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  1. You're right! Davies, David, Millar, Tabla probably would have been somewhat good to have in those games. 😄
  2. I'd even take it down to the 2002s. As Shway noted above, guys like Nelson and Corbeaunu and maybe even Priso, have some pro experience and the talent to contribute to this cycle.
  3. I think these guys are too young for this Olympic cycle. Maybe we could add one of them for depth purposes?
  4. Make that two. Agree completely with what Freekick said above.
  5. As mentioned in another thread, I watched this game to get a look at some of these players. Another guy to keep an eye on would be Luca Accetolla. Wore the Captain's armband and the #10. Looked active and took all the corners for TFC. Doesn't have the physically imposing size of Mbongue, or the pure skill of Marshall-Rutty, but was an active, very involved player. He and Pellegrino (who went off injured with TFC down 2-0) seemed to be the midfield engines, but I would have to say Accetolla was the more impressive player of the two in this game. I also liked keeper Dino Bontis' game.
  6. I watched some of the GA Cup final game that someone posted in the Class of 2004 thread and Hugo Mbongue is definitely that type of player. Two goals off headers from pinpoint crosses from Marshall-Rutty. Big guy, intense player, beastly. If he keeps developing, I believe he is the next target man in the Akinola/David range. He is a 2004.
  7. I know you're a big CPL promoter and I respect that and enjoy your updates. But my God, you're kidding, right?
  8. Isn't Jebbison playing with the U23s, not U18s?
  9. Not Mitrovic either. As a dual national, it would have been nice to get him a look at the Canada set up. Disclaimer however, not sure if the Serbian League is on break.
  10. Early reports are the Arfield injury could be serious. Couldn't put any weight on his left leg after a bad tackle.
  11. The U20 and U17 World Cups have been cancelled for 2021. Too bad, would have been nice to see our 2001-2005 age groups in action. https://www.mlssoccer.com/post/2020/12/24/fifa-cancels-2021-u-20-u-17-world-cups-due-covid-19-pandemic
  12. I'm not sure who is "saying" this, but in the last Concacaf U15 Championships (2004s) Canada beat Mexico 2-0 and, from game reports, were full value for the win. That team was led by Marshall-Rutty, Assi and Mbongue. Since then, Passaqule, Pellegrino and Abatneh have also emerged (we don't know who has emerged for the US or Mexico). Flores did not play for Canada or Mexico. In the semis, Canada lost 2-1 to Slovenia is extra time. US lost 3-0 to Portugal. Portugal won the tournament with a 1-0 win over Slovenia. I know this doesn't say anything definitive, but it is an indicator.
  13. Regardless of who is cut and who is added, this will be a tough team to make! Nice to see.
  14. 1. Davies 2. David 3. Estaquio 4. Hutchinson 5. Osorio
  15. One of the writers on the MLS site picks 10 players he feels would be good pickups by Austin. Three of the ten are Canadian (Miller, Cornelius, Akindele).
  16. What worries me (besides our inconsistent CBs) is the age of our best players. Very young, not much experience. Can Arfield, Osorio, Hutch, Hoillet keep everyone together?
  17. That's strange. Didn't he play the first couple group stage games? IIRC, he was in the ACL "Team of the Week" wasn't he? Can't remember if that was before or after the original shutdown of the game.
  18. Raheem Edwards also out of contract at Minnesota. Would be a good player in CPL.
  19. FFS, I keep clicking on this thread thinking there is actually some new team speculation/news!
  20. Pretty much bang on the squad I would pick TFC2017. The only difference is Millar for Buchanon, but only if Millar can get a good loan in 2021.
  21. And pipe dreaming as it may be, there is also Marcelo Flores out there still! 😄
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