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  1. I really hope he does it and adds even more. It just gives Canada more legitimacy worldwide.
  2. Possible standings after tonight: Mexico - 9 Canada - 5 Honduras - 5 Panama - 4 USA - 2 Costa Rica - 2 El Salvador - 2 Jamaica - 1
  3. The USA game is there for the taking. I feel like the Honduran style will always give us trouble and we need to accept that. I think the American style of play suits us better. Let’s go! An away game in the USA is something we are used to. Let’s not forget that.
  4. Opinion from BMO: Davies only played well down the left side. The mood here is positive. I predict a couple goals still.
  5. I brought my son to the Dominica game in 2018 and he was 4 I just carried him like he was younger and they didn’t care and he just sat on my lap
  6. I’m going with my wife, I asked her if she wanted to go in the voyageurs section, her response was that if everyone was standing she couldn’t see shit! Lol I guess she’s had that problem at concerts before!
  7. You all remember the 1986 World Cup song? “Oh Canada we’ll always play for you”? The line in it that says “we’ve won for you before and we’ll win for you again” keeps going through my head today. I really feel this cycle is what they meant when they said “again.”
  8. Who else thinks USA might have a slip up in Honduras or El Salvador? Imagine a draw or loss in their first game and then we roll into town? The Couva whispers would be prevalent. I’m not saying it would happen but Central America is tough and they have lost there in the past. Gold cup and nations league wins are great but those were all at home.
  9. I really want us to put our best out versus the Americans. Two reasons: so I can see with my own eyes how good we really are and so we can shut their mouths again since they keep saying online that we didn’t beat their best in October 2019.
  10. Laryea, Hoilett, Kaye/Piette as subs. Or even Kennedy in place of one of Miller or Vitoria.
  11. My starting 11: David - Larin Davies- Hutchinson- Osorio- Buchanan ———-Eustaquio ————— ———Miller - Vitoria -Johnston ——— Borjan——
  12. Dare I say it. Fraser is cheaper? One less flight to pay for… 😬
  13. Herdman has recently said he will be there.
  14. Even more reason why we need to put the boots to Honduras and El Salvador.
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