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  1. Too subtle, eh? Edit: The point was I was asking for "no reason" to suggest I would go over to that forum to cause the same controversy that happened here. Ha ha. I know. But on the discussion itself, while I don't personally see the draw in going to a rival supporters' forum I'd agree the feedback needs to be respectful.
  2. No reason, but could someone give me the link to the US soccer supporter forum on Big Soccer? Thank you for your time.
  3. The players also have to execute to their abilities.
  4. False choice. Plenty of of ground in between CSA butt-licking and outrageous email blackmail conspiracy theories to hold discussions.
  5. I have no idea what a statistical pandemic is, just the usual kind where an epidemic is prevalent in multiple countries or world-wide. Also, another tangent here declared Trump is winning the election due to an assessment of early voting by party registration in Florida. Even if Trump wins that state he will likely still lose unless he wins Pennsylvania. No tangent left unturned here.
  6. Revenge match against Martinique for not giving us any FIFA points last time.
  7. I've started to come around to the theory that the cold for us isn't the same advantage as the heat for the Central American and Caribbean teams. I think we actually get more net benefit having away games during colder periods.
  8. You mean the opinions of two former players, including David Suazo who picked Honduras to finish top of the Octagonal? I would not sweat those deep thoughts. The host was even chuckling.
  9. Did they say if there was a structure for the rest of the Octo schedule based on that first matchday draw?
  10. TBD but i expect the usual rational discussion ;}
  11. Did the email extortion I received come from someone at this site? I will be sending a message to the moderators on this board reminding them that email extortion is a crime. Let's not over-react, fine. But let's be careful that people in positions of responsability who may feel their backs are against the wall, are not making decisions they'll regret. I've told the mods and admins that I'll report to the RCMP if necessary. These are your simple questions? You have a different standard of what it means to lay an accusation. So lets make sure the question is cle
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