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  1. I can assure you Salvadorans in the US would be amped up just fine for a WCQ.
  2. I think the most important error here is that sackcloth was not torn. (Genesis 37:34-3, etc.)
  3. Having spent some time getting accustomed to this participation in late round of WCQ thing, I do understand the impetus to strategize over who to include in this cycle of the Gold Cup, with the WCQ being the more important priority. I still think this team hasn't had the number of matches, experiences, and tests against good competition to put aside the opportunity to play with as many members of the likely starting squad as possible. The risks were there and they've played out, but I don't fault them for the squad they called. I also think the US could have been right to do what it did. We aren't the same team, haven't had the same matches (eg Nations League final level). Different calls for different circumstances.
  4. Are we going to be playing Suriname in the QF? At this rate we are.
  5. We are ahead on Goals Scored. A draw will secure 1st.
  6. I'd be very interested if we played 4 matches after the group phase. Unless you were counting the US group phase game in your total.
  7. From that report looks like the Hondurans will seek to get vaccinations in the US during Gold Cup.
  8. The methods in your first point can be debated. But to your second, there is nothing intrinsic to culture about this chant. Anything can change. Whether it is 15 year old habit in Mexico, or whatever used to be said at Swangard, or stuff someone on this board heard 50 years ago in England.
  9. Right. Classic "don't be so sensitive", "whatabout those other guys" and "Some of my best shirts are gay-friendly" arguments.
  10. Yes, like we are disadvantaged in the Octo as our yellow cards from the earlier rounds are not cleared 😕
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