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  1. Really hurts to see Laryea as the only full fledged Canadian to see the pitch for TFC today.. short amount of time between games hopefully means a huge influx of Canadians vs Montreal
  2. Can’t find to much info on the formation they’re playing, does anyone know if he’s at CB today?
  3. I like both ZBG and Laryea as options at rb. I really do think they are inter changeable in our starting XI. With his age and slightly more experience, I’d have to go with Laryea with the slight edge RIGHT NOW. If I had to say who I thought has the higher ceiling, I’d give it to ZBG. I’m just happy we got 2 solid options on our already questionable back line
  4. Won’t be playing tonight... pulled hamstring. Sad news for the Lad
  5. Sorry for the loss of your brother, man. Condolences to your family
  6. Chances got even better for Bair. Ricketts and Cavallini both will not be travelling with the team to Orlando as well
  7. For what’s its worth, WhoScored had him as the highest rated Belenenses defender and the 3rd highest rated player
  8. 11 in total positive on FC Dallas so far, enough to postpone their game vs the Caps. I really feel for the players
  9. Sigh... it really is sad. They should've followed NHLs suit and implemented the phases, but waited on the choice of a Hub city. Florida ended up being the literal worst choice for both MLS and the NBA
  10. Eustaquio went the full 90 in a 3-2 win for Pacos!!
  11. I’m purely speaking on the Straith vs Ferreira argument. If he’s turning down calls, then so be it. But to be saying we should be picking Straith over Ferreira, long shot
  12. While I love Adam and everything he has done for the national team, we’re comparing a guy who played the majority of his career in Bundesliga.3, to a guy who was playing for big clubs in Portugal and was once at least considered part of their National set up. While I recognize Ricardos injury woes/Canada woes, we have no where near the depth or talent to be turning down someone of this degree. If we were paying a big WCQ in a couple months, and we had the choice between Straith/Ferreira, should really be a no brainer. Of course that is, if Ricardo is getting semi decent playing time
  13. I like this a lot, I also think Henry is currently our #1 CB (make best with the little we have). But I still think I’d have Cyle Larin at 10 for now edit: happy Canada day boys
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