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  1. We should really walk together to the game... it would be a small march but still...
  2. I spoke to the Fitzpatricks manager today, they're expecting us ALL day on Monday. They are open from Noon til 1am(which means we can grab a couple after the match as well). I won't be there until 3pm so if anyone is there earlier in the week please stop in and take a minute to make a sign welcoming visiting Canadians to join us on their chalkboard. Fitzpatricks was the Icelandic supporter HQ in the last WC and this is what they did. See you all Monday and spread the word around!
  3. I am currently living in France(about 2 hours from both Montpellier and Grenoble). I like the suggestion of an "immitation" Irish Pub(which are actually more authentic than ones in Canada I find). In Montpellier there is Fitzpatricks which is in the old town. It's not super big but it's very sports centric and is in a big court where the festivities can spill out into(which unlike Canada is not frowned upon!). I can call them to set something up. They were the host for the Iceland supporters in the last men's world cup. Drinks here aren't cheap(they aren't cheap at any bar in France) and the likely don't have many food options(besides saucissons and chips), but they're are plenty of kebaberies and tacos places where you can grab things and bring em to the pub. For transportation to Stade Mosson we walk 500m/5min to Tram #1 and it's a 30 minute or so trip then walk the remaining few minutes to the stadium. As for the beach, it is fairly doable. Take the Tram #3 to the last stop and walk 30 minutes(like 3kms) and you'll be at a great beach(atleast it is for kids, with lots of sand and a nice slow entry). Anyone wanting France info or tips you can pm me.
  4. even though I know this was not a real giveaway, I am dissapointed that I did not win. #lifeofavoyageur
  5. Tie game in Haiti. Canada currently in first... yknow... in case they decide not to score(Cyle I'm looking at you!)
  6. same. I'm in France. Trying to figure out if this game is being overhyped when it most likely is an easy 3-0 win... likely going to stay awake until we've scored 2 so I hope Herdman puts out his attack formation like the previous two matches!
  7. Why did we make him come to this game at all? Cap tie BUSTI already. Even if he goes bust in Italy, he's gonna end up in the MLS or CSL. We can't risk a guy who's on Italy's radar.
  8. cmon, it's florida so they're likely snowbirds!
  9. 8-1 but how can I name the scorers til I see how late they leave David on the bench?
  10. London Ontario meets at Scots Corner as always.
  11. Same crew as always will be meeting at Scots corner on Dundas Street in London(Ontario) for all the games. Volume will be on.
  12. https://www.facebook.com/events/515909821945574/ London event fixed! Please tell your friends in the area!
  13. London is set up and ready to go. https://www.facebook.com/events/537410923127288/
  14. nice that we are still attacking. id say this one is in the bag, im going to bed. #saidnovoyageurever
  15. wish i hadn't watched that train wreck. Henry seems to have some tools, but he plays like a tool. His partner back there seemed more concerned about fixing his hair band than marking anyone. Atleast Aleman looks super slick.
  16. The voyageurs have always been good to me, so I figure I'll see what the brotherhood can do for me in a last minute jam! My schedule has just freed me up and I am now able to go. I need two tickets. Since I'm coming from London(prob 3 hours with traffic) I need someone to confirm they have 2 tickets for me before 330. Please pm me asap!
  17. Wowza! Was flipping channels and saw Tiebert get subbed in so I decided to watch the end of the caps game... DeGuzman scored a real cracker to win the game with essentially no time left!!! Dallas 1 Vancity 0
  18. I noticed Hoilett didn't get on the pitch in QPR's loss to Man City. or is he still not Canadian?
  19. Any more details on this? My nieces will be at the game and I would love to tell them more information.
  20. Not to jinx it, but I don't think either of these teams will be hard to score on. They looked sloppy at many points and couldn't defend anything in the air. I know speed is a big issue. I think the reason a few of you are calling for Jazic to change isn't just speed, but the fact that he was limping at the end of both games. No sense starting a guy at the back who can't play 90. I say put in Kluka, but I'm not sure he's much faster.
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