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  1. I personally find it funny but would be happy to facilitate a change if requested (best to send a DM with the new user ID).
  2. I listened to the podcast last night, thanks for sharing. Quite enjoyed it. If it weren’t for Covid, I could be talked into going just for Power Chicken. That could have been the 2021 version of Philip’s Bakery or Benny’s.
  3. Perhaps arguable either way. If we believe we are the more skilled team, a better playing surface and a better weather situation would benefit us. Still purely hypothetical until the JFF asks and FIFA says yes.
  4. From a travel, pitch conditions and climate perspective, moving the game from Jamaica to the US would be beneficial for us.
  5. I would guess not much. Crowds except for the larger sides are as small as a few hundred. HamKam are a medium sized club for that division.
  6. Pinned. Hopefully it gets used. If not, we can unpin later.
  7. Watched much of the second half. Davies played like he was in second gear; and so did Bayern. Don’t know if that is an indictment of how poor Barça were or how good Bayern are. Looks like a major rebuilding exercise in Catalonia…hopefully the kids will be given a chance and that the supporters will have patience.
  8. Agreed, unless there is something unfortunate to happen, no way this game gets moved. I mean, they could make the start at 4 pm to avoid a conflict but no incentive for the CSA to do it as people may not be able to take time off work.
  9. The chances of any game being in the Big O are two: fat and none, for all the reasons stated above.
  10. Have you never heard of mutually agreeing to something, that includes Davies agreeing to this? We get a win and all you can do is go off on Herdman and the CSA. So predictable.
  11. The south end entrance is more than half and half. Of Salvadorans. the Salvadoran music is now blasting at the entrance.
  12. I think the first incident that I can recall was Honduras at Saputo in 2008(?). Some of the Hondurans who charged the home supporters happened to have been located right next to us. That was the most violence I’ve seen at a Canada match; the CSA has learned a lot since then and there has been adequate separation. Not to say problems won’t happen in the future but right now it’s pretty much isolated cases that local security will have to manage. As for early ticketing, you’re right, we got official word very late this window. Part of it was ensuring crowds could come in. But at the end of the day, the CSA has been very helpful in helping us secure the entire south end at BMO. We need to have checks and balances that no away supporters get their hands on those tickets. Learned a lot from ticketing this cycle.
  13. Ditto…stupid idea. Only people going will be casuals or people who are club over country (they do exist in Ottawa).
  14. Don’t think USA game can be anywhere but Vancouver because of weather.
  15. I just landed at Pearson and took the UP Express into Union Station. I counted 8 Salvadorans supporters just in my carriage.
  16. My understanding (and @admin will correct me if I’m wrong) is that in the south end of BMO Field, we can make security aware that there are away fans in our section and they generally politely move them, for their own safety. To me, it almost seems like the CSA is responsible for crowd issue violations with FIFA/CONCACAF but actually have little control for it as Security is the responsibility of the stadium. In an ideal world, away supporters would only be in the section assigned to them but it would be practically impossible without putting in draconian measures (for Canada) of booting out any away fans not in their sections. That would be a revolutionary concept here, and in the US. Add to this is the balancing act of maximizing revenue while minimizing away support. For tonight’s game, supporters would lose it if we gave an entire stand to the Salvadorans. At the end of the day, that’s what it might equate to…
  17. Unfortunately, we figured out that we need to CONCACAF to get what we want. Idealism in the traditional North American sports sense doesn’t work when the system is not set up that way. I have learn to accept this long ago. We won’t and shouldn’t be as “good” as the Hondurans at this (whatever it’s called) but we don’t need to be.
  18. I have an MBA and I think the pricing on these tickets were found out to be right and in fact, could be slightly higher. What I’m truly offended by is that if you are a Voyageur and sell tickets to an away fan, you are taking advantage of the group and being a “Judas”. And worse still, if an away fan buys a ticket not knowing better, they better not be showing off their colours cause it could be a very expensive, unpleasant experience.
  19. Think McKennie is getting more heat than usual because he’s a repeat offender and people feel he would have made a difference against us.
  20. If true, McKennie is done playing for the USMNT for quite awhile. Imagine how the teammate feels?
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