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  1. In short, yes. But there were not enough Voyageurs to fill in a section so tickets were released for general sale. We will debrief with Canada Soccer.
  2. This will absolutely not happen in Edmonton. The Voyageurs sections at the stadium will be populated by passionate (and loud) supporters from Edmonton and travelling from all over the country. There will be no general sales in N or O. Canada Soccer is expecting us to be loud. The difference between Edmonton next month and Ottawa yesterday will be sheer numbers of Voyageurs attending.
  3. Not last minute. It’s not due to be released for another hour.
  4. Correct. It will appear on the Voyageurs website for members around 10 am MT.
  5. I asked the same question never having been to the stadium. Was informed that the map is slightly off and that “O” is parallel to one of the goals so should be visible. For the Women’s World Cup, the Canada supporters were put 2 or 3 sections further into the end zone.
  6. In Toronto, seating was pretty much respected as ticketed.
  7. Yes. Still finalizing details with Canada Soccer but was (pleasantly) surprised and what the price will be. @rob.notenboommentioned in another thread that the additional fees and surcharges will be much lower than in Toronto.
  8. Richardson Stadium wasn’t really a soccer stadium. It was more like a park with a few temporary bleachers if I recall. Probably the last time Kingston will ever host a World Cup qualifier.
  9. To be announced shortly. CSA lining things up.
  10. I love having both of these guys - Herdman said they are both part of the leadership group. To me, this is as good as the US pair of Steffen and Turner.
  11. The problem US supporters should have is that you are also helping to line the coffers of another association in your own region. But maybe I’m being petty and shouldn’t care
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