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  1. You are right. I read through your comment too quickly. My apologies.
  2. The league is a business. Atletico Madrid is a (larger) business too. I don't think the CPL would have a lot of power to say no if Atleti wanted him part of the Ottawa team. (BIG ASSUMPTION: JdG being involved)
  3. I don't think the mainstream press would really care about/be aware of his previous statements. The Canadian soccer press might be more inquisitive. But if JdG were to become involved, he'd be as supportive of the CPL program as he needed to be because that would be his job.
  4. Not at all. Having spoken to Scotty for almost an hour, he is very proud to wear the Canadian shirt and to represent this country. Does he feel more Scottish than Canadian? Most probably...but he's also a seasoned professional and smart enough to not say anything controversial. On Cavallini, I think he's just different. The whole time I saw him in Orlando, he was with his peeps (friends/agent?). Didn't seem to really mix socially with the others - you'd think him and Osorio might have related a bit. But who knows what happens behind the scenes?
  5. Don't be bitter. I was an avid Fury supporter and really enjoyed our stint in the USL. But that's now done so let's just embrace the change (assuming it happens).
  6. You know this is big when AS has Ottawa as the 3rd story after Gareth Bale and the new Barca manager.
  7. And how do you know any of them would have done any better? Nelson is unpredictable, the others are decent players but not as quick either. I would have been bothered if Herdman hadn't rolled the dice in that situation.
  8. This was one game with a B side that was going to be experimental. Nelson was on for how long? Everyone on that bench was pretty green. If we don't qualify (which is at best 20% anyways), that will because mistakes will have been made before this game and during qualifying and not in this one friendly which was meant to show what depth we had. Herdman is not going anywhere.
  9. If it happens, I like Atletico Ottawa. Fortunately, there are rules in the CPL to prevent this from being entirely a feeder club. But I would have no problem with Atletico putting a few of their promising kids in the lineup. In fact, I would kind of expect and wish it.
  10. Two asks: 1) not anything “Senators” 2) please not red and black-I’m sick of all our teams having the same colours.
  11. Will he be involved: probably not. Would I be bothered if he was: no.
  12. But that would have given a really false sense of how good we really are. Just like winning 5-0 against teams in the coming autumn. Pretty sure Barbados doesn’t want that either.
  13. Even though this is an Iceland B side, they are full of seasoned professionals some of whom have played in quality European leagues. This is a good test for our depth and so far, it shows we still have a bit to go. But that's ok, this is a good gauge of where we are.
  14. I thought Everton were a club in Chile. 🙂
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