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  1. This is almost exactly what I’d have, maybe swap Kennedy/Miller for Adekugbe as I think we need at least 2 proper CBs there
  2. Big shout out to everyone who made the effort to organize and make the atmosphere that was tonight, happen. We heard all of you loud and proud through the TV all night. good turn around from the lads. My god do we play attractive football when we fire on all cylinders. Bring on Edmonton and the frozen tundra!!
  3. This is what I thought, always saw Wotherspoon as more of a 10 then Oso who I think does better at a box to box role. Had him there just based on history
  4. … Floro is that you?? edit: didn’t mean to quote twice lol
  5. I’ve missed a good amount of the 2nd half but I can confidently say this is the worst game I’ve seen us play in a couple years, David has been frighteningly bad
  6. I’m going to go ahead and say it; David hasn’t had a consistently strong performance for us in a while, and more times then not Davies tries to do way to much with the ball.
  7. I know our formation is fluid from defense through to the final 3rd, but this 4-4-2 (or ANY formation where we only have 2 true midfielders) never works for us. We play our best when we have 3 midfielders (3-5-2, 4-3-3 etc) and we can dominate the midfield
  8. Happy Thanksgiving all!! The lads are sure to treat us to a nice little Holiday dub here today, regardless of injuries. just ordered my 25th anniversary scarf, looking forward to raising in high with you all when we get some games out here in Vancouver (also might be making the trip to Edmonton for the Costa Rica game) I think we show our depth tonight!! Allez!!
  9. The video game FIFA 22, has a game mode called FIFA Ultimate Team. David got an “In Form” or “Team of the Week” for his performance this past week.
  10. Just picked him up for my squad 😌
  11. Herdman must be really high on the Dutch 2nd division lol
  12. Happy to see Weah finally getting the minutes I think he deserves. He’s super close with Jonny and I think the way he plays compliments him perfectly
  13. That’s the type of work rate we haven’t seen out of Ballou in a long time. Always been rooting for this kid, I really hope this helps him find his stride and in turn, his way back to the National Team. Going to be tough though, our depth on the wings has grown leaps and bounds since he committed
  14. IIRC he just played his first game back with CF Montreal U23 (?) the past weekend, potentially might be seeing him back on the roster as soon as today. Going to need to make some waves though if he has any plans of being a regular, i as well had high hopes on him. Hope he can figure it out
  15. 3-5-2 is the formation going forward. Please for the love of god no more 3-4-3 that extra midfielder does us wonders, and while our strength lies on our flanks, winning/dominating the midfield should always be the first step to a successful football team.
  16. Sportsnet 650 in Vancouver just talked about the Davies Instagram post for about 5 minutes. This is definitely blowing up LOL
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