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  1. They can't simply keep options open though, they need a hard deadline on organizing the game. You need to staff it ect... This is already past a normal organizational date by a couple of weeks.
  2. n****@hotmail.com Can I update the email address? Let me know
  3. PM me the username and correct email, I will update it.
  4. This is your account email address shau********@hotmail.com Can I change it to something new?
  5. The important thing here is that all of you can log into the Voyageurs site. We don't know how ticketing will be done, and we can't rely on email should TM force a code on us. It's possible we can improve the email, but even then almost a quarter of people opted not to get any email.....
  6. Yeah, it's all TM, this is not coming from Canada Soccer. You need a phone and app to get into the stadium now. I can't imagine what it means for the future. Just think what they can/might do with all that data. Who buys the most beer? What if you don't drink... maybe you don't get ticket offers in the future from events if TM can sell who are the most valuable customers to organizations using venues. Can security get alerted to people as the move through the stadium? I doubt any of it is happening now, or all of it is... I dunno. Just rambling.
  7. Our tickets, for the supporters section have always been distributed directly from us. We have sold out many times but that was thousands of tickets and people could most of the time find tickets elsewhere in the stadium. It will be different this time, but we don't know how yet. I do know I will no longer have access to PDF tickets. It's not immediately obvious how we will be able to map out sales onto a rigid seating map dictated by covid regulations. If you fix the sales number, say 4 tickets, and we had PDF tickets it would not be bad. I could figure that out. But I have no idea what this system is like they want us to use. If it takes even a few minutes to do one ticket it gets impossible fast. It may come down to a code, which I fear will be a disaster for the most important games in decades.
  8. I hope the title is wrong, and we play Costa Rica on grass in Montreal.
  9. Nope. But it is standing, flags ect.... When I get the seating map and restriction info we may parse out a family section... but it will be very small. Probably 118.
  10. Wiki still lists it as 12th and 16th. The date range is 8th - 16th. Given that range, I think it is enough time. However doing the stadium set up and tear down twice makes me rethink that. (edit: Of course that would be same diff if it were somewhere else)
  11. What do you mean? I think it is a two match Window. I thought only we had a 3 match window in September
  12. I don't think it's a scoop. I came across that published somewhere. CanPL is listing them as TBD, when before I think they had the dates.
  13. The BC Place Pay Day on Mexico would be a no brainer. That game goes where the money is.
  14. That was my though initially. Is Saputo winterized? But then our players have to fly ... When the dates changed however, I think it's now two games in Vancouver.
  15. Honduras and El Sal already announced BMO for the September games. We haven't yet, because we do not, as of yet, have permission to play. If we do play, they will be at BMO. Nov games will likely be at BC Place. Almost zero chance we don't play Mexico there. Would rather play them on a good grass field but, CFL kills that prospect. The original dates were Nov 12th and 16th. Looks like they were changed to 10th and 14th, which I suspect dodges the Lions on the 12th. So I would make a bet BC Place for CR and Mexico.
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