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  1. Top work, @Shway ! I mimic what others say, it was hard to find the perfect balance between professional experience/potential. Looking forward to see how this ages in the months/years to come!!
  2. A silent TV brought the sudden realization that I in fact, having nothing else going on this Sunday. 😁
  3. David’s off meaning it’s time for me to move on with the rest of my sunday
  4. Ikone... are you kidding me. Haven’t watched Lille in a while but my god nothing and I mean literally nothing has changed
  5. Hey @Shway ! Sorry If I’m late on this or missed it, what were the results?
  6. He has started 2 out of the 3 league games they have played this year, the one he missed he wasn’t even on the bench so I’m not sure of the reasoning behind. He also started their bigggest cup game of the year and was MOTM.
  7. While I get where you’re coming from, I’m confused as to where you get the fact that he’s “not a regular starter” from? Based off Transfermarkt, he has started more games then not since he got his first call from us in 2017. 39/67 games he has started and the majority of the ones he didn’t start, he got subbed on. I am not including his cup game starts/appearances, just league ones. As far as I’m concerned he’s been a semi consistent player in a decent league for a while now
  8. Could definitely see this as well. My thought process was just that Juan is more then competent enough to start vs Aruba and sub for Richie if needed vs Suriname, while having both ZBG/Johnston at the GC (while I’m not ruling out we could see them at both) makes our GC roster much stronger. Like I said though, I would not be surprised either way
  9. I agree, but I also think Juan has been putting in good performances on a semi consistent basis. He’s one of those “under the radar” players. With the WCQ/Gold Cup schedule conflicting, you will more then likely see him named to one or the other. I personally want to still see a semi strong GC roster. Maybe send Richie/Juan to the WCQ and ZBG/Johnston to the GC?
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