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  1. I would agree if this were a permanent deal. A loan move to get him some real playing time in a solid league could help him gain some form though to possibly get a larger role next year with Midtjylland or to move on (maybe somewhere else in Denmark or Greece)
  2. I originally assumed that the Greek league was weaker than they probably are. Is it confirmed to only be a loan as well? That makes me much happier about the move.
  3. Really difficult to get a grasp on what level he should be playing at. Has shown pretty well for Canada, but never really played at a very high level other than Midtjylland. Didn’t get much game time but they obviously saw something in him to sign him from Hungary. Always seems like his career is about to take off and then it never does.
  4. Why so defensive for Robert? He’s the one that gets every account he creates banned isn’t he?
  5. We can’t get upset that journalists don’t cover Canadian soccer enough, then get upset at Canadian journalists for covering Canadian soccer. IF he was told on the record by a reliable source that Yankov was coming, of course he’s going to report it.
  6. But they’d have to wait the 6 months until he could actually transfer right? Or they could pay Cruz Azul and get him right away. At least that’s how it works in my FIFA career mode lol
  7. Wasn’t trying to say he couldn’t do it. I’d be a bit surprised, but he’s young and talented enough that you never know. I was genuinely curious what position you thought it would happen at. I was thinking they don’t usually play with wingers, but with a new manager, who knows what system they’ll play.
  8. Marshall-Rutty locking down a starting spot would be massively impressive. TFC are not lacking in attacking options. Who would be his direct competition? Playing as a winger? Forward? Attacking midfield?
  9. Have the USMNT been posting any updates? Why the hate on CSA from an American, if the US hasn’t been any more helpful? Is it clear that it is the CSA’s decision to have the matches be scrimmages?
  10. I’m sure he’ll get into the cup match Friday, but then I wouldn’t expect to see him again for a while. Not that I have any inside info or anything. Just seems like they are not comfortable using him in the league unless they absolutely have to at this point. Hopefully he shows really well on Friday if he does get to play.
  11. How good are we expecting Costa Roca to be? Having one of them finish second in their group could be huge for us if we win our group.
  12. He hasn’t chose us, but he also hasn’t closed any doors, despite this board repeatedly overreacting and acting like he has
  13. According to this board, this is the 20th time Ayo has definitively chosen USMNT over us lol
  14. The problem is your energy is wildly in the other direction. Just because some people are a little more careful with their words to not offend Liam’s father, doesn’t mean you have to go out of your way to be overly critical. I would argue that you are being more unfair to Millar than others are being to Tabla. And the reason is because you think others are being unfair to Tabla and going easy on Millar. Ironic really.
  15. I’ve been one of the more skeptical people on this board about Buchanan’s ability to start for us right now, but I think you’re being a bit harsh. Over the last half of the MLS season, he was a regular for NE and one of their best players.
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