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  1. Sure...put a bunch of kids into danger in a tournament that most MLS fans don't give a crap about because they shouldn't be playing it at all. Any player who boycotts this fiasco has my support.
  2. I thought the saying: "they'll be dancing in the streets of Raith" meant there was a place called Raith. There is not.
  3. I was able to watch the Austria Klagenfurt loss to Grazer AK on Tuesday via Austrian State Television (ORF) and Scott is a big lad! I think he can play in the Austrian Bundesliga and hopefully that will be with Klagenfurt next season.
  4. @spitfire found this video of Liam when he was at the TFC Academy and a ball boy at 12 years of age (he is the kid at the end of the video sticking his tongue out). As you can tell, he was an average size for his age. He shared it with me and was okay passing it along to fellow Voyageurs. Had to publish it on YouTube as it was the only way I could share it. https://youtu.be/0N1ExP17B0A
  5. These WC qualifiers all over the world may have problems with player availability if the pandemic continues well into the fall. Imagine a Japanese player in the Bundesliga (quite a few of them) playing a qualifier in a country that has a significant number of cases. 1) Will Germany allow a non-citizen to enter back into the country when they have visited a place that is banned for non-Germans to have been in. 2) If they are allowed back, what kind of quarantine would Germany have once the player returns? They could miss multiple league matches which the clubs and the player would be unhappy about. 3) How is travel within a FIFA window (which is difficult at the best of times) going to happen with all the protocols and restrictions in place when 2 or more countries are being visited by any player? 4) Will a player even want to do this? Now replace Japanese player In the Bundesliga with Davies and trips to Canada and unnamed CONCACAF country. I see problems regardless of format.
  6. I do. He was pretty ordinary but the Scottish game can be pretty "agricultural".
  7. That is a big club that has gone bust! I still remember the season they came up from 2. Bundesliga to win the Bundesliga the year after. Hopefully they will be back soon - they have a large fan base.
  8. ^ This is not surprising. My week in Istanbul at Christmas made that very clear to me how much he is loved by the Besiktas supporters. Hoping that statue gets put up at the stadium.
  9. Don't waste your breath. To Robert, a youth keeper at PSV (who is possibly Dutch) is better than a Champions League keeper at Red Star Belgrade.
  10. Is Lokomotive Leipzig still a going concern?
  11. Interesting article about Saarbrucken's DFB Pokal semi-final against Bayer 04 Leverkusen midweek: https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/52921378
  12. Seen him play once last season as a sub cause I think that’s all he’s played in a match for the Fury. Lots of attention cause he’s local and very young. But couldn’t tell you if he will be any good or even make the professional ranks in 20 mins or so of play.
  13. What is wrong with PEI? Makes a lot of sense both medically and economically as long as the provincial gov't concurs.
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