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  1. That was an even clearer penalty than the one we didn’t get against the US. If that happened to us and we didn’t get the penalty, we would be calling for blood.
  2. This is what happens when this group has nothing else to moan about. Oh wait, why aren’t we playing the Hondurans in Yellowknife? 😝
  3. We get Brazil. Don’t we play them enough already?? (Never to be said for the men’s team).
  4. I have a VPN and watched the extra time of the Switzerland-France match on RTS. It was much more passionate than on TSN, as you would have suspected. Don’t know if any of the Swiss League matches would be on the public broadcaster.
  5. I feel like we should hijack this thread to talk about soccer.
  6. You will want to check with the airline (and the federal government) on what type of test they will accept. One thought on your plan: if you got a negative test results in Canada and are only gone for 48 hrs, would you have to get another test in the US or could you use the Canadian test result? I was 80-90% to go (in my mind) when it was announced but now it’s probably less than 50-50. Think all the factors to think about including getting stranded down there if I test positive leads me to think strongly about it.
  7. Ticket information for those going to Nashville. Here is a direct link that your supporters can use to purchase tickets. https://am.ticketmaster.com/ussoccer/quickbuy?e=MjFNMDkwNQ==&promoCode=Q0FOU1VQUA== The code (CANSUPP) is not required through that link as it has already been loaded in for whomever clicks on it. We have set aside around 70 tickets in Section 303. The price is $48 per ticket and there are not any additional fees/charges added on to that. Note: 303 is nosebleed territory.
  8. David Wotherspoon scores twice in a preseason friendly 4-1 win at Arbroath. Looks like St Johnstone will play Galatasaray in the Europe League 3rd Qualifying round, unless they can overcome a 5-1 loss at PSV. Saints get the loser of the Champions League tie.
  9. I’ll defend @Unnamed Trialist on this one (probably because we were somewhat on the same page). I don’t think he advocated anything other than wanting not to subject our top players to the Gold Cup when we have bigger games in the year. And in the case of niggles that these players were having, that the best thing was to have the medical units at their clubs take care of this. We all want Canada to do well. But if we lose to Costa Rica/Jamaica on Sunday, it won’t feel anywhere as bad as if we lose to Honduras/El Salvador in Sept. This tournament should be used as a buildup to those games and to look at what we have underneath our top players. Even though I hate watching the US do well, they did the right thing and looking at other players for potential. And I think they found one or two.
  10. I agree that Corbeanu is a bit different to Akinola. If you are looking for someone a bit more creative and unknown, it would be Bustos. But I don’t know whether he is at the required level for the Gold Cup; perhaps like Pasher.
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