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  1. I'd add either Sebastian Breza or Harry Paton, of those not requiring a one time switch like Ferreira, Gutierrez or Kadioglu. Raposo may be the pick very quickly however.
  2. ^ Great interview. Intelligent guy.
  3. That Joe Belan interview (I think it was on the Premier Podcast) had some really good insight on player development in Canada. The new US development academy league has 95 teams, only 3 Canadian (the MLS teams).
  4. I think Pepple from Cavalry was one of the last cuts. Not CPL, but Jayden Nelson did sign with TFC this winter (which I am sure you are aware). I'm actually surprised that more of the young MLS Academy players aren't signing in CPL. Although, with the 2 Y9 signings and Pacific grabbing a couple Whitecap academy players last year, maybe a trend is emerging?
  5. Professional sports teams allowed to open training facilities effective immediately (with restrictions in place) in Ontario.
  6. Has CL been officially cancelled? Where did you hear?
  7. MLS website take on our NT for the 2022 WC. https://www.mlssoccer.com/post/2020/05/04/armchair-analyst-blue-sky-daydreaming-about-canada-2022-fifa-world-cup
  8. Thanks for the highlight video. I obviously don't know the answer to the question I posted above. I just think we have many players playing at the same or better level so it is not like he is an automatic choice if he decides to choose us over Bulgaria. Those days are long gone (see Aird and Twardek as someone posted above, and even Tabla!)
  9. Maybe he was contacted but didn't make the final list of 50? He is a midfielder, correct? So which of Tabla, Nelson, Fraser, Okello, Shome, Millar, Borges, Shaffelburg, Bayiha, Daniels, Choinere, Metcalf, Norman, Paton, Raposo or Verhoeven does he replace?
  10. Yup, big misconception. You can look all you want in Ontario and there is nothing you can do aside from going for walks on your own, or with someone from your own household. I'm sure people are getting together somewhere but you risk get caught and fined. Crazy here, but the numbers don't seem to be improving.
  11. Gonna be a while until we have daycare, coffee shops, restaurants, heck, even parks and golf courses available in Ontario. I would say after Victoria day weekend at the earliest.
  12. Great interview. Knowledgeable guy.
  13. Smyrniotis said the same during his Onesoccer Hangout interview.
  14. Apparently, the first human trial on a potential vaccine is being conducted on a woman in Seattle today.
  15. And really, how many threads do we need revived or started new that say the same damn thing? Yes, we get it, we have sucked for a long time. The CSA could have done better. I don't think anybody on here needs to see the stats to be reminded of what's gone on the last 35 years.
  16. Jean Aniel Assi was up with the Impact for training camp. There was a nice feature with him and Fanni on the Impact website.
  17. Does anyone know if his little brother is a player, or too young yet?
  18. I would remove the word "far". Oso's performances in TFC's Champions league run should also not be discounted (Golden Boot winner) against teams much better than Puebla. Again, I rate Cav over Oso.
  19. Agreed fully. Which is why I ranked him ahead of Oso.
  20. Well, I think he is definitely close to the best Canadian in MLS. I have him just behind Cavallini (and Cav hasn't proven himself in MLS yet). He and Kaye (and Piette) are close, but Oso has a pretty good resume, as a solid contributor on one of the best MLS teams.
  21. That was a great interview. So many interesting topics.
  22. They could be re-airing the documentary that is already out there?
  23. Apologies for hijacking this thread, but just for kicks, and because I'm bored AF, my top 10 list is as follows: I actually considered 13 players with HM to Liam Millar, Sam Piette and Cyle Larin: 10. Doneil Henry 9. Mark Anthony Kaye 8. Jonathan Osorio 7. Miljan Borjan 6. Lucas Cavallini 5. Scotty Arfield 4. Junior Hoillet 3. Atiba Hutchinson 2. Jonathan David 1. Alphonso Davies
  24. Not sure where to put this. Looks like TSN is doing a special (Thursday 730 EST) ranking the top CANMNT players in the world currently.
  25. I am the same age as Gretzky and played high level baseball against him. I played with and against quite a few guys who went on to sign pro contracts and played minor pro ball. Gretzky was the best baseball player i ever played against.
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