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USA vs Canada - Friday Nov 15th, Orlando FL

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EDIT: Admin

Just waiting on a code or link from them.  I might have to do the tickets, but there is zero chance rando's from Florida are going to buy them from me so I would rather not do that.  

  • Currently there are 50 tickets on hold (however, we can make this bigger if we need it)
  • The tickets are located in Section 138  (Exploria Field)
  • The tickets will cost $29 USD each
  • The tickets will all be mobile tickets
  • US Soccer has set a deadline of November 4th


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36 minutes ago, Olympique_de_Marseille said:

looking at flights! :) 

Bought a 1-way of flight network from Montreal to Orlando for $171 after tax  (Air Transat) from http://www.flightnetwork.com

I will buy a return separately.


EDIT: And just got an email that they could not confirm the flight. :( 

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16 minutes ago, Tyson M said:

150$ Return from Detroit with Spirit.

That's good.

$286 CAD return with Swoop from London, Ontario, leave Wednesday afternoon, return Saturday.

If you want to do the theme parks Thursday or Friday morning it's a good deal.

Otherwise there is the Air Transat flights from Toronto for $178 on Friday morning and you can fly back the next day to London Ontario direct with Swoop for $147.

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53 minutes ago, RS said:

An interesting wrinkle to this is that there are almost surely going to be more Orlando City players with Canada than the U.S.

Might be the same thing with Toronto FC right?

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