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  1. Patience...first dibs on news will go to Liverpool and the loanee club.
  2. I know...that's why smarter people than me start those things up.
  3. Why don't you run a poll. I would think it's no more than 25%...like the percentage who want Herdman gone now.
  4. Good win for the Fury. But I keep on saying that HFX Wanderers is the model CPL club. Great support, excellent facility, centrally located and great entertainment. What’s there not to like.
  5. Because I've been following this program since 1984 and I think this is the most positive I've been about the talent here. The manager did not cause the 2-1 goal and he didn't cause the penalty to be given away. So let's fire Borjan and Godinho while we are at it.
  6. Get the goddamn last name right at least!
  7. It is funny how 25% of the people voting yes make 90% of the noise on this topic. As part of the silent 75%, I'll support Herdman on this until he's proven to me that he isn't up for the job. This team will get better with time and experience. So yes, keep Herdman (for now).
  8. Gator, I think some of the always angry Jambos on Kickback are probably on holidays. But I think the frantic nature of the Scottish game and how Hearts play might not have suited Marcus at the end of the day.
  9. Agree. That’s still two years away. I think if we don’t qualify, if Herdman doesn’t walk, the CSA will/should toss him.
  10. Good luck to Marcus. Too bad things didn’t work out at Hearts; hopefully this is a step towards reestablishing him into first team football.
  11. You’re probably correct. But i bet the same can be said of Canadians when our women were playing at the World Cup; and if our men ever get there again.
  12. Unfortunately, this is the natural conclusion to Sportsnet not having the Premier League. I think the only soccer they have left is the Bundesliga and the Scottish Premier League. I think they had to bring in the WNBA to make up for programming over the summer months. It looks like Rogers is losing money on Sportsnet.
  13. Binky = Robert? Oh wait, nothing on John van’t Schip yet. Never mind.
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