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  1. It just keeps getting worse for Baltimore too. After they won the first game it was just looking a little concerning for the blue jays is all
  2. The way the Blue Jays are playing against the Orioles it feels like we might not have to worry about them
  3. Is it possible the game is earlier so they don't have to directly compete with the leafs? Maybe selfish/wishful thinking on my part but i'd love to see both games if I can be in Toronto
  4. Might be time to switch the entire formation. Bring in midfielders. Davies looks tired, Adekugbe struggling, having trouble in the middle of the park again
  5. So sorry if I missed this but when was the last time we beat the US in the US? I thought I saw it somewhere but I can't remember
  6. Sorry if this has already been asked but is there VAR for this game and for qualifying in general?
  7. This is based on Rangers success the last few seasons
  8. Good stuff! Thanks for posting. Bought a kit for a friend i'll be bringing to his first Canada game. Exciting times
  9. He would absolutely be going out on loan if Chelsea bought him. Chelsea just like to collect players. They had something close to 35-40 players on loan last season
  10. 1-0 Pacos right at the half. Go team
  11. Same thing for me. Tried like 3 times for 112 and 113 and got beat out. 117 will do
  12. To be fair he went from being an inconsistent (to be kind) bench player to being their top scorer, scoring in their most important games, and not only won the league but cried on the pitch when they did
  13. Just stopped Tajon again. He's having a fantastic game
  14. Just scored a sick looping header. Was covered by Soteldo so it was pretty much a free shot
  15. TSN's MLS coverage is overall not great but I really appreciate them pushing/hyping Tajon before this game tonight
  16. It's wild how he went from being one of the best keepers in the MLS for a pretty long stretch, a rising star in the league and people wanting him to start for Canada to being stuck on the bench
  17. Well this is less than ideal. Hopefully it motivates him to be better and not get lost in the shuffle. I doubt they would bring him in just to not use him either
  18. Weah starting ahead of him. Time to PANIC!!
  19. To me the obvious choice is still Borjan BUT as soon as he makes one his braindead mistakes we know that Crepeau is more than ready and willing to step in and play very well for us. There should 100% be some healthy competition for the number 1 spot even if I still think Milan is our guy for now
  20. Made a big save early, just made another one and will probably have to make a few more. Midfield is getting eaten alive and Waterman is just not very good
  21. Low pay and risk of injury and permanent pain are probably the biggest things. Still a young man with plenty of time to pivot careers. It sucks but if he doesn't think he can work his way back up then it is probably the best thing for him
  22. Listen ladies we looked very good against Haiti last quarter final. It ain't over til it's over
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