flight. :( 

Edited by Olympique_de_Marseille

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44 minutes ago, Alex said:

Those of you close to buffalo, in April I flew with frontier, one way was $88 American from buffalo to Orlando. 

My flight out of Buffalo to orlando was $270 from Southwest.

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16 minutes ago, Tyson M said:

150$ Return from Detroit with Spirit.

That's good.

$286 CAD return with Swoop from London, Ontario, leave Wednesday afternoon, return Saturday.

If you want to do the theme parks Thursday or Friday morning it's a good deal.

Otherwise there is the Air Transat flights from Toronto for $178 on Friday morning and you can fly back the next day to London Ontario direct with Swoop for $147.

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