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  1. Interesting news: https://www.cbc.ca/sports/rugby/english-rugby-league-ottawa-1.5142569 Don’t know if this affects CPL in Ottawa but I don’t know if this market can handle CFL, USL/CPL and minor league baseball over the summer months.
  2. Thank you my friend. I never experienced a pitch invasion (a happy one that is) watching Charlton when I lived in London; made me so happy watching it last night. I would think that Canadians are too polite and law abiding to do this.
  3. I’m happy that Blainville recognized the 120 volunteers that made this happen. So much like a proper English non league club.
  4. Agree with everyone who thinks this is and always has been a business transaction. I’m not defending OSEG or the way they have conducted their PR but they are looking at the risk reward proposition on the CPL and still don’t see it working (and they’ve already got a bunch of sunk costs). I’ve never considered the fold option as being possible-but I can somewhat see it now albeit still a distant one. And if that happens, if I were OSEG, I’d be looking to milk any owner wanting to use TD Place as a facility for as much as they could stand to the detriment of having a CPL team playing there. Hello Rugby League?
  5. I’ll be there with my Voyageurs scarf in the “home end”. 🙂
  6. I don’t personally think Marcus will play for Hearts again this season (hope I’m wrong); a 16 year old was on the sub’s bench and came on last night. Also the manager likes Hearts playing in a rather robust style, one that I am increasingly becoming tired of myself. Perhaps our lad just isn’t big or strong enough to play in that way.
  7. I agree that are some players in the National League could play CPL and do very well. I used to watch Conference (now National League) matches and some of those sides are on par with League 2.
  8. There are only two matches left in the season plus the Cup Final for Godinho and Hearts. The season has really gone south since an excellent start to the season and although this would be a good time for him to get some time in the first XI, I don’t see him getting much playing time. I just don’t get the sense the manager trusts him.
  9. The original link to the Bermuda news website quoted prices of between $100-$150 (USD I assume).
  10. Let's just say that any inkling I had to go to Denver or Charlotte is dead if that's what they are charging for tickets. I'd rather save my money and go to two home Nations League matches.
  11. Yep, I should be. Wanna get together before the match?
  12. I can't comment on his abilities as I only saw a little bit of the game but in person, he looks tiny. Maybe not John Herdman tiny, but pretty close.
  13. I know the majority of potential Fury "customers" wouldn't be affected but there is severe flooding in the area. I volunteered to fill and move sandbags this weekend and only made it to the last 15 mins of the game . Two random guys I met on the front lines were also Fury fans but we decided that helping out was more important than going to a game - and that would have been no different if the Fury were in the CPL, USL or MLS.
  14. I’ve taken that train from Montreal to Halifax. Good service and nice people on board but the slowest, most unreliable train service I’ve ever been on. And I don’t think there’s much of a intercity bus service left. Unfortunately, the only practical way to get around the Maritime provinces is by car.
  15. I don't believe the refereeing is corrupt; it's just so poor compared to what it was even five years ago. But other than making them full time, I don't know how you fix it because you couldn't pay me enough to deal with the verbal diarrhea that Scottish football supporters often spew.
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