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  1. I think you’d need 3 qualifying matches to be cap tied as well. 1 “tournament” match cap ties you, not 1 “official” match
  2. Right, I forgot he played for us already. He has only played friendlies though so he isn't capped yet correct? Not that I'd expect him to be switching or anything, just checking.
  3. If Gutierrez and Cordova commit to us, then yes our fullback positions looked pretty solid and somewhat deep.
  4. Released by Cercle Brugge then signed by Gent would be a pretty wild turn of events. Pretty skeptical about that.
  5. Yeah I agree. Moving to Europe is only really necessary when you have outgrown MLS and need a bigger challenge. Not sure ZBG is at that level yet.
  6. @Free kick, Ludogorets is not your average Bulgarian team. They are miles ahead of everyone else in their league. Yes the league is terrible, and if he was on any other team in Bulgaria I would agree with you. But Ludogorets is a very good team and he is starting for them at 20 which is impressive. On top of that, he has played for Bulgaria at multiple age levels so they obviously rate him as well. We have not had any matches in ages and have no matches in the near future. What else are we supposed to talk about if we aren’t allowed to discuss prospects like this?
  7. I think he plays striker often with Liverpool no? Of course he’d score more in that position that playing a defensive minded LM. Maybe he’ll go on loan somewhere that he can get a chance up front.
  8. Wasn’t Baldisimo one of the few players that stood out at the U20 CONCACAF Championships a couple years ago? I remember being very optimistic about his future after watching that tourney. Surprised it took him this long to get his chance, but I’m glad he’s taking advantage of it.
  9. Did Leuvin sign a bunch of better players during the offseason in his position or something? Seems weird that he’d be brought in, see minutes almost right away, then completely vanish.
  10. Seems to me that this would be pretty unfair. Say they forfeit to Guyana and Puerto Rico but then beat St Kitts. That puts St Kitts in a really tough spot and it really isn’t their fault.
  11. Is Champions League on DAZN again this season? Do they show early round matches like this?
  12. Does Gutierrez actually have a realistic shot at Chile? They’re a top 20 team and I’m not even sure Gutierrez would start for Canada. You’d think Chile would have better options.
  13. Yes and no. You are correct that playing in 2020 won’t cap tie Akinola in the proposed new rule but if he plays after he turns 21 (January 20, 2021) then he would be cap tied.
  14. Yikes, didn’t realize this. We would really have been relying on him if we have to have a North American based team. We have plenty of starter level players in different positions, but our attackers are basically all based in Europe.
  15. I haven’t been able to see their games lately. Has he been able to whip in crosses on his left foot well or is he just cutting in every time?
  16. Am I missing something? Tomori is ineligible for this anyways because he was 21 when he played right? Doesn’t it say if they played before they turned 21?
  17. Starting lineup? I’m a big Millar fan but I think that’s a bit of a stretch. Not to hate on Millar but look at our other attacking options, who would you bench? Davies (if not at LB), Hoilett, David, Cavallini. Even Larin. I suppose it’s possible we have David at CAM and Davies at LB or Hoilett has a drastic decline but I wouldn’t expect him to be a consistent starter in the Oct.
  18. And also nobody is saying they’re Mexico. Everyone is arguing back and forth but realistically we all have the same expectation: they should be a more difficult opponent than the likes of St Kitts or Nicaragua, but we should still win.
  19. It’ll be interesting to see what happens with players in Europe for these matches. If they aren’t released, it’ll hurt us pretty badly with us not getting some great players, but Suriname and Bermuda are destroyed without any of their Dutch/English guys.
  20. You have a front 6 of Cavallini, Larin, Hoilett, Davies, David, Hutch, Eustaquio, Osorio, Arfield, Kaye, Piette. So that’s 5 subs, although Davies could be at LB or Hutch could miss the window, which opens up some sub appearances.
  21. If I’m not mistaken, the qualifiers were originally at the same time as CMNT games, so it’s not that he would be called to CMNT AND Olympic Qualifiers. He could be called to the Olympic Qualifiers INSTEAD of CMNT for a window. Depending on how important our CMNT games are in that window and how important Herdman thinks he is to our success in those matches, he could be sent to the Qualifiers instead. If he’s just going to be a late game substitute in blowouts against the likes of Grenada, he might as well help us try to qualify for the Olympics. I’d say the same for any fringe National team player.
  22. I probably sound like a broken record (this question gets asked a lot) but if we play a team that Is just going to bunker against us, I say LB. If we play a team that we want to counter attack, then LW or striker (like the first Nations League game against USA)
  23. Anderlecht made 2nd group stage (final 16) in 2001. Beşiktaş made round of 16 in 2018.
  24. Hard to know what to think about Brym. Looked like a real talent playing for Canada but hasn’t been given much playing time with Lille (understandable) or Belenenses. Hopefully he just isn’t fit yet and will start making appearances soon.
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