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  1. It isn't in an email. It is on the voyageurs webpage. You login as a member
  2. It will help to put the subject of your proposed poll in the thread title.
  3. So you don't like it or condone it, but a posting with a modest watch out for this message made you upset? You probably need to take your own advice.
  4. Good question. The FIFA regulations state that cards are cleared between the preliminary ROUND (no distinction between difference phases) and the FINALS. He better have formal confirmation and not be mixing that up/getting that from a mixed up source. Until then I will cringe if Davies, etc get a card in the game.
  5. Oh, ok. Would have been nice to actually write that clearly in the regulations.
  6. We have no idea how many away team supporters are going to show up at this point, so there is no "knowing". There is a weather advantage at BMO? If 7,500 away team supporters turn up then let's return to this conversation.
  7. Do you mean people's starting XI lists? Because he is in the squad.
  8. I believe it is pretty clear, and yes it is unfair. Section 15 Yellow cards: https://digitalhub.fifa.com/m/2df8816f3b27563c/original/r6gcejmanhw27gzaa9xb-pdf.pdf FIFA only defines two phases of competition for the World Cup 2022 cycle: preliminary, and finals. If a player receives two cautions in two different matches, he will be automatically suspended from his team’s subsequent match. No considerations for multiple phases of qualification with different teams entering at different points are written. Maybe there is something else, but I can't see it. Vitoria (vs. Aruba), Davies (vs. Suriname), Kaye, Laryea (vs Haiti leg 1), Henry, Hoilett (vs. Haiti leg 2) are on yellows.
  9. I made 2 separate purchases, for 2 tickets each time, for each game, and it worked.
  10. How are you defining pro Mexico crowd? A significant presence? Sure, but you will get that anywhere. Vancouver and Edmonton both have had that. A majority? I doubt that.
  11. Having an opinion is not the problem. I could go further, but I have no problem admitting that a player in this day and age could do social media posts and still be a great professional. Personally, I don't like it. I don't like anything getting in the way of the focus you need, and I say this as a fan. If you don't agree, that is fine. There. Fixed the post.
  12. To be fair, the 4 team group phase was much less forgiving than this octo will be.
  13. BTW That was not an example of irony. That's not what ironic means. Might be better called sarcasm in this case. Subtle difference.
  14. The debate on the importance of it and what it meant etc etc would have been fun I'm sure.
  15. Where have you seen that confirmed?
  16. Delay our broadcast? The games are in different locations
  17. I can assure you Salvadorans in the US would be amped up just fine for a WCQ.
  18. I think the most important error here is that sackcloth was not torn. (Genesis 37:34-3, etc.)
  19. Having spent some time getting accustomed to this participation in late round of WCQ thing, I do understand the impetus to strategize over who to include in this cycle of the Gold Cup, with the WCQ being the more important priority. I still think this team hasn't had the number of matches, experiences, and tests against good competition to put aside the opportunity to play with as many members of the likely starting squad as possible. The risks were there and they've played out, but I don't fault them for the squad they called. I also think the US could have been right to do what it did. We aren't the same team, haven't had the same matches (eg Nations League final level). Different calls for different circumstances.
  20. Are we going to be playing Suriname in the QF? At this rate we are.
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