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  1. Hate to say it but newbie soccer fans should not watch CONCACAF anything unless they have been indoctrinated for years in the art of self mutilation and torture. Like most of us on this forum.
  2. Agreed Obinna. Anyone with a decent brain and who has good job prospects because of education and/or knowing a trade should probably decide by 26 years old (estimate of course) whether a career in soccer is worth it. Would be interested to know what motivates 30 somethings to keep playing on CPL wages.
  3. Absolutely. It’s been also promoted on Twitter, Instagram, Reddit and has been mentioned on a few podcasts. The survey link has also been retweeted by some fairly high profile individuals in the Canadian Soccer family.
  4. As if this morning, we are around 900 responses. It’s more than we had expected - nice surprise.
  5. He's getting the loyalty discount. I really think Atiba loves life in Istanbul and even though he doesn't speak much Turkish, his kids do. I don't think he's hurting for money and chances are, he'll retire at the club.
  6. Credit to Rob for keeping things moving in the background.
  7. That’s the way I got to break bread (actually döner and a Coca Cola) with Besiktas supporters after the match. Funny how useful a Voyageurs cap can be.
  8. A model professional! He must be one of the all time top players Canada has ever produced especially with his longevity. It’s too bad the crowds aren’t in to serenade him like they did when I was fortunate enough to see Besiktas last Christmas.
  9. Should we shut down this thread??
  10. The Norwegian government has banned the national team from travelling to Romania and Austria for upcoming Nations League matches this week. Austria is also under a 24 hr curfew effective Tuesday for two weeks, which might mean the shutdown of the Austrian Bundesliga. The Czech League was shut down for all of October. Danish and Swedish players in the Premier League are not being released to play for their countries. Salah went to play for Egypt and is now out for at least two matches with Liverpool after testing positive. Things are going to get worse before they get better; I don't s
  11. Count me as one of the people who remembered watching Sportsweekend on CBC and jumping up and down when we beat the Hondurans in St. John's. One of the best sporting moments in my life thanks to Tony Waiters. A Canadian soccer legend who should have something (a stadium or a stand) named after him.
  12. This reminds me of minor league baseball players who get paid very little to chase the dream. At some point (30ish), you need to move on and get a “real job” that potentially pays you better than $25 K. It’s really sad but life is about choices and setting yourself up for family and/or eventual retirement, where possible.
  13. All in favour of shutting this thread down, say "aye".
  14. I think if the CSA were bloody minded enough to do it, they could. But with the current situation here and in Europe, I'm neither overly disappointed nor surprised; more just resigned to the situation.
  15. Would the CSA even be able to organize a domestic camp under the current health restrictions in most provinces? I read that even the Montreal Canadiens cannot practice at any facility in Quebec because of restrictions.
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