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  1. I think he only played friendlies for Canada, so he didn’t need to file any papers to switch to England. So he could have filed to switch to Canada until he played for the England national team
  2. Looked him up on transfermarket. Looks like primarily central midfielder but also plays CB. From Ottawa, went to TFC Academy, then Dinamo Zagreb U19 then Slovakia.
  3. To be honest, I wouldn’t even really care. Trying really hard isn’t match fixing. Throwing the game is.
  4. It’s crazy how quickly this board changes its mind on players. A month ago, Jakovic was a bum and Waterman should be starting for us. Now it’s completely flipped.
  5. The Mr Chip video is just him talking over the official reveal video from CONCACAF is it not?
  6. It wouldn’t surprise me if he could play for a team like Braga. His value was pretty high before his injury, hence a club like Cruz Azul wanting him in the first place. He just helped bring Pacos from relegation territory to mid table, so it’s not like he’s in bad form.
  7. Awesome, I didn’t look closely enough when watching the video I guess. That makes winning the group exponentially easier since we get home matches against the other 2 best teams.
  8. It’s a 1 off match with each team in your group. 4 matches total, 2 home and 2 away for each team. Not sure how they decide who gets to be home for each match.
  9. Based on seeding of the top teams in each group. 6th seed plays 11th, 7th plays 10th, 8th plays 9th. It’s the fairest way to do it I personally think, but yeah Haiti is a bit scary.
  10. Yeah it’s a bit worrying that 1 slip up could end our chances but I’d assume we’d play the 2nd best team in our group at home. And if it is in Central America, it’ll likely be with no fans.
  11. Winner of group B (our group) plays winner of group E (Haiti’s group)
  12. Where did you see that August 14 is the draw? That’s a date to keep an eye on, it’s a pretty important draw for us. We’ll be favourites no matter what but there are some groups that would be near automatic. I’d imagine the top seed will get a home match against the 2nd seeded team in the group.
  13. As I’ve said earlier, this is the best format that’s been proposed IMO. I still find it unfortunate that we can’t just put everyone in round 1. Could easily have just had 8 groups of 4/5, group winners go to Octagonal. Or 6 groups on 6 (1 group of 5) with top team and best 2 2nd place teams going to Octagonal. Overall this is ok though.
  14. Great so 3 conflicting reports lol. Only thing that seems to be consistent is that there will be an Octagonal at some point
  15. I think it depends on what style Leeds plans to play. If they’re going to just bunker, then I agree that it would not be great for David to go there. I’m assuming with Bielsa’s reputation, he’d play a more attractive style. Maybe someone who watches Championship would know this better than I would, since I haven’t watched Leeds play this season.
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