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Jamie Knight-Lebel


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On 2/16/2022 at 11:24 PM, dyslexic nam said:

Also, he looks 12.   Damn I am getting old. 

Good luck to the kid.  Big opportunity.  

I think the photo was from when he signed with the U14s so he was probably 13 (so your not that far off the mark).

If he is 17 and playing with the U23s, he must have some promise.  And Bristol City is in the Championship if close to relegation as 19th out 24 (although about 16 points from relegation zone at present).

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Seems like everytime I come into the forum, a new player is discovered.


Just hoping he gets the most gametime possible in the U18/U23 to develop.


I hope the money from going into the WC will make Canada spend money for the U17 and U20. 

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Saw the post about him in the Canadians abroad thread and went and looked at how Bristol City is doing  and they’re currently 9th but have one of the worst defenses in the league 👀. I don’t expect him to play but maybe a bench appearance or something and if he could break into the team in a year or two that would be amazing CB depth for the NT.

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4 minutes ago, jordan said:


Jamie Knight-Lebel has been shortlisted for the league’s Apprentice of the Season award after a positive season both on and off the pitch.

At the age of 18, Knight-Lebel has captained the Robins Under-21s side throughout the season as they’ve had yet another impressive run to challenge at the top of the Professional Development League 2.

This has led to opportunities to train with the first team at the Robins High Performance Centre as well as receive a call-up to Canada’s Under-20 setup.

Away from the pitch, the defender has also been performing in the classroom. Knight-Lebel is on course to receive a Triple Distinction star (D*D*D*) in his BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma which he has undertaken alongside his footballing commitments.

Knight-Lebel has been shortlisted alongside Ash Phillips of Blackburn Rovers and Emre Tezgel of Stoke City.

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1 hour ago, VinceA said:

He probably needs to actually go pro first.

Of course, I didn’t mean immediately. I meant if he breaks out into a Wales/Canada NT caliber player. I guess it’s a stupid question anyways since none of us really know, just didn’t know if there were any interviews or anything with him discussing his choices. Presumably he can play for England too, but that’s a long shot. Wales just seems like more of a direct competitor for us.

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