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  1. Does that mean that Verdes would have to forfeit the tie?
  2. Botman reminds me of a very young Virgil Van Dijk; big lad who is good on the ground and in the air with a good footballing IQ.
  3. Understandable if true. But I think the lure of qualifying for Qatar might sway him to show up for the truly important matches. Plus he’s not getting younger and Rangers will be playing a lot more matches with being in the Europa League group stages.
  4. I have an honours degree in Microbiology and Immunology from McGill. So yeah, I know how viruses work as opposed to your opinions on virology. And for the record, I wants us to play a friendly in Europe.
  5. And if some 90 year old dies because of one of these cool kids passing it along, I hope they spend some time in jail - now that would be cool.
  6. I absolutely agree with the comments about ratings. I have had little to no enthusiasm in watching any sport since March because there is no atmosphere. In fact, except for the Bundesliga coming back last season, I’ve cancelled all my sports channels on TV.
  7. It's the last 24 hours of reading through this thread that makes me want to leave this site and never come back.
  8. I think Scotty is one of the most dependable and underappreciated players in the SPFL. Still can't believe he was never called up for Scotland.
  9. Never mind just the Premier League, many European clubs (large, medium and small) will be putting pressure on their players not to join their national sides outside Europe. It may be self interest for them, but in this current situation, I don't agree with the clubs but don't blame them for their position.
  10. I want to put it out there that Kallie Humphreys (now representing the US) was a decent choice in an Olympic year. I am all for rewarding our amateur athletes with the Lou Marsh trophy when they have had an unbelievable year.
  11. Did you ever think that Charlottetown would be the Epicentre of Canadian football? well done!
  12. I just watched the highlights as well and there is no way in hell that is a penalty. HFX really got done in there but I was very impressed by their play in previous matches. I actually like this team a lot with Oxner and Schaale at the back and Garcia and Rampresad in attack.
  13. Likely not. I think most countries in the world (except Europe) are in the same boat as us. Suspect friendlies are a no go but if they are, then why would friendlies be okay but not actual matches?
  14. As I was watching the video, I thought: isn’t it great about young people these days. And then about 3 mins into the video, it was, oh man, young people these days are so weird. And then after the video, I went back to: isn’t it great to see young people these days. Sooo conflicted!
  15. I've been to Genk and G(h)ent. One is not a very nice industrial place, the other shocked me with how historic and beautiful it is. Jonathan David played at the latter.
  16. You mean Gent and not Genk. Unless there is a Canadian at Genk I’m not aware of.
  17. What I like best about this thread is seeing posts from Grizzly, The Beaver and redhat. Old school Vs that I have loads of respect for...and that RS guy too.
  18. Screw this. I'm gonna go out for a run and breakfast instead.
  19. Still unable to log on. Been trying on and off since 730 am ET. Brings back anger from last season.
  20. This is what is happening with the UEFA Nations League and the club competitions. I’ve also watched 30,000 crammed into Super Rugby in New Zealand. That is perfectly fine as it is a domestic competition and they had a good grasp of the situation. But no way the NZ government allows a foreign team onto its soil without significant assurances. I’m perfectly fine with our government doing the same.
  21. I think this is where UEFA has mandated no crowds period. This actually could work in our favour (I’m looking at you Honduras).
  22. If my public health officials say no to a team entering the country due to Covid concerns, then no football confederation or FA is going to make me let them in. Forfeit it is! And that includes Canada.
  23. Eventually that will be true. But not this calendar year.
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