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  1. Ummm...yes it was. From my last trip to Oslo. Were you the one with the HFX Wanderers gear?
  2. This is the reason why I come to this site: hard hitting information that can be found nowhere else in Canada.
  3. No doubt that Arfield and others tapped up Spoony to play for us. And maybe JH was working the phones even before he became the CNMT manager. Does it matter? I wonder if sometimes we read too much into these things.
  4. PVR’d the match and watched it last night. Atiba was all over the pitch; sometimes just behind the strikers and sometimes as a bit of a right back. It’s ridiculous how good he is at 38 playing every game in a packed schedule. The key thing I noticed was his ball retention; I wish he was just 1% as much appreciated by Canadian sports fans as fans of the clubs he has played for.
  5. I think CONCACAF is where UEFA was 30 years ago. Everyone used to laugh at Turkey; no more. Then they moved on to Iceland and Luxembourg. Those are no pushovers at all now. Even North Macedonia or the Faroe Islands are not bad sides. There will come a day when these Tier 3 sides in CONCACAF will become seriously competitive.
  6. As a tax accountant, this is by far the funniest thing ever said on this forum. Well done sir.
  7. Yeah, that works if you are Spain and you have Barcelona or Real Madrid in your country. We are not Spain. I can’t think of another (semi successful) country out there that doesn’t have players scattered in different teams or leagues. It’s just the way of global football.
  8. Besiktas: the Canadian team in the Turkish Super Lig. 🙂 In all seriousness, we should not have a whole load of players on the same club team. Diversity is experiences are a good thing.
  9. That’s a really good question. I spoke to someone (a long time Voyageur but doesn’t post here) who did a short internship at the St. Vincent and the Grenadines FA. The stories seemed to be a combination of amateurism but also a very very small number of hardworking staff who tried their best but had difficulties managing basic logistics. He said he would never complain about the CSA ever again.
  10. Again...everyone, take the Covid talk somewhere else. If this continues, maybe we just shut down this thread start a brand new one about the match tomorrow that hopefully happens.
  11. In an ideal world, yes. Unfortunately, that’s not how official communications and media works.
  12. Not unprofessional at all. Unprofessional would be announcing something and then having to take it back a number of times. Maybe there’s a lot of things to confirm before they can announce anything.
  13. What top guys? Also have you not heard of something called Covid?
  14. Bermuda look like Man City compared to Aruba.
  15. 4-0. Aruba keeper is down with cramp.
  16. Maybe it’s a different attitude to things but I prefer the CNMT be prioritized over the Olympic team. Not that I don’t hope we qualify for any Olympics, but if we don’t, I wouldn’t lose a minute of sleep over it. The U-23s are there to provide a few players for the full national team in the future. And to that end, I think we’ve done that in this tournament.
  17. To give the CSA and JH credit, he has managed the player rotation well. I see the Cayman Islands being no more difficult a challenge than the US Virgin Islands game where we won by a bucketful. It should be a mix of regulars (Davies, Piette, Hoilett) and some squad guys (Wotherspoon, St Clair/Crepeau, Millar). Unlike the Bermuda game which I thought could have been closer, this one shouldn’t be.
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