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  1. I think if they go to an 8 match mega window, this neutral venue may be the case. I don’t think there’s really any way to get it under 12 matches with home and aways. Also, in concacaf to have 8 matches in a window, you couldn’t have teams traveling that far for that long. To ask Canada to go from Bc/Toronto to Central America/Caribbean that many times in a couple weeks doesn’t seem likely.
  2. How does this affect Nations League? Presumably all of these matches would be used for WCQ, but Vic was pretty adamant that we were going to finish Nations League first, wasn’t he?
  3. I feel like I’m talking to a wall here. Nobody outside of the top 10 (maybe 11 but not really) has a realistic shot of beating out the top teams in CONCACAF over a full group stage where randomness is removed. Anybody can beat anybody in a 2 legged tie. Imagine Honduras plays Dominican Republic and in the first tie Honduras gets CONCACAFed by the ref sending off a Honduran player and giving a red card in the process by being fooled by a dive. Now we’re looking at potentially a multiple goal victory in leg 1 for Dominican Republic and they can just bunker in leg 2. Our qualifying should not be left to this kind of randomness where some garbage team can slip in because our confederation decided to use such a ludicrous system. Let everyone play over a sufficient amount of games to eliminate the randomness and have the best teams earn their way in.
  4. I don’t think he meant that they shouldn’t have a chance. Their chance should just be proportional to their ability. The 16th ranked team would have basically zero chance to make it to the World Cup in your format, whereas the team that won the lower seeded tournament (17th or worse) would have a legitimate chance. That is a crazy way to do qualifying for something as big and important as the World Cup. If we sent a team ranked 17-35 to the World Cup CONCACAF would be the absolute laughing stock as they lose every match by ridiculous margins. Even to send them to the intercontinental playoff would be embarrassing for our confederation. Now if a team ranked 17th went through a legitimate qualifier and beat out all the other teams, that’s a different story.
  5. Yes assuming they don’t make bigger windows to accommodate 3 match days in a window with only 2 matches per team (I have no idea how viable this is). For example in September window, team A plays team B Sept 2, team B plays team C Sept 6, team A plays team C Sept 10. Hopefully this is possible? I really have no idea but it would be nice. It’s still only 8 days which seems to be the length of the windows if I’m not mistaken.
  6. I get it. There’s no point in talking about what we want to happen if there’s no chance of that actually happening. However I don’t see a way to do the lower-seed tournament and keep it within 12 match days. So I’m kind of hoping that FIFA doesn’t allot us more than 6 windows for qualifying lol Edit: it probably could be done in 6 windows if it is separated into top 12, bottom 23 but then you run into the problem I was talking about before where teams 5-12 are eliminated but your 13th best team is still in qualifying. How does it make sense for Honduras to be eliminated while St Kitts just needs to win a two legged tie to get the 4th spot in Concacaf. It’s enough of a joke as it is but going from our 7th team having a chance to our 13th team is too big of a jump in my opinion.
  7. Yeah fair enough. Hopefully with a shortened time to get the games done, he cools on that stance a bit just for this cycle.
  8. Not bad if they allow for “3 match days”. How would you include teams 11-35 while keeping match days down though?
  9. Seriously why is everyone so worried about the minnows? I get what you’re saying because that obviously played a part in the decision making for the ridiculous system we have in place currently. But it’s World Cup qualifying, the goal should be to have the best system to find the best teams to qualify. Minnows can get games in Central American or Caribbean championships as well as nations league. And with less match days than anticipated, there are limited solutions to the problem.
  10. How about: -12 groups of 3 (1 group of 2) 4 match days -12 group winners form 3 groups of 4. 6 match days. -Group winners go to WC and best 2 runners up play home and away for 1/2 spot. 2 more match days. 12 match days total.
  11. Yeah that’s not what I was saying. Kyle the Hill pretty much summed it up.
  12. Honestly I don’t mind your top 16 format. The problem is, the fact that the whoever wins the bottom half (17th best team in concacaf) just needs to win a single home and away tie to go to the World Cup. The chances are still low that they’d be able to do that but still way too high for a minnow to make it over other more deserving teams. Also with groups of 5, it’ll take more match days to complete that side of the qualifiers (including byes with odd # of teams) so it doesn’t necessarily make it any quicker.
  13. Some people may have said they prefer 7-35 but they were definitely in the minority. I like group stage because over a larger sample size, the chances are higher that the best teams will go through. It eliminates some of the randomness. Hopefully we can prove to be one of the top teams in concacaf. If we can’t do that, then we don’t deserve to go to the World Cup and I’m fine with that.
  14. I’d still prefer to have a shot at direct qualification but this certainly makes me more comfortable if we do have to go through the consolation bracket.
  15. You can’t just say the format doesn’t matter though. We certainly could finish 3rd. Then no playoff and no intercontinental playoff. That’s really the difference
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