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  1. We'd all love a friendly in November. But practically, anything in N. America would be difficult to arrange unless you gave the Venezuelan or Ecuadorian FA a boat load of money. Also if I were Rangers, Gent, Bayern and especially, Puebla, I would be ticked if my player went from Toronto to the Middle East to play a friendly in the window. And you wouldn't want to arrange one and then have half the first team bail. Hate that possibility.
  2. Minimum requirement is an away win but hoping for 4-0 or 5-1. How far we have come from even a few years ago.
  3. Thank you Bermuda. Yours truly, The Voyageurs
  4. Agreed. How many soccer fans are going to get One Soccer to watch Canada's MNT when they already have TSN & SN? And at the same time FC Cincinnati are playing TFC...don't get me started on MLS's playing during FIFA international windows.
  5. This is one of the more reasonable ideas that CONCACAF has come up with.
  6. To be honest, their mobile app really sucks, and so does the one on Apple TV (which I assume is just the same app with a different look). What still really bothers me is that it takes too long to make a match online available. I've resorted to the helpful links to youtube videos that BBTB has been putting on the match threads.
  7. So I had a chat with my Fury season ticket rep on Friday. He has heard nothing about a move to the CPL and anyone renewing their season ticket would be buying for the 2020 USL season. When I asked what would happen if the Fury were forced to play in the CPL next season, he said he was not aware of any contingency for that. But if it did happen, he'd guess all season ticket holders would be contacted (to get refunds??). I renewed but said if we went to the CPL, I'd actually buy an additional season ticket.
  8. I disagree with your opinion. The first goal of the league is to become stable and grow sustainably with minimal financial risk. Chasing after CONCACAF competitions without having the home base solidified is what will get teams and the CPL in trouble.
  9. I think the departure of Schaale is really telling. I hope there's a spot for him next summer or when he graduates.
  10. Canada-Cuba (Toronto): Sep 7th, 8 pm ET, 5 pm PT Cuba-Canada (Cayman Islands): Sep 10, 7:15 pm ET, 4:15 pm PT Here's the link: https://concacafnationsleague.com/en/article/schedule-confirmed-for-the-inaugural-round-of-concacaf-nations-league-group-stage-matches
  11. I don't miss those days at all. Now we are arguing about whether Player X is not playing well enough in whatever European league or MLS.
  12. Truly sad for Bury. Been to Gigg Lane to watch a match and will always remember the place. Unfortunately, Bolton could be next. And I suspect, a few more clubs are not far from the brink. It just shows the deep financial divide in the have’s (Premier League) and the have not’s.
  13. Fury automatic season ticket renewals are in a few weeks and there has been no indication given that the Fury will be in a league other than the USL Championship. If they were going to be in the CPL, wouldn’t they want to promote that? It’s a shame.
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