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  1. I think this is one of the most incorrect statements ever made on this board
  2. I was referring to the precise and correct use of the word irony ;} You might be right about your on topic point!
  3. A thread on our board started by an American supporter being used in a thread by Mexican supporters to primarily critique American supporters is the very definition of irony.
  4. Haiti: bringing out entitled old men and knee jerk 12 year olds, since 2019.
  5. Being top craft brewery in Guelph and a hipster operation are definitely not mutually exclusive.
  6. Wannabe is the qualifier. So wannabe what? He is in fact English, so it can't be that. He is on the short side, so he's got that covered. He wants to be Canadian? Can't blame someone for that. If you do, you must not have a high opinion of Canada.
  7. English wannabe Canadian hobbit . Huh. What does that even mean?
  8. Too subtle, eh? Edit: The point was I was asking for "no reason" to suggest I would go over to that forum to cause the same controversy that happened here. Ha ha. I know. But on the discussion itself, while I don't personally see the draw in going to a rival supporters' forum I'd agree the feedback needs to be respectful.
  9. No reason, but could someone give me the link to the US soccer supporter forum on Big Soccer? Thank you for your time.
  10. The players also have to execute to their abilities.
  11. False choice. Plenty of of ground in between CSA butt-licking and outrageous email blackmail conspiracy theories to hold discussions.
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