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  2. It would have been more realistic if he strapped the egg into a seniors scooter for Hamilton rather than a VW van. Those are for Pacific FC. I call cultural appropriation. Forge can't steal Pacific's vibe.
  3. Also do a hard refresh on in your broswers, it might just be cached.
  4. Some things work by changing them and moving on to something else. They are dynamically updated when the field changes..... others you have to scroll down and hit save. I made that change several times... but this doesn't function like other fields... or I am just stupid. Not sure why some work one way, and some another...
  5. FB Event https://www.facebook.com/events/804052103279823/ Join and share this event people, let's make this a great day. Tickets Tickets are for sale on the front page of The Voyageurs website The Voyageurs Pre & Post Game Events Friday April 26th - Mosaic Pub - 431 Barton Street - 7pm - Come meet people crazy enough to travel to this game Pre Game Party Our pre game event will be in the stadium. The stadium will open at 11am, for US ONLY. You must have tickets in 111 or 112 to get in. Post Game Party End Zone Pub
  6. What are the current rules surrounding Canadian players as domestic players on MLS teams in the United States?
  7. What are the rules surrounding TAM money?
  8. I'll have all the details shortly. Will be seeing Allen this weekend.
  9. I'll ask about it... but I imagine they are scrambling just to get shit off the ground at all at this point.
  10. Our section isn't even programmed into their ticketing system...
  11. Are you kidding? You have an away section to be in, that is 100 times more important. What a good problem to have!
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