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  1. Ya but where are the assists!?
  2. This is the first I have heard of Justin Smith? He plays in France and his name doesn't sound French, what's his story? More importantly, why doesn't he have his own thread like every other kid who got as much as a sniff in Europe?! I used to find it frustrating that all the threads in the past few years were player threads, but now it kind of frustrates me. How am I as a casual type die hard supposed to keep informed on obscure prospects? I feel I'm losing my inner Voyageur! If he's got as much potential as the other guys on this list I want more info!
  3. I predicted Ferreira and Miller with Sturring coming on for Ferreira in the 60th. Pretty inexperienced national back 4 and then add no Borjan as keeper... could see a blunder for a goal?! I saw a post pointing to Crepeau starting but don't be shocked if it's St. Clair.
  4. Politely disagree. This actually is the time to f around so to speak. Goal differential should only come into play if we plan on a draw vs Suriname. If we do that, I'm not sure we deserve a spot in the world cup to be honest.(don't get me wrong because I do believe Suriname is by far the next best team in this group of qualifying). The argument to mess around with the lineup would be to evaluate players and try things out(maybe even cap a player or two) while the competition is not so difficult(hence why Hutch has gone home). I am curious as to which players have been promised time and h
  5. Give him time for chemistry. He will end up being a top player and his quality will show when we play better opposition(believe it or not).
  6. Not expecting much from Estaquio, hope he proves me wrong, but chemistry won't be there yet. Good to have games vs minnows to meld the squad together. Also hoping Corbeanu gets a run and maybe pokes one in late!?
  7. Safest bet, but hoping we give ferreira a go at some point over these two matches
  8. I will go with 3-0. (Davies, Atiba & Cavalini) Big difference for me is that we have players that are used to breaking teams down. For many years we've never had players that were playing for top teams in their leagues and so when we come up against minnows who park the bus our guys aren't sure how to play. Now we have Hutch, Larin, Davies & Borjan who are at clubs who see teams bunker. This will come in handy tonight.
  9. Scouting impressions... both these teams can beat us badly... BOTH... BADLY... like 3-0... Mexico maybe 4 or 5 atleast watching the Cayman Islands squad made me feel better
  10. No David, but Jayden Nelson is interesting... who gets minutes him or Corbeanu?
  11. Nope, just feels like it because it's been so long... Should we start (yet another) thread when the roster drops?
  12. Highlights from FS1 commentators so far, showing they have not scouted us at all: - They keep calling Bair "BLAIR" and referring to his aerial presence(I know he's tall but is he our primary target in the air, I hope not because he misses quite a bit considering how tall he is). -They keep asking for Dias to be subbed on because of what a high impact he had last game. I'm hyped for Dias but he (understandably) didn't do much for us. I think he will have more impact as the tournament goes on though(maybe that's what they're thinking too). -They said Tajon is a big part of our wor
  13. Smart move IMHO. I think he will score off the bench vs tired legs
  14. Glad I watched on FS1. No problems with quality there. US looked better and better with each passing minute.
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