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  1. That was this same guy that’s vehemently defending his clearly wrong opinion that players need to be added to some 60 man roster to be called up. It’s fine to be wrong about stuff but when you continue to argue when you clearly don’t know what you’re talking about, you have to expect some push back. That said, hopefully it doesn’t push people away from joining or staying on the forum.
  2. How far off is this from their best? Pulisic, Adams, Dest starting but doesn’t look THAT intimidating.
  3. I’m fine with it. Over 14 matches, quality should rise to the top, and I still don’t think Panama has it (though they have looked very good so far in these 2 matches).
  4. Davies-Larin-Hoilett Adekugbe-Staqs-Kaye-Laryea Kennedy-Henry-Johnston Borjan OR Davies-Larin Adekugbe-Staqs-Hoilett-Kaye-Laryea Kennedy-Henry-Johnston Borjan
  5. It’s not like Honduras had wide open point blank chances. They had a few headers that were contested and a decent distance from goal. The fact that they did very well with the headers and forced saves from Borjan doesn’t mean they were great chances to begin with. The great save Borjan made was a really impressive header from just above the penalty spot with Vitoria all over him.
  6. IMO, calling for Herdman’s head is clearly overreacting but it certainly wasn’t his best performance. To be totally honest, I’m still not entirely sure what formation we were playing. It was mentioned that Laryea was playing in midfield while in possession, almost like a 10. But then also playing LB defensively? How can you expect someone to do that effectively? It created some awkward situations for Davies/Buchanan who did not look comfortable or confident in knowing who to defend. I’ve also noticed for a while now that even though Davies is generally very good defending 1v1, he can fall asleep defensively when the man he is marking does not have the ball. This same thing happened to Tajon in the lead up to the goal. When his man passed the ball and ran in behind, he didn’t track the run quickly enough and then was chasing from behind and panicking. I haven’t seen enough of Tajon to know if this is common or not, but we need everyone to stay switched on and defend off the ball better.
  7. I watched a decent amount of the 2nd half of the Panama-Costa Rica game, and Panama absolutely dominated. Shots were 18-4. I know Panama were at home, but they shouldn’t be able to dominate that much. I honestly think Costa Rica is just not good any more.
  8. Anyone watching the pregame on OneSoccer? This is embarrassing, these guys just throwing awful chirps at each other for 20 minutes. As annoying as Wheels can be, this Jenkins guy is way worse for me right now.
  9. Yes, with TFC a bit and some with us when Adekugbe hasn’t been here. Maybe he’s just rated over Adekugbe at the spot now though.
  10. Probably either this (maybe with Larin and David swapped) or 4-4-2 with Laryea LB. I feel like it’d probably be Adekugbe if that was the plan though.
  11. I take it you’re in favour of Davies on the right then? I could see it if we’re in 4 at the back but as a wing back, he clearly should be on the left. So I think it’s kind of a moot point if we’re playing 3 at the back.
  12. Probably as a late game sub for when we try to get Davies rest or move Davies further up the pitch at the end of matches. I’m hoping Davies can start every match, but if that’s not the plan, Adekugbe is the obvious replacement in the starting lineup.
  13. Interesting that he’s being loaned to another Bundesliga side this time, not a team in 2.Bundesliga.
  14. Didn’t see the game, just was checking to see if he got in. Just took a quick look at one of their supporters’ forums and they seem generally favourable but nothing crazy. Stuff like “looks decent”, “I like him already”, “good player”. No mention of any particular plays he was involved with though so I’d guess he didn’t make a huge impact.
  15. Came on in the 66th minute in a 1-0 loss to Morecambe.
  16. I agree that the penalty seems very extreme for what is likely an honest mistake. Chances are if they fight the ticket, it’ll be reduced or eliminated, but that’s still annoying that they have to go through the inconvenience.
  17. Nothing changes from what the red list countries were before. If Jamaica wants to use their UK players in their home match with Panama, they can. But they won’t be able to travel to Mexico or Costa Rica.
  18. I think he’d have to file a switch if he played in a youth tourney or a Sr match, which he hasn’t yet. If he plays for us, he’s basically cap tied, but can switch if he only plays 3 games or less for us. He’d have to wait 3 years without playing for us to be able to switch back though, so if he plays for us then his intention is clearly to stay with us.
  19. If he goes to an EPL club, surely he’ll be loaned out. He’s having a hard time getting on the field at Sheffield, it’s a stretch to think he’ll be playing at Everton. I wouldn’t worry too much about it until he’s actually looking like he’s got a shot at England NT.
  20. In all honesty, I’m not sure why it was ever the “top 5 leagues” that everyone talks about. I’ve never considered France to be in the same league as the other 4. I’ve always thought they were closer to Portugal than they are to the top 4. Other than PSG since they started buying so many superstars.
  21. That’s not really the point anyone is trying to make. Sure, you can root for Italy in the Euro or World Cup when Canada aren’t there. I do the same for England. That doesn’t mean that you “didn’t have anything to root for” for Canada. You can root for them during WCQ, GC, friendlies. That’s literally the point of this board and of the Voyageurs in general. If we only rooted for Canada when they’re at the WC, the forum would literally not exist.
  22. The money isn’t an issue to me, but I don’t think it’s unfair to criticize them if they marketed their product as one thing, and you only get half of it. This is all assuming they actually don’t get the away games, which may not be true. If they misled or straight up lied to us though, that’s a problem.
  23. That is pretty bad by One Soccer. When I purchased my membership I thought I was getting all the games. I still probably would have bought it anyways, but you expect that you’re gonna get what you paid for. Edit: Typo - put wouldn’t instead of would.
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