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  1. Daniel Fernandes is now playing with Tarxien in the Maltese 1st tier. https://www.independent.com.mt/articles/2020-08-06/football/Tarxien-sign-former-Portuguese-international-goalkeeper-Daniel-Fernandes-6736225854
  2. 18 year old, Ryan Lindsay, has signed with Futbalový klub Pohronie Žiar nad Hronom Dolná Ždaňa in the Slovak 1st tier. He came on as a sub on Saturday in a friendly vs Trencin. Pohronie won the match 3-0. The season starts this weekend. https://sport.aktuality.sk/c/455239/pohronie-vstupuje-do-novej-sezony-s-omladenym-kadrom-a-s-jednoznacnym-cielom-zachrany/
  3. Yes, he was called up for a friendly U18 tournament in the Czech Republic last August. He started the match against the Czech Republic, and he came on as a sub in the 81st minute vs Slovakia. According to the media in Ukraine, he had a fever on the day of the match against the Czech Republic. He didn't tell his coaches, because he really wanted to play for Ukraine. https://www.ua-football.com/ukrainian/u-18/1567084229-ezerskiy-spasibo-dinamo-kotoroe-predlozhilo-v-sbornuyu-u-18-igrokov-na-lyubye-pozicii.html
  4. He has signed for Caldas S.C. in the Portugal (3rd tier). https://t.co/flPsQH8aud?amp=1
  5. Buchta

    The Lensky Project

    Full documentary is now available on youtube.
  6. https://www.excel-foot.be/2020/07/18/une-prestation-satisfaisante-pour-les-mouscronnois/
  7. His loan has been extended until August 31st. Oringially, his loan was set to expire on June 30th. Bologna is obliged to make the move permanent at the end of August.
  8. He spent at least one season with Roma a few years back. https://www.tuttocampo.it/2016-17/Lazio/Giovanissimi/GironePProvincialiFasciaBRoma/Giocatore/Scheda/7691412/Scheda
  9. It appears there is a family connection. Family member(s) with a Canadian passport.
  10. Bursac also played 14 matches for the Backa Topola U19 side this season
  11. He is no longer with Aab. https://nordjyske.dk/nyheder/sport/canadier-forlaengede-med-aab-nu-er-han-rejst/bdcd7ee1-65e2-4fce-9fd4-0aa7db73d99f He was a little unlucky with timing of his injuries and the break because of covid-19.
  12. https://www.pauta.cl/deportes/juan-cordova-y-el-retorno-a-las-practicas-de-huachipato-en-la-pandemia A recent interview with Cordova from last week.
  13. A rather extensive interview with Kouzine. https://www.tipsbladet.dk/nyhed/superliga/superligaens-mest-uheldige-spiller-satser-staerkt-paa-ny-kontrakt-i-danmark
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