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  1. Not sure if he's a winger or striker but it's not like we need another winger... Buchannan or Laryea? One gets left out and has to sub on as is.
  2. If Corbeanu subs in, wouldn't it be for Akindele? So we lose a penalty taker... I think we shouldn't play for penalties, all this who should take penalties talk has me thinking we should play for the win and pressure them early(aka sub in Piette later to shut things down if we manage to get a goal-or two).... Think of who the likeliest players that are in most ppl's XI that will likely sub off: Hoilett, Osorio, Akindele... all attackers and likely pk takers... I can see them all being subbed out... so that actually leaves what? Corbeanu, Fraser and... jeez I can't even think of a replacement for Akindele so maybe he stays in... We definitely should have called in another attacking player!
  3. The Scot's Corner on 268 Dundas Street(Downtown near wellington) in London has said they will show it after I begged enough. If you know anyone in London please let them know about this gathering as if we can get a few ppl out they will continue to agree to show games and host events.
  4. FS1 Broadcast said he reinjured his toe and didn't train all week.
  5. If you think they look young while playing Grasshoppers, wait until they play Young Boys!
  6. Tried to do one in London but no bar has onesoccer or FoxSports... how are you guys pulling these off?
  7. It is supposed to be on bluesport which is a swiss/german channel. A good IPTV would likely get it, but I don't think your parents will be able to get it setup in time for this game. It's worth the investment for a full season though as it usually costs about $15 a month and shows Swiss Super league every week!
  8. hoping is one thing... but getting is another... 0/2, but I do believe Jamaica can/will beat the US and I also feel fairly confident about us tonight.
  9. I was thinking about that. Qatar looks good and I believe this is their A team. Money aside, we should stop inviting teams to Gold Cup that are so strong.... Brazil, South Korea, Colombia?! Maybe keep inviting teams like South Africa
  10. Clearly no one is using this thread.... but a few of us should be...
  11. So to sit in the supporters section we have to buy in the nosebleeds? For another 20$ I can sit in the 100 level just behind the net according to stubhub... man this sucks
  12. 4-0 would be a dream, hard to see them scoring(unless an error befalls us)... I'll go 2-0 goals by one of our 3 CB's and one by Cavalini.
  13. Watching on Fox Sport 1. The american broadcast has been talking up Canada a bit.
  14. Idunno, 1-0 shows A. They're very beatable B. We can be 1st with a draw vs US. They won't necessarily pump Martinique and I can see us beating Haiti by 3.
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