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  1. The actual points can be broken down into fractions of a point, so they can’t really end up exactly tied from what I understand.
  2. Yeah I read your post earlier. Sorry, not trying to steal your posts lol. I just figured going for 4 points would make the games even that much more likely to pull out a win (which may be the case as some of those 4 point teams you listed are pretty poor). Those 5 point teams are certainly winnable as well though, and it would leave us more room for error in the June window.
  3. If they cancel their friendlies, we need to at least gain about 8 points in March. That would put the pressure on them to schedule June friendlies or leave us the chance to gain another 8 in June and pass them. Beating 4 teams that would gain us 4 points each isn’t that unrealistic for us. What type of team would give us that many points? They’d be ranked slightly below us right?
  4. Somebody posted earlier in this thread that the losses would be 1.5 points and 1.8 points lost. So about 3 points lost, leaving us behind by 12. 2 losses in March would lose about 10 more, so we’d be down by about 2. Any way you look at it, we’re going to have to gain points to overtake them, it’s just a question of how many points will we need and how risky should we be with our scheduling. Any lost points and we’re really screwed.
  5. Assuming we were to schedule friendlies in the new year, when would that need to be done by? When would it likely be announced?
  6. I have no idea, maybe someone could figure out how many points they’d lose. Even if it’s 2.5 per loss which is conservative I think, that’s 10 points. So we’d still have to make up about 5 points which we could easily do against minnows.
  7. If this is actually their friendlies schedule, maybe we shouldn’t be as risky as everyone thinks. Win against a couple weak opponents, get 10ish ranking points, let El Salvador self destruct. This seems like a very bad idea for El Salvador, I’d be surprised if they didn’t lose more points than they gain.
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