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  1. I don’t think this matters. You need to pick your best players at the time. Worry about Qatar when we get there.
  2. I just want to prepare everyone for the fact that we will probably be in a group with Honduras. Those *****.
  3. The problem with the hex is 29 nations would be eliminated almost 2 years before the World Cup takes place. Mathematically it was harder to advance out of the semi final round (finish in top 2 of 4 teams) than it was to get to the intercontinental on playoffs and the World Cup (4th out of 6 teams)
  4. This is great for concacaf, having some more balance is better for us in the long run.
  5. Let’s look at the teams ranked 13-35. My opinion is that Guatemala, St kitts and Bermuda are probably the tier 1 teams and most likely to advance while Suriname, Nicaragua, Cuba, Montserrat are the next best group of teams that can go through. I do hope we see some kind of group stage or knockout round between the 2nd place teams and the lower tier winner rather than just having the best 2nd place team going through.
  6. Did you watch the game? Dest would have had little impact considering he’s not a mid fielder. The problem the Americans had at BMO was in midfield. We destroyed the USA in the middle of the park and Dest is a fullback. I believe neuker recently said the same thing about Dest before he got banned.
  7. Every professional club in any sport has a plan with every single player in their system or they wouldn’t be in their system.
  8. Considering that’s his goddamn father, I’d say it’s not “a very big if” about there being a plan. You’re speculating on something you know nothing about.
  9. Yes Canada has not qualified to a World Cup since 1986. Just to be clear.
  10. Turkey is a Canadian hot spot? Huh? Atiba is the only Canadian playing there. That’s the last place I’d send Liam.
  11. I guess you can do both at the same time, but you’re still losing multiple windows since qualifying has 2 rounds still to play.
  12. What we all have to remember is that gold cup qualifying and the nations league finals will both be played within the next year. That makes the timeframe even tighter. But I do feel confident we will either see a September window or this mega 8 game window in the late fall. The return of the Bundesliga and hopefully the epl makes me a little optimistic. Hopefully once they decide the schedule the new format comes quickly after.
  13. Hopefully soon since somebody hasn’t been online since Friday at 1:15 😁
  14. If you read on a little bit his sister says he does not have Corona virus
  15. Getting to Qatar is a very big if.
  16. Why are we even talking about cpl players being shafted by the national team? In actual fifa windows where our best are available cpl players don’t even see the pitch. Even if they can, you can easily slot in a lower league European guy to do the same job. I think my point is proven by the fact that the mvp of the league transferred to tier 2 Belgium. This isn’t a knock on the cpl, I hope the league thrives, it’s just reality.
  17. It only talks about UEFA, because it’s a British site, but FIFA wants to do it and every confederation falls under FIFA. Victor said there will not be a hex.
  18. Ask yourself how many starters on the 2014 team are a starter today.
  19. Here’s a wcq format that can wrap up quickly: take the 35 teams, put them into 2 groups of 12, one of 11. First match day: eliminate bottom 4 (12 group) or 3 teams (11 group) to get down to 3 groups of 8. Then do a straight knockout round in each section, no crossover. The winner of each section goes to the World Cup. The 3 second place teams play in a knockout tournament where the winner goes to the intercontinental playoff. September: early round October: quarter finals November: semi finals March 2021: finals June- September 2021 play the 3 team knockout tournament of 2nd place teams. Concacaf can also fit in the nations league finals in the fall of 2021 which they have stated they want to play. Maybe they can find a way to get in the rest of the gold cup qualifying games that have also been cancelled because this format only takes up 10-12 match days.
  20. What’s your opinion on David coming home to atletico Ottawa?
  21. Thank you, great post
  22. I still feel that with Dest playing we can win.
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