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  1. A 0-0 draw isn’t exactly the worst scenario for Canada, although obviously not ideal. I’d be fine with have a match with Chile to decide it all. If they lose by 2+ to Argentina it could even put us in a decent position with a draw in the final match. Although that would set up Peru to just try to keep it close with a rotated Argentine squad.
  2. I’m not a Peru expert but this seems kind of implausible based on recent results. They were recently beaten by Bolivia and badly outshot in the process. Bolivia were clearly out of their league against the USA. So I think your bias may be playing a role here in your opinion that Peru is a step above the USA. That’s not to say I think it will be an easy match. I expect Peru will be difficult to break down, and if we give up a quick goal or 2 off the counter we’ll be in trouble. Hopefully we can cause some turnovers in the attacking third that leads to chances/goals of our own. How are the Peru defenders in terms of passing out of the back under pressure?
  3. Reading all the complaints about the pitch conditions at Copa, makes me wonder if that affected Kone’s performance. Many were critical of Eustaquio in this match too. It really is a difficult position to be in, against such a good team, and not knowing when the ball will bounce awkwardly or you’ll lose your footing. Hopefully we’ll have more time on the ball in the next few matches and these 2 specifically can get back to dominating matches.
  4. I’m convinced you haven’t watched the play back. He didn’t go in to harm anyone. He misplayed the pass, which bounced between him and Messi. He then beat Messi to the ball by sliding in and trying to pass it over to Cornelius. Messi intercepted again, and the follow through from Bombito after sliding in to pass to Cornelius injures Messi. There was no late tackle or intent to injure. Bombito was careless in his follow through, sure. But he won the ball, it’s not like Messi beat Bombito to it and then Bombito just decided to destroy him for no reason.
  5. He literally kicked the ball and his follow through caught Messi’s ankle. Idk how it could be late when Bombito got to the ball first.
  6. Schianitti saying that to Shaff was ridiculous. Basically took Davies’ comment way out of context and made it seem like he was criticizing Canada harshly, which clearly caught Shaff off guard. Davies answered a question about how the attitude of “moral victories” (like the Belgium World Cup game) needs to change. Without that context, it just sounds like Davies is massively unhappy with the teams’ performance, which I don’t think is the case.
  7. Yeah I’m not saying he’ll be the starter but I think he’s versatile enough to play a good amount of minutes between CAM/ST/winger. Winning the FA Cup saved them as they’ll be in Europe again, as well as all the domestic cup competitions. Plenty of minutes to go around. Certainly if he could go to a top team and be an every day starter, that’s better, but that’s not always an easy ask at the top levels.
  8. Hojlund started 25 of 38 matches so he’s not a 100% locked in starter. I do agree it would be difficult for David to be that guy too though. I could see him getting maybe half the starts and coming on as a sub for a bunch more though.
  9. First one looked offside to me when I watched it live but maybe not. And yeah second one was Eustaquio that he definitely should have slid in.
  10. Yeah, would’ve thought Udinese for a season or two then a step up. I’d be worried he’ll struggle to get playing time, but the upside is obviously huge.
  11. McDonnell is an ‘08 and Tavio is an ‘06 so hopefully Tavio is more ready for the level and can play quickly.
  12. May have expected the goalie to make a play for it? TBH I thought he probably should have.
  13. They really should flip at some point, whether QF or SF. We could (and likely would if we make it that far) play Argentina again in the SF. Would rather play someone different than play the same team twice.
  14. Who are the top players that weren’t in the last round? Obviously LDF, and I think Bunbury played and left early or something if I remember correctly? Is Bunbury worth a look still? Anyone else worth watching?
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