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  1. Not sure if having Hutch at the 10 for us is controversial, but when he plays there for Besiktas he looks really good, and with us not having a true 10, why not out the 🐙 there? I also like this 4-3-3/4-2-3-1 as it allows us to have the majority of our strongest players on the pitch. Excited to see who emerges over the next year of WCQ
  2. I’m a fan of a lot of their players (they’re close with a lot of our lads) but their fans I can’t stand one bit. I’ll always cheer against them
  3. Wow another PK that isn’t going to be called against the yanks??????
  4. Anybody else find it mildly cringe that the only chant American fans seem to know is “USA! USA! USA!” 🤣
  5. I honestly don’t think we see Akindele start tonight. We all know how important familiarity is, specially to Herdman, and based on that I don’t think it merits him starting in a crucial SF. I will not be surprised if we see Theo or Pasher start this one, alongside Hoilett if we start at a 3-5-2
  6. Nothing to lose tonight lads… if we weather the storm early I think we can really put El Tri on the ropes. I expect the boys to really step up tonight!!
  7. Voted no; I’m not a Wheeler hater, I just know there are probably better options. if there was an indifferent option I probably would’ve chose that, I do respect the passion Wheeler has for Canadian Soccer, he’s just a little over the top and he doesn’t really have a “radio voice” I’ll always support someone who supports Canadian Soccer, regardless.
  8. Okay everyone, let’s settle this. like this post with a little blue heart if the Gold Cup (specifically this edition of it) is important to you. sad react this post with a crying emoji if you think it is unimportant. Since I can’t react to my own post, consider me down for a little blue heart.
  9. One thing I like about this lineup starting as a 3-5-2 is that if this formation is indeed getting burned, it can easily transition into a 4-3-3 or a 4-4-2. Hoilett-Corbeanu-Buchanan Kaye-Eustaquio-Osorio Laryea-Miller-Henry-Johnston as for Piette, definitely not going to argue that, I just really like the chemistry Eustaquio and Kaye have seemingly built. good news for us if Alvarez is out.
  10. How would y’all feel about this vs Mexico? We have so many players out or missing and this lineup still looks strong to me.
  11. Pretty much exactly what I would have. I would just have Johnston in for Henry simply for the fact that it makes it easy for a formation change to a 4-4-2/4-3-3 if we’re having troubles with our back line getting penetrated on the counter
  12. Once again, a little positive spin on Larins injury
  13. Wouldn’t mind Akindele as a replacement, certainly deserves it. But how would you all feel giving Bustos the call? Good finisher and could play the goal scoring playmaker role at the 10. Unsure if he was on the provisional though
  14. A lot of time on the ground for the Americans, and you just know it’s going to be a short injury time
  15. I’m okay with some rotation but I do NOT want to see Sturing, not against our biggest rivals. it is weird how the constant narrative is we need to play “ocho level teams” yet when the time comes everyone’s calling for a rotated squad. I understand the circumstances but I say go for the throat
  16. Herdman already said they’re treating the USA game like a derby, and it’s not very common to start your bench squad in a derby game.
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