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  1. Kael Dimitrov won the Bulgarian U19 title with Ludogorets after they defeated Hebar Pazardzhik 9-1.
  2. I was at the Costa Rica/Canada WCQ back in 2004 and I was alone. I was walking around the stadium before the match with my Canadian jersey and flag with no problems at all. After the match was a little dicey, but it helped that Costa Rica won.
  3. Fadi Salback and his side Podillya Khmelnytskyi have won promotion to the Ukrainian 2nd tier after a 2-0 win over the weekend vs Rubikon Kyiv. He finished the season with 8 goals in 19 matches.
  4. The coach of the Czech team said that they are happy to play Canada, one of the top women's teams in the world. It will be a great match for them where they will gain a lot of experience from. He went on to say that five (or so) players who have been playing as of late will be unavailable vs Canada because of injury. Nominace žen na přípravná utkání s Kanadou a Polskem | Ženy | FOTBAL.CZ
  5. A recent match of the Czech Republic.... (4) Women's Euro qualification. Play-offs. 2nd leg. Switzerland - Czech Republic (13/04/2021) - YouTube
  6. It is not really the same. It comes down to grammar with regards to nouns and adjectives. I could get into it but it is not important on a soccer forum. The use of 'the Czech Republic' is unique in Europe for the above reason.
  7. The official name is the Czech Republic. Some prefer to use Czechia, even though it sounds terrible. It is a matter of choice. The majority of people in the Czech Republic who understand and speak english prefer to use the Czech Republic. The CSA used the Czech Republic and that is good enough for me. Czechia sounds like a rebranded NHL/MLS/MLB franchise.
  8. A recent article about Sali from a earlier this month. A dat un gol fabulos și l-a vrăjit pe Hagi! Cine e Enes Sali, puștiul care a marcat ca Maradona - Eurosport
  9. Micah Jebbison played with Quorn in England as well. Shepshed Dynamo 2 Quorn 1-Match report & photos by Finbarr Carroll. – Uhlsport United Counties Football League (theucl.co.uk)
  10. Also in Croatia, six Canadians are training with NK Otok in Croatian 3rd tier. They are all from the Toronto area, and were previously training with a 2nd division club in Bulgaria. https://slobodnadalmacija.hr/sport/domaci-nogomet/sestoricu-kanadana-nogometni-put-doveo-u-otok-kod-sinja-ovdje-nam-je-sto-puta-bolje-nego-u-bugarskoj-bas-uzivamo-u-nasem-novom-domu-1091471
  11. Croatia 19 year old Josip Zorica played with the first team in some regional cup matches at the start of the season. He has appeared on the bench 8 or 9 times in league play and three times in the Croatian Cup. 20 year old Ivan Mamic made 23 appearances for Medjimurje scoring three goals. He left the club in late April before the end of the season. Marko Gasparac is a regular starter for NK Trnje in the 3rd tier. He spent a little time with Akron in the NCAA before heading back to Trnje. Borna Juracic comes off the bench in most matches for Jadran LP in the 3rd tier.
  12. Doug McMahon (born in Winnipeg) played with Wolves between 1938 and 1940. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Doug_McMahon
  13. Bosnia and Herzegovina Luka Kulenovic (21 years old) won promotion to the first tier with his side Prijedor. He was injured for a portion of the second half of the season, but seemed to be a regular starter. Luka scored a few goals this season as well. He previously spent time in the Croatian 2nd tier, and half a season with Trencin U19 in Slovakia. His contract is apparently up at the end of the season, so it will be interesting to see if he returns to Prijedor or not.
  14. Just a place to post news, or other updates about players in this part of the world. I'll start with Bulgaria... Bulgaria James Lima is with Hebar in the Bulgarian 2nd division, but hasn't played much with the first team as of late. He could be with the U19 side. I do not know much about his playing past but I think he is from the Toronto area. Kael Dimitrov (17 years old) plays with Ludogorets III in the Bulgarian 3rd tier. George (Georgi) Atanassov (17 years old) has been getting more playing time as of late with the Arda first team. He has played with the Bulgarian
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