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  1. I don’t think so. The IOC is having challenges with getting bidders for the upcoming Olympics.
  2. I disagree. Healthcare is a priority for more than a subset of the general population. I’m a long time Voyageur and healthcare is more of a priority to me than our national teams.
  3. My two cents: has nothing to do with bravado or what the 100 or so on here want. Putting up huge money for Olympics/World Cups is less popular than they have ever been. And with all the debt that governments are piling up due to Covid, this is not a vote getter and that’s what counts for governments.
  4. Good research! From experience, the traffic in Istanbul can be so bad that an away game in another city might be quicker to get to Basaksehir from Besiktas.
  5. Will add that Atiba is playing two games a week in a very congested Turkish league schedule. At 38, he’d be silly to get on a plane for 11-12 hrs each way from Istanbul when he can prolong his club career by getting a week and a half rest. Agreed with @Stryker911, if he plays, it’ll be June or later.
  6. Good on the US for doing that. But that’s because they are able to do that, financially. Frankly, I’m not that bothered about a training camp for the Olympics; maybe cause I’m not bothered about the Olympics (or a watered down Games due to Covid). Still am skeptical on whether the games even take place.
  7. That is correct. Not even a spot in the new Europa Conference League.
  8. There’s no incentive for Herdman not to call in his best squad. But who actually can/is willing to show up is out of his control. I will only make him accountable for the players that come and in theory, there should be enough there for us to get a result from the two matches.
  9. My prediction is that Arfield, Henry and Hutchinson won’t be coming for various reasons.
  10. Since it’s a bye week for Besiktas, thought I would share this funny video of Atiba trying to pronounce Turkish words. Revered in a country where he doesn’t speak the language of the locals.
  11. Could Bayern say no to Davies leaving for these qualifiers? I believe there is a 10 day quarantine for people returning to Germany from the US.
  12. I would generally agree but almost every away trip is at least an overnighter, unlike playing lower league/non league football in Europe, for example. Depending on the job and the job market, that flexibility may be difficult to obtain.
  13. Just finished watching the match on PVR. I’d say both were average. Larin had a good chance to score but the Swedish keeper for Gençlerbirligi was the man of the match in spite of giving up three goals. Atiba was his usual solid self and worked hard but nothing spectacular.
  14. Must not get into an argument about Scotland’s third biggest club... Just to make a case, one of the clubs that stood by Hearts last season during the relegation issue was Inverness Caledonian Thistle. Covid and horrible snow and cold have affected ICT’s ability to generate revenue. The Federation of Hearts Supporters suggested to our opponents in 2 weeks that they sell virtual tickets for the match against us (à la Marine vs Spurs). In just a week, over 9,000 tickets have been sold and £65-70 K raised for ICT primarily by Hearts supporters. @gator: you are right about Gary Mack
  15. Totally need to respect all our opponents and would take 4 1-0s cause that would get us through. But if we are afraid of Suriname, then we might as well not even bother with playing Mexico.
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