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  1. It’s definitely a bit of both (being better and playing weak opponents more often). Not only are our strikers/wingers better, but our midfield is more creative and better at breaking down a bunkering opponent.
  2. Ben Wallace is a bad example. 4x All Star, 4x defensive player of the year. The Pistons even retired his number.
  3. I didn’t watch much of the game last night but I remember thinking the same thing at the beginning of last season (or maybe it was the season before). He seemed to be out of sorts and I thought maybe he just had a lucky year and wasn’t really as good as we all thought. Then he turned it around and was a beast.
  4. Canadian Pogba? Does seem a waste of his skill set to be at CB to me.
  5. I keep seeing people say he was beat out by Pantemis. Wasn’t he (at least rumoured) to be one of the players that had to quarantine and missed all the pre tourney training? Seems unfair to say he was beat out if that’s the case.
  6. I think there’s a big gap between the top 4 and France, then another equally big gap between France and the next tier of leagues.
  7. I think that’s pretty clearly the top 3 right now, with Crepeau arguably above DSC, in the mind of Herdman at least. Will be interesting to see what happens with Crepeau/Hasal
  8. I’m sure they could beat Panama with those guys but it’s too late for that. I agree it can be a domino effect but it’s hard to get the first domino to fall. Why would any of them want to fly across the ocean to play in these competitions? Are any of them born in Barbados or have a serious connection to them? It’s difficult to convince players with tenuous ties to join up. We wouldn’t have convinced Arfield to join if we didn’t have a foundation of solid/promising players already. We could sell the dream of a World Cup. That’s a tough sell for Barbados right now.
  9. Some pretty impressive names. I think I said this in another thread about another team but it applies here as well. Why would these guys commit to Barbados right now when they’re all but eliminated from 2022 WCQ anyways? Would make more sense for guys to start joining in the lead up to 2026 than right now.
  10. He also made the transition during a pandemic, and admitted to not being in game shape to start the season. Luckily it does t seem like his slow start to the season should affect him in the future.
  11. I’d only assume they’d target Larin if they get a big money transfer for Richarlison or DCL. Everton are no stranger to selling their big players.
  12. I think we’re all a bit worried about it because of Latin’s struggles/lack of playing time early. He had to actually go out on loan to get some playing time at a lower level before being trusted at Besiktas. And he had Hutch to lean on of course as well.
  13. I’m honestly having a hard time even figuring out who you’re talking about? Most of our vets are MLS starters. Teibert is the only one that maybe comes to mind. Ricketts? I imagine both would accept a call though (not that I’m convinced they’d get a call, especially Ricketts)
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