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  1. Ahhh yes you’re correct, the Whitecaps had retweeted and followed him before, since they have unfollowed though. That’s my bad
  2. For what it’s worth, I know most Bayern fans say he’s been their best defender since he’s been starting, some even claiming him as a top 3 left back out of the big 5 leagues
  3. He does have Twitter, @LCavalliniOfi don’t think he’s insanely active on it though, which is prob why it isn’t verified
  4. I’m confused as to what you’re asking me here, I never once said I wanted to say **** him and what was translated didn’t really bug me too much either. I’m an LC fan through and through, while I do agree it was a bonehead comment, I know his loyalty still lies with this country.
  5. If that’s how it had to be, then yes
  6. While I applaud and respect your Canadian Nationalism, we sadly do not have the scoring depth to say “**** him” to our #1 striker
  7. Not going to read too much into his comments.. Canada is a Cultural Mosaic. Meaning all Canadians are allowed to identify as their culture AS WELL as be Canadian. Different from our American counterparts, which is a cultural melting pot, meaning you’re American FIRST over everything. It’s a part of being Canadian, and IMO, one of the best parts of our country. As long as he keeps accepting call ups, and banging in goals for the Caps and Nats, I’m happy.
  8. I think Ardaiz is under a young DP contract as well
  9. Weird no Cornelius or James... Brym, Ricketts, and Akindele on.. 4-3-3?
  10. The Panama/Costa Rica golden age is done I think.. incoming Canada, Curaçao and Haiti
  11. Ahhh okay, maybe just wishful thinking because the thought of a fully developed Ballou playing on the right with our Phonzie on the left sounds deadly
  12. I could be wrong but, didn’t he generally play down the right?
  13. Happy for him. Can’t help but look at it as a fresh start for the lad now that the “Barcelona” ties & expectations have been cut
  14. Scored in the 88’ minute
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