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  1. I thought I read it was in Hamilton, but that may be just wishful thinking. I thought the crowd, though not overly large last night, was pretty enthusiastic. Seemed like most actually knew this game was important!
  2. If memory serves, I believe that's the second time so far this season after only 4 games!
  3. IIRC, Zator was on the bench to start the season, but rather quickly won a starting job. Vasalunds won most of the games he played, then went on a losing streak when he left. I stopped following them because frankly I couldn't care less about them after he was gone. Ongaro scored 3 goals in 7 games, thereabouts, so I don't think either underwhelmed. I think the teams just didn't want to pay the requisite transfer fees for the players. That could be construed as the teams didn't feel they were worth it however.
  4. You could be right. I thought he played as a forward left winger (Davies for the NT), but I only see highlights and Livescore formations so not really sure.
  5. Not sure I would advocate calling him in for the next window seeing how he plays the same position as our best players, but playing in the Russian Premier League and seemingly doing well, he has to be in the picture, as well as Liam Miller, who also plays the same position and wasn't called. Definitely has to be considered if we get an injury to Davies, Buchanon, etc.
  6. Even more baffling is in his post match interview (TFC Republic Game report), Perez stated that JMR had been training well all week and looked great. When they learned Poz couldn't play, they contemplated starting JMR but thought there was "too much pressure being on the road in a new stadium and all". Are you kidding me? Two last place teams going nowhere and too much pressure?? Play the kid FFS!
  7. Bushman-Dormand is a dual? What other country is he connected to?
  8. Yes, pretty good. Goes into how the securing of internationals works, some of the goals of the league and achievements to date, some of the ups and downs of the first few seasons and the bubble tournament.
  9. Davies was MOTM, but shout out to Doneil Henry who played a great match tonight!
  10. Atmosphere was great last night. I brought 4 buddies, two Eurosnobs, and 2 neophytes, and they all enjoyed the game. One of my buddies and I went to the Jays game the night before and he admitted there was no comparison in terms of atmosphere and excitement. Of course, not a shocker for me. Anyway, most of my post game thoughts were already posted by most of you on here already, but to summarize: - Johnston, Laryea, Davies, Borjan were great. - Atiba, Miller and David (gotta finish one of those son!) were poor. - I give the Hondurans credit, they played hard. As I said to my buddies, they want to make the WC as well and have been to 2 of the last 3, narrowly missing in 2018.
  11. Canada's MOTM in my opinion. Awesome.
  12. I disagree with these statements. He played for our youth teams, even captaining our teams in tournaments and that win over England, which ironically put him on their radar.
  13. I may have an extra, in Section 121 though. Let me know if you're interested.
  14. That would be my guess as well. Maybe he was told pick one, as he was spread too thin?
  15. TSN has the story on their website. Gotta scroll down a bit, but its there. Also covered it in their Sportscentre report.
  16. I don't think anyone who watched the game has to go to a highlight clip to gauge the crowd. Plus, @Cheetahas already given his unbiased, eyewitness assessment of the crowd earlier in this thread. I know with Covid, weather, and weeknight games it hasn't been conducive to getting good crowds out. The congested match schedule has also contributed. I don't know about others but my calendar was already pretty full for August before the schedule came out. 3 games in a week is sometimes tough for even die-hards like us. I have only made one of 3 Forge matches and probably won't be able to make any other August games (including tonight) either. September should be easier.
  17. James starts at centreback for Velje today.
  18. It was a good read and great vision, and also hope it comes true, even with a few DP additions from other nations. However, I can't help but wonder why Veselinovic, who features prominently in the article got such preferential treatment over Cornelius. I honestly didn't see much between the two, even though my Canadian bias thought Cornelius was better. Anyway, at least they are talking about it.
  19. If he is starting in the top Russian league, he's got to get a look, no?
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