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  1. Agreed... Did anyone see we get a home game for # 1 VS HONDURAS!!!! AGAIN!!! FATE!
  2. Like who? Other than Ferreira and maybe Ferdi and Marmoush, I think we've done a pretty good job of scooping up the players that have options and this is one of the reasons we're talking about a Golden Generation. Ferreira is the only one that makes the starting 11(if not injured!) and that's only because our backline is shambolic(CB Cornelius + whoever is not equal to what we are putting out at other positions). Ferdi has so much potential he would be great to cap(if actually interested), but I would be doubtful of him coming over to play the junk teams we will have in our pool. He is likely able to make the dutch team and tbh his Canadian ties are tenuous anyways. Marmoush is interesting as well, but he doesn't play much and hasn't scored in Bundesliga. Maybe he would be a good call up vs a minnow because for the reserves he scored fairly often. I just don't see him as a huge part moving forward what with all the other attacking players we already have coming up.
  3. I will go on record and say this is the best players on the pitch philosophy, and it's hard to get mad at Davies at LB(he can always push up later). Some of you ppl posting lineups without David are off your rockers! Hoilett of the bench is a nice option
  4. Pretty sure I saw Phonzie in the 2nd half highlights vs Real Madrid last night.
  5. wow even herdmann is losing it... a defender for an attacker when were losing???!!!
  6. Just saw Herdman motion to Piette he was going in... so look for that around minute 65 if scoreline holds... i would presume for Hutch
  7. great ball movement... cav cant let david score without doing so himself
  8. 3-1, they score first beating us with pace as Godinho is weak link. We break them down with Arfield on the opener, followed by a header by Cavallini and Hoillett ices it on a counter late in the game.
  9. now I predict either Millar on an individual effort or I could actually see Cuba scoring as game has opened up.
  10. I love this change bc Millar will be chomping at the bit... either him or David have ANOTHER before the match is done
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