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  1. The manager went with those he trusted and knew to get the club out of a jam (eg Tremarco). Does Paton become the next Godinho or Zanatta?
  2. Spoony was Man of the Match. He controlled the midfield and put his foot on the ball when needed and was a good outlet towards the end of the match. St Johnstone will be in the group stages of the Europa League if they win the cup or in the European Conference if they finish 5th.
  3. It definitely is more French/Belgian than Quebecois/Franco-Ontarian.
  4. Just listened to his post match press conference: very well spoken and thoughtful for someone of his age. https://www.francefootball.fr/news/Jonathan-david-lille-on-se-rapproche-du-titre/1250113
  5. Life would be much more “interesting”but not for those people abused beyond belief. If anyone wants that type of self mutilation, I would recommend going somewhere else.
  6. You can “ignore” someone if you want through your personal profile or “hide” posts. Would highly recommend.
  7. What you got was a friendly reminder to be respectful. It was not a yellow card. I am a moderator (for now) but would rather take a light touch. Just want everyone to act somewhat adult like.
  8. I don’t think this will be just a Cyle Larin decision. He will go if Besiktas needs the money and wants to sell him to sign other players they have on loan that they want to put on a permanent deal (e.g. Rosier). If they don’t want to sell him, then he stays; have no issues with either scenario.
  9. Unfortunately, age and just sheer wear and tear are going to mean that we may not see him much longer in a Canada top. Not everyone can be Atiba.
  10. I will add that the only place I could find the men’s home top was from the UK (SportChek only has the one from 2 years ago). If anyone knows where one can get the current men’s large top, please let me know.
  11. An amazing performance by the Perth Saints...the Scottish Cup is so open now with no Rangers or Celtic.
  12. By that logic, Manuel Neuer is complacent playing for Germany.
  13. 5-0 up away and the ESL likely to disappear. It’s been a good day.
  14. Ummm...yes it was. From my last trip to Oslo. Were you the one with the HFX Wanderers gear?
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