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  1. Hi folks. Some of us may not agree with what One American has said on here but he is entitled to say his piece as long as it is not overly abusive and repetitive. I know it’s sometimes hard when we vehemently disagree with certain points of view but let’s keep it somewhat civil.
  2. Another excellent performance in the Betfred League Cup semi-final vs Hibs which the Perth Saints won 3-0. He flighted in the corner for the first goal.
  3. Was flipping between the Hearts match (yuck) and the Addicks-Swindon game. The one common theme was that the goals given up were so fundamentally poor, which knowing the manager’s playing history must be really frustrating to him. I think there is a lot of promise for Liam with this side...good blend of experience (Shinnie, Washington, Pratley) with youth. Just have to cut out those brain fades and we should be in the playoff places or better.
  4. I spent over a week in the Besiktas area of Istanbul a little over a year ago and got the chance to speak to some Besiktas supporters during and after a match. You are correct in that the supporters tend to be more progressive and generally middle class; just like most of the neighbourhood (although it borders on the posh part of the city). It is the only side that is allowed to use the Turkish flag in their crest.
  5. Interesting interview with Rhian, en français. https://ici.radio-canada.ca/sports/1763695/soccer-canada-feminin-rhian-wilkinson-entraineuse-joueuses-ncaa-academies?fbclid=IwAR16RXDtOMhfLYtZhLdlOvzAs7TkEXuA1z_xcRtcCtiwUMaom1ON_9XITJE
  6. Getting our players to a camp in the US is not too hard. Having some of them come back to Canada (CPL & some MLS players) and having them self isolate away from their families for 14 days is not so easy, especially if there are no competitive matches to play. Asking them to do it multiple times for multiple camps is a lot to ask of players with young families.
  7. Also on BeIn Sports at 1 pm ET for those who want to watch the Besiktas-Galatasary at 11am.
  8. Believe there are travel restrictions from the UK to the US for non-US citizens.
  9. The player who is topping the Turkish scoring is Aaron Boupendza from Hatayspor. I watched some highlights of him from the Turkish BeIn Sports site and he, pound for pound, might be a better striker than Larin. What might be holding him back is his attitude-it seems like it’s always about him whereas there’s now a certain selflessness about Cyle. I think him and David would be quite the striking duo.
  10. Maybe I’m cynical, but don’t think kissing the badge means too much these days. Larin didn’t do well in his first stint- the club had the right to try to move him along. They are happy that it didn’t happen.
  11. Just scored from a header at Hatayspor to make it 2-2. Very open match with both defences pretty poor. Atiba is running the show in midfield. He sees stuff like he’s got eyes in the back of his head.
  12. CAFC fan on CSN board is pleased so far.
  13. Love watching the Brazil of South London with a promising young Canadian in the side. But so sad no crowds.
  14. Feel like singing "Valley Floyd Road" from the Jimmy Seed Stand.
  15. I won’t celebrate too much until the ink is dry on the loan deal. There have been some huge problems with ownership in the past half dozen years or more but now there is a certain stability in SE7 (knock on wood). Hope this happens - been a Charlton supporter since the Lennie Lawrence escapology days in the 80s and was a season ticket holder in the early 90s. As for standard of League One with the SPFL, I hate making that comparison; the leagues are so different. In terms of size, Charlton would be larger than Hearts (for example) only because one is in a much larger metropolitan area.
  16. The new manager, John Hughes, is not the most offensively attacking manager but two things he’ll do: 1) make Ross County solid at the back and 2) if it’s not happened already, will make Harry Paton as tough as nails. This is the type of old school Scottish manager I thought the club would hire.
  17. Stuart Kettlewell was appointed as an inexperienced, young manager. I would predict an old head (and Scottish) to come in to try to keep them in the division.
  18. Wasn’t the CSL the centre of some match fixing maybe 7-8 years ago? I always wondered about that league when Capital City were playing in it. Seemed at best amateurish and at worst, sketchy.
  19. Because if they don’t say anything, then that’s way way worse especially with respect to two of our most prized assets.
  20. Ha ha...Yilmaz is about to kill Ikone.
  21. I'm with ya. I think I'll go onto some NFL forum and see how many posters ask: Who the f*&^ is Davies?
  22. You know who would know about Yilmaz? Atiba. Played with him the last couple of seasons. I suspect the money in Turkey amongst the traditional big three Istanbul clubs isn't horrible.
  23. Hate to say it but newbie soccer fans should not watch CONCACAF anything unless they have been indoctrinated for years in the art of self mutilation and torture. Like most of us on this forum.
  24. Agreed Obinna. Anyone with a decent brain and who has good job prospects because of education and/or knowing a trade should probably decide by 26 years old (estimate of course) whether a career in soccer is worth it. Would be interested to know what motivates 30 somethings to keep playing on CPL wages.
  25. Absolutely. It’s been also promoted on Twitter, Instagram, Reddit and has been mentioned on a few podcasts. The survey link has also been retweeted by some fairly high profile individuals in the Canadian Soccer family.
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