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  1. Having a pint at the Brew Theory craft joint right next to Mariott before Ace.Saw the Players heading to chow.
  2. Are you sure about that? The formula seems set up so that if you play a team with the same point ranking and win it is worth .5 times the match importance . So higher ranked teams are worth more than 12.5. Honduras should be up there too.
  3. Great! Guard the firealarms. See you at Ace.
  4. There will be d There are all kinds. I'm in the pub camp. Appreciate the scoop on options for everyone's preference. For game time, no club gear is a good protocol. I'd say generic Canada or red/white clothing is better than any other national team, or hockey team stuff. We'll sort you with V accessories. Cheers for the help.
  5. Motorworks, Brew Theory, and Community Brewhouse all have tap rooms walking distance 15 min to stadium. Looking at their details. I'm arriving Friday aft.
  6. I'm in, with another Toronto type. Staying at the Mariott. Trying to see what the pub and brew options are as well.
  7. A win against a similarly ranked team in an official window friendly is worth about 5 points.
  8. Hm. This isn't an NFL stadium. Then again maybe the USAers aren't that interested.
  9. For Fifa points? Nope. No home advantage weighting. Its all based on the difference in the ranking points between the two teams, times the importance of the match. For our CNL group games? Yep, its a tiebreaker for the group.
  10. Dreadful slip ups against island It was about 12 points with I=15. So around 18 for I=25
  11. This score here. times 1.6. http://www.football-ranking.com/calculate?match=20190909_PAN_BER
  12. Well they stand to lose a lot of points at that rate.- 18 or so.
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