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  1. Although the result wasn't the best, it was an absolutely amazing experience and it was so good to meet so many great supporters from all over the country all in one spot. I think that might have been the first time I met you.
  2. I watched highlights of the Grand Sumo Wrestling Championships from Osaka. Learned a lot!
  3. The only thing worse than resurrecting this thread is TSN showing the match again in full.
  4. Don't blame the COC at all. Kudos for being brave on this.
  5. I was listening to a Scottish football podcast and the panelists (mostly ex-professional footballers/managers) believe that the June EURO 2020 qualifier against Israel is unlikely. I am hoping for an around Canada Day start; anything earlier would be a pleasant surprise, IMO.
  6. All good questions. If this lasts as long as it could go, the league could actually be in serious trouble - just think of WestJet and if they have any spare cash lying around, it won't be sent to the CPL. I’m rather worried about this...if and when we get back to normalcy.
  7. Why Robert’s suggestion doesn’t work? Because CONCACAF (and all the large powers in it) won’t allow it. End of story.
  8. I suspect that TIOR has been a long time Voyageur. Folks that have been around for a while will remember Jarrek as one of the originals and is no longer with us.
  9. Watching Liga MX tonight (Tigres v Juarez) behind closed doors. Desperate times call for desperate measures.
  10. Theoretically yes. The problem that all leagues face are that players have families and friends who may become infected who would then possibly infect them. Don’t think you can bubble wrap them just so that they can play soccer.
  11. I don’t think direct flights are the issue, it’s just the whole nature of being away from home or being stuck away from home. My educated guess is that the chances of either friendly happening is about 15% and in front of a crowd being 5%.
  12. One thing to consider is whether our European players will have to self isolate when they come back to Canada or whether their clubs don’t want them leaving for fear that they will be made to self isolate when they return. Also is there any indication that T&T would consider travelling to the West Coast. With all the postponements going on, wouldn’t surprise me if the friendlies were cancelled or played behind closed doors.
  13. The Fury tried to put a temporary stand behind one of the goals. It didn't work at all because the stand was of a horrible construction and a lawsuit waiting to happen and on hot sunny days, it was brutal without shade and with the field turf absorbing the heat (one time it was over 45 C on the field).
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