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  1. I just put one and one together and you’re the guy on the Ottawa Fury FB page who I communicated with a few weeks ago. Right?
  2. You know the downtown area better than any of us so will leave it up to you. I walked/drove by an Irish place just east of I-4. But didn’t look inside.
  3. We will need to find a place post match as all the places I saw last night close by 10 pm or earlier.
  4. Their college basketball team lost at home to Miami last night...and that's a team we can all agree to dislike.
  5. The ones I met were in a decent mood considering everything and were even complimentary to our national team. They just wanted their manager gone.
  6. I will go for a drive into downtown Orlando perhaps tonight and scout places out. Didn’t know you were coming as well.
  7. I’ll go wherever most people are at.
  8. Just arrived in Orlando...going to Disney tomorrow! Woo hoo! Oh yeah, there is also a game on Friday right? 🙂
  9. Will have to agree to disagree. Unless there is a new ownership group identified (still early, but no proof so far), I'd be happy with OSEG, warts and all, resurrecting the Fury, or whatever club, in Ottawa in the CPL. There's no rationale for OSEG coming in and causing more drama. As you can tell, I'd rather OSEG than nothing. And is nothing in Ottawa is better for the CPL than OSEG? Cause if the answer is yes, then I'd be questioning the CPL big time.
  10. I may not agree with OSEG but I would never call them that. They brought professional soccer to this city and yes, they have made mistakes, some major ones too. But they are still in credit in my eyes and remain one of the candidates to bring a CPL team into the city.
  11. @Ansem, you assume the NCC is a rational business decision maker. And you also assume there is someone with hundreds of millions (or more) that will sway the NCC. If there were, someone would have done something with Lebreton Flats by way of sports, retail, condos, anything! It’s sad to see it doing nothing other than Blues Fest two weeks a summer. And never mind the local populace (including possibly yours truly) unhappy over yet another sports facility in town when there are two decent outdoor facilities already (TD Place and the baseball stadium). IMO, the only viable option in Ottawa is TD Place - and to get there, OSEG will have to be dealt with whether people like it or not.
  12. If a contract was til the end of the Scottish season (May) he becomes a free agent then, unless he resigns with Killie. If his contract ends in March, for example, and not renewed, he could move to another club pending int’l clearance.
  13. That’s ok...always open to suggestions. 1. Lynda Lane Park is a decent size and currently used by the local cricket league (yes, we have one in Ottawa). But public transit is very poor and there is little parking and any there is, is usually taken up by visitors to the Ottawa General Hospital across the street. 2. If I understand where you are looking at, there isn’t a hell of a lot of space on the south side of St Laurent. It’s also very industrial and would need some significant dollars to clean it up to even think of making it a public facility. Plus, the baseball stadium is near there and it’s becoming a white elephant. It could work, but it is definitely not anything as attractive as what Halifax has. 3. The footprint of the field is very small and butts onto the river and an actively used recreational path owned by the National Capital Commission. No parking around there to speak of and little public transit (none directly from Ottawa). Would think that you might be able to squeeze a stand for 1,000 people in there, if you’re lucky. Would love to hear from my fellow Ottawans as well but none of these sound all that attractive and nowhere near as “sexy” as TD Place’s footprint and location.
  14. Ideally something similar to the Wanderers Ground would be amazing for Ottawa. Having been out there this summer, it is the best located ground in the CPL. But as I have said many a time, there is nowhere in Ottawa that has the same perfect location as Halifax, and is affordable to an owner to make it work.
  15. It really depends on the club. Best guess: Celtic could well be up to £1 M plus a season ($1.6 M). Rangers would be a tad below that. My club (Hearts) is the next level down - let’s say £100-125 K ($160-200 K). Kilmarnock would probably be in the £50-60 K range ($80-100 K). Don’t know where someone like Jackson would be in that scale but I’d think on the lower end. EDIT: just found a link to an interesting article: https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/celtic-rangers-shelling-wages-compared-16218221
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