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  1. Everyone is starting at the same point. When you're bad you're bad
  2. Yeah made some mistakes but was really dynamic and Bayern changed when he came on
  3. I'm prepared for 2 hours of frustration and disappointment
  4. Yeah if he was a CB we'd be all over him
  5. I appreciate the effort by Tajon but he had like 4 white shirts in front of him and lots of space
  6. Pantemis is the man. Could be 3-0 if not for him. Big ups for playing injured Also I love Diaz. I'll be extremely disappointed if we lose him
  7. If we would have played like trash the first game it wouldn't have been so bad. We weren't perfect but Buchanan scoring a quick 2 goals and the rest of the offensive squad being involved it really set my expectations and i'm assuming others a lot higher than before the tournament
  8. Concacaf refs just want to go home. Never give an appropriate amount of stoppage time and always blow the whistle early to finish the game
  9. I thought his play in last game would have guaranteed it but I guess not. Hopefully he comes on again and really cements his place
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