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  1. Sheffield Wednesday were 24th out of 24 in Championship last year. They have easily the biggest transfermarkt value in League One right now, so I’d guess that if they don’t lose a bunch of players to transfers, they could be in the mix for promotion.
  2. I’m not sure he’s really received hate. I found his lack of speed noticeable too and was slightly disappointed by that. Doesn’t mean he won’t be a very good player though. He had some very good plays, and played well overall I thought. I find Hoilett’s lack of pace noticeable too, but he continues to be a very good player and important to our program. When our other winger options are Davies, Buchanan, Millar, lots of people seem slow in comparison.
  3. I think if we run 4-4-2 it’s often a diamond or box in midfield, like in the USA at BMO game. I’d have to watch again but considering the personnel, didn’t we play with 4 CM’s? Hoilett, Oso, Eustaquio, Kaye, I don’t think we played with actual wide midfielders/wingers. Which is obviously a bit of a downside of the formation because we have very strong wingers. It does allow us to put a guy like Davies or Buchanan at striker though.
  4. I think for this tournament, 4 at the back was probably our best lineup. I’d like to see us change it up a bit from game to game, because I do see some value in the 3-5-2 or 3-4-3 but like I said, would love Davies and Buchanan high up the pitch. Supposedly before Davies got hurt, Davies and Buchanan were both on the left in a 3-4-3 which sounds interesting as well.
  5. I don’t remember exactly for the USA game but that seems right, I remember it being mentioned that we moved to 4 at the back. We definitely did last night after halftime, as Buchanan moved from wingback to striker with Akindele. Then I believe it became a 4-3-3 when Corbeanu came in (with Hoilett as a false 9/striker and Buchanan on the left)
  6. There will be rotation, but we’re not sitting Davies, David, and to a lesser extent Eustaquio, even with the depth of talent we have right now.
  7. It seems like we’ve mostly settle on playing 3 at the back and then switching to 4 at the back if we need a goal. We just seem so much more threatening with Buchanan further up the field though. I feel like having Davies, David, Buchanan as our front 3 from the start would just be so terrifying for our opposition.
  8. You could see on the feed that the ref was watching that they looked at the incident as well. I suppose they deemed it wasn’t enough for a red, but that’s an odd rule that even though both incidents were reviewed, yellow cards can only be issued for one of them.
  9. Seriously, why can Henry get a yellow after review but Alvarez gets nothing when he’s clearly just going after Laryea.
  10. I posted literally this exact lineup on page 2 of this thread. Basically, Buchanan taking the role Davies had in the USA at BMO game.
  11. Dude, give it up already. It’s fine if you don’t think the Gold Cup is important. Stop telling other people whether they think it’s important or not. Why in the world would I (or anyone else in this thread) be arguing that the Gold Cup is important, if we didn’t think it was. You’re really grasping at straws to try to prove your point.
  12. I’m sure there may be some players rested, but I don’t think to the extent that some are making it seem. Davies, David, Eustaquio will all start every match and probably play close to 90 minutes every game unless there is a couple goal lead. The back line will be 3 of Kennedy (assuming he’s still ahead of Miller), Vitoria, Henry, Johnston every match. Larin, if healthy, probably starts every match. Realistically, you’re probably only going to see maybe 14 guys start a match. And there will be multiple players who probably don’t even see the field.
  13. I’m with you on this. Everyone keeps talking about all this rotation that will take place, but I don’t see it. Our superstars will not miss games, and our back line will mostly stay the same. So who’s going to come out? I think we play our strongest side every match, with changes in the lineup due to tactics and opponent specific game plans, not due to rest.
  14. Did you read my comment at all? I never said you complained, I said people on the board complained about Wheeler. Yes, even during the Suriname game. It’s been a running joke during every single match, WCQ or not.
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