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  1. The last 5 games of the season the whitecaps have either Rose or Erice play holding mid and Imbeom played higher up the pitch
  2. They played him there for a bit, but if I remember correctly Inbeom prefers to play higher up the pitch
  3. As a Whitecaps fan I would love this move, he would be a very successful mid in the MLS. As a fan of the nats, him playing on Turf after his knee injury would make me nervous
  4. We need to keep the “David vs Goliath” mentality coming into this game.. even with the US missing some notables and their golden boy, it’s important we play with the same heart we did in Toronto. I trust JH will have the boys buzzing the finish them
  5. Does anyone have any updates on Ballou? Haven’t heard a thing about him since he left Montreal.. he’s been posting modeling pictures up on Instagram. Crazy what a year of underperforming can do
  6. Davies getting a lot of praise from the commentators for both his play going forward and his defensive play.. keeping Sancho quiet!!
  7. Larin at Zulte is better then Larin at Beşiktaş, I’d be okay with a permanent move. I feel like the Belgium league has more depth in skill league wise while Larin can be one of the main men.
  8. We were already aware that Hutch might be on his way out of the nats once the gold cup concluded, Larin hasn’t had a comfy spot at any of his clubs since he left Orlando, and is finally finding a spot in Belgium. While I would love to have them both, I wasn’t too surprised.
  9. Overall pretty happy with the roster, obviously would’ve been nice to have Hutch but we’re deep enough in midfield for it not to be detrimental anymore. I’m okay with Larin staying in Belgium to keep up his run of form. Not a big fan of the Wotherspoon or Didic call... if we’re gonna call someone for integration I would’ve like to of seen Borges called just for a tip of the cap for his Golden Boot season. Wotherspoon hasn’t been very impressive in his select minutes with the nats. Overall though this roster can break some more hearts on the 15th!
  10. Pulisic and Adams are true elite talents, Pulisics recent form with Chelsea is almost scary.. but I agree the rest of their current player pool is very over rated. Specially Sargeant imho
  11. anybody else get the feeling if it’s not dropped at 12noon EST/9am PST, we’re not gonna see it until Monday/Tuesday when the US final roster is dropped? Maybe a strategy game between Berhalter and Herdman..
  12. So should we be expecting a roster release today ? or should we be tempering expectations
  13. They’re currently announcing the CONCACAF Women’s Olympic Qualifying groups on CSA Twitter... could this be the reasoning behind the delay of the roster release?
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