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  1. Don't know. They might be able to remap things with more 4 seat groups
  2. Hoping we can utilize a higher limit this time around. Not sure but with covid restrictions it would be 9, without 20.
  3. Anyone speculating on this game, looking a the juicy Stubhub prices of the El Sal game.... well I hate to disappoint you those tickets in the south end will be revoked.
  4. All down to the authorities and whatever happens numbers wise with covid. All our remaining games could be closed door, though I think that is very unlikely. Even if we have the same seating map, I think we will be able to bump our max ticket number to 9. Why it is not 8,10 or 12 when you buy most tickets in a multiple of 2 is ... I dunno.
  5. So would it pertain to how far back they were selling those games in relation to the announced changes? If you are selling under XYZ, you just keep that without any changes? Just speculating.
  6. Could it be resource/protocol based? They are just willing to put more money into the plan in the other two, or those leagues negotiated something better? Canada still has the hopping through two red zones problem before coming home.
  7. We will have a longer pre sale window this time likely. We opened it up because sales dropped to zero. It was not a good process/set up and wiped out sales at both ends for people buying singles and people organizing groups. You couldn't do either. If the stadium is wide open, that will make a huge difference. If there is a delay in opening up those sales, it will be directly related to stadium set up due to covid.
  8. I think the pre sale for this game on the Voyageurs site is going to matter a lot more than the first two games. While I don't think it was officially announced, it was on the display last night. Double vaccination proof will be required for this game as per MLSE rules at all of the venues they manage. I suspect, barring any serious changes in covid by that time the stadium will be fully open under these rules.
  9. Jarrek designed the original Voyageurs logo and scarf, ran the forum for many years. He passed away not too long ago.
  10. People are grossly overestimating the number of El Salvador fans at this game. They were not 2/3 of the crowd. That is absurd. They did buy the most expensive seats. The % for the Jamaica game in 2008 keeps creeping up. In the future there will be people saying it was 100% Jamaican.
  11. I am not saying they are not going to come to the game, I am just saying we are going to fill the south end vs the 3 sections we had as our first game doing things this way. Yes, they will show up, but there is no comparison to the Canadian crowd now vs 2008
  12. We need way more of this. Would like to see a sort of 'mackinaw' army, ala Bob & Doug. We could patch whatever people bring to a pre game party and make it a Voyageurs item. Due to covid, the mackinaw pattern jacket I have was not available to do anything on scale for this round of qualifying.
  13. The game against Jamaica was the first Canada game in Toronto in almost a decade I think. No way that happens again. All games will go to 2026 Host cities.
  14. Flag Plan - Canada vs El Salvador STEP UP AND TAKE CHARGE OF A FLAG We have 200 flags ready. We need people to step and follow the plan below. We will distribute these across 112-115. ** No Flags During Run Of Play ** ** Flags UP on goals ** ** Help Us - Return flags to front ** First half FLAGS UP - As players enter field FLAGS DOWN - Anthems FLAGS UP - Until Kick Off Second Half FLAGS UP - As players enter field FLAGS UP - Until Kick Off Do not share flags due to stadium Covid rules.
  15. There is in that they have a section and it is X number of tickets. But otherwise there is zero chance you can pull this off outside of that. None. It would annihilate the CSA.
  16. Don't contradict my MBA. I ordered from a very reputable website.
  17. I just bought an MBA online. It tells me that since there are tickets for sale on SH for $400 we have grossly undervalued our core value market blah blah. Voyageurs Tickets in October will start at $375
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