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  1. I honestly didn’t even notice that. Looked him up. Matthew Durrans has played 2 games for 1860 Munich this season and 25 matches for 1860 Munich II (according to transfermarkt). So I’d rather Elva go up because he’d probably get playing time in 2.Bundesliga, whereas I don’t think you could say the same for Durrans.
  2. Unless I’m looking at it wrong, there is still a game this Saturday, before the final match day that you are talking about on the following Saturday. So the situation could be different by the time the final match day comes. Edit: 1860 Munich play Bayern II in their second to last match. Send Davies down for a match to help his countryman?
  3. I think that’s probably a possibility in the next few years like you said, but I think that’s more of an issue for the 2026 cycle. Piette is a different style of player than either Priso or Eustaquio too, so I think he’ll be a useful member of the CMNT for the foreseeable future, even if he isn’t a regular starter.
  4. I think he kind of is what he is. If we were expecting him to be dribbling through everyone and scoring incredible goals, I think expectations were a bit off. He’s going to do the things that you said he’ll do, which I think is fine for CMNT. He’ll get better service with us than he’s getting in Vancouver. It makes me wonder how he was so successful with Puebla though, as I’d expect he probably wasn’t getting great service there either (weren’t they one of the bottom teams in Liga MX?)
  5. You didn’t technically say he wouldn’t make the squad but you said you’re “not optimistic he’ll be there” which is essentially the same thing. You also said he wouldn’t start against Suriname or Haiti which would mean any of the 3 matches.
  6. We play 3 important matches in a short time frame. Even if it’s “Atiba or Arfield, take your pick”, Atiba certainly won’t start all 3 matches. At the very least, Arfield is a great substitute to have, but I think he can easily start a game or 2 if he gets himself fit.
  7. Seems odd that there isn’t. I figured he’d at least get a shot in MLS or a smaller league in Europe. It would be crazy if he went from Primeira Liga to CPL but maybe it’s possible? Nothing against CPL but I’d rather he be at a higher level.
  8. If healthy, he needs to be there. I defended him for missing the last window, but this window is too important for anyone to skip. With 4 matches, we need the squad depth, which finally I think we do have. Outside of David, Davies and maybe Laryea, I’m not sure there’s anyone else on our team that starts all 3 of the important games (Suriname and the 2 legged tie).
  9. I think Davies is really good at defending 1v1, it’s more his positioning and lapses of concentration where he loses his mark that concerns me. I agree with Shway that he shouldn’t be at LB when we don’t expect to have the majority of possession. Against Suriname though, we probably should have the majority of possession. The question is whether it’s worth the risk to have Davies at LB for the added attack, or put a more defensive minded LB to solidify defensively.
  10. I agree with basically all you’ve said here. Not sure who I’d like at CB, as we have a lot of decent but flawed options. The rest though are basically exactly what I’d want. Not sure if Herdman would go to this though, has he used David as a 10 yet? I know we’ve advocated for it on this board but I feel like he’s usually at striker or on the wing for us. I think Cavallini is the perfect player to link up with our other attacking options, which even Herdman has said are better playing between the lines, rather than alone up top.
  11. I’d probably rather he play as a winger as well but he wouldn’t exactly be playing out of position. He plays both positions at club level, I see no reason he couldn’t do that at international level as well when needed.
  12. It’s XI not IX. Not trying to be a dick, I just saw you wrote that a couple posts back and was gonna ignore it but figured I might as well point it out since you did it twice.
  13. Everyone is different, I don’t think it’s too much to worry about if our young kids aren’t as physically mature as some other prospects. Players mature at different speeds, I’m more worried about their technical ability. If they have the skill to play at MLS level at this age, the physical development will come with time. I’d rather a late bloomer physically than have someone who grew early and dominated his whole life just due to size.
  14. Yeah I’d say they must have a plan for him, but he hasn’t exactly earned a spot in the first team yet. I’m sure if they got the right offer, they’d sell him but until then they’ll hope he hits his potential and eventually works his way into the first team. If not, they can sell him later. I think it’s probably a long shot that he makes it into the first team, but crazier things have happened. Another loan to Championship would help make it more clear what level he’s really at, whether than be EPL, Championship, or League One. My guess would be Championship or low level EPL but you
  15. Charlton won, but Oxford United won as well and got the 6th spot on goal difference. Good loan spell though, hopefully Liam finds himself on a Championship team that’s willing to give him minutes next season.
  16. Well yeah, but Kane is 10 years older than Jebbison. I’d imagine any kid playing for the youth teams thinks they can one day play for the national team, whether that is the truth or not.
  17. What’s this kid’s story? Was he born in Canada? How long did he live here? Gonna be tough to take him from England as long as he thinks he has a shot with them. Hopefully he feels a strong connection to Canada.
  18. Probably true for the 2nd round (against Haiti or Nicaragua). I don’t think Suriname will have a big advantage though, since their guys play in Europe too, for the most part.
  19. I don’t know enough about how they fielded their team in their WCQ matches but I’d assume those domestic players probably didn’t actually play. Or at least when they had their full squad selection (weren’t they missing a couple Euro guys for their first match?) I agree though that their squad depth is pretty lacking, so they’ll need everyone to show up and be in form at the same time.
  20. I’d argue they’re better than T&T, El Salvador, Curaçao on paper. Don’t really think any of those teams are head and shoulder above them ON PAPER except for us, if we’re looking only at starting 11s. I’ve acknowledged that games aren’t played on paper, and they’ll be at a big disadvantage for not having played together. Honestly there’s not much reason for us to argue about this, since I think we’re saying the same thing for the most part. They could beat us, but we should be pretty heavily favoured.
  21. I don’t think we should fear them necessarily, but they will be a tough opposition. They’re a better team on paper than some other teams that will qualify for the Ocho. Obviously the game isn’t played on paper, but I’m just saying, they aren’t some minnow that can’t beat us (or almost any CONCACAF team) in a one off.
  22. Yeah I’m done with the argument as well because people have had their minds made up on the issue for a long time, and no matter what argument/evidence is presented to them, they are too dug in to listen anyways. One last point though. We don’t yet know the long term effects of taking the vaccine, which is a concern. We also don’t really know the long term effects of being infected with Covid either though. Early results show that there could be life long, or at least long term side effects. Some have had scarring of heart/lungs, others have high blood pressure still a year after being inf
  23. What an absolute waste of time this was, as expected. Do you really not accept that the science points to the fact that contracting Covid is much more dangerous than taking the vaccine? And if you do realize that it points to that, then how can having the opposite viewpoint not be against the science? By the way, we force people to take vaccines all the time, hence the eradication of various diseases through vaccination. How is something crazy talk when we do it all the time already? Again, you keep talking about the “risk” of vaccine. What is this risk, and how is it greater than Covid?
  24. The science all points to one conclusions. I am not in a position to conduct my own experiments. Where else am I to go to get the proper science? To assume that all of the experts are just being biased/bought and paid for is conspiracy, and is showing that you don’t trust the science that is being done. Literally against the science. So why are we arguing that nobody is against science? Again, there is literally no non-conspiratorial side to this that says the vaccine is worse than the virus. Trusting peer reviewed research is not in the same realm as trusting some conspiracy t
  25. What I mean is that people think they’re smarter than the people who spend their lives working on things. If the vast majority of scientists and doctors think that the benefits of the vaccine far outweighs the risk, then why would I think that I know better? Also, yes if you look at the numbers, they do back up that the risk of the virus is worse than that of the disease. I’m not sure how someone can look at the numbers of deaths worldwide from Covid vs the number of adverse reactions from the vaccine, and come to the conclusion that they’d rather not be vaccinated. So yes, I’d say t
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