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  1. This is a good lineup. Only thing is, as a Whitecaps fan, seeing Teibert starting on the wing for us in a WCQ makes me shutter LOL. I personally think a 3-5-2/5-3-2 gets our best domestic guys all on the pitch as well as playing their best positions. ———-Cav—Akindele——— ——Oso—————Kaye———- Layrea——Piette——-Johnston —Miller—Waterman—Zator— ————-Crepeau————— do I think it will happen? Doubt it. But this looks good to me
  2. Great pick up for the Reggae Boyz.... an “A” squad friendly @BMO is pretty much selling itself already...
  3. I definitely agree. Priso for Paton if need be. Nelson at the 10 role sounds exciting. His ball handling in traffic has always shown elite potential and that’s exactly what i think were looking for in that CAM role. another thing id like to note about my 20 is that while our fullbacks look like thin pickings (lack of RBs), Buchanan adds the perfect amount of versatility and can fill that void if need be. Look how far we’ve come since 2015 LOL
  4. I would love Davies on the wing at Bayern. Sadly there has been rumours flying around that Bayern is interested in picking up Christian Pulisic from Chelsea to replace Coman.
  5. Here’s the 20 man list I came up with: Goalies: St Clair, Breza, Hasal Full backs: Bassong, ZBG, Gutierrez CBs: Cornelius, Sturing, Dunn CMs: Baldisimo, Fraser, Okello, H.Paton Wingers: Nelson, Buchanan, Corbeanu, Tabla Forward/CAM: Bair, Brym, Dias it’s tough to pick a 20 man squad, deciding what positions we have to leave a little thin or what talented player we have to leave out. In this case I tried to make sure all of our strongest players are present. It sucks having to leave the likes of Rutty, Priso or Farsi off
  6. Goalies: Borjan, Crepeau, Leutwiler Fullbacks: Laryea, Johnston, Adkugbe, Cordova CBs: Henry, Kennedy, Miller, James, Vitoria Midfield: Hutchinson, Eustaquio, MAK, Piette, Oso, Wings: Davies, Hoilett, Millar FW: Larin, David, yes I’m missing a forward. Yes it is “he who shall not be named in this thread” because he will be there for the game bs Cayman Islands edit: Cordova could be replaced with Waterman
  7. Suriname has to be stronger than Belize now. Maybe we see them in CONMEBOL for the 2026 cycle?
  8. It’s actually a 22 man squad, the 23rd being the 3rd keeper. 11 players in a starting lineup and there is 2 lineups
  9. Here’s what I think our strongest 2 lineups are for our final 23 (shows more strength then that of a 50 man):
  10. I’m happy Weah gets the start. He’s played good these past few weeks and he links well with David
  11. tough situation, Davies is partly to blame thats for sure just didnt think it was ALL on him
  12. while he did break the defensive line and kept the forward onside, i wouldnt put it all on him. Sarr shouldnt be beaten like that and its tough when the cross makes it past both CBs
  13. Played for Brazils youth teams, has 0 connection to Canada apart from his time at TFC. Pretty sure that disqualifies him from being eligible for a 1 time switch. Could be wrong though. IF he is eligible, no doubt in my mind he would be a much welcomed addition. Laryea, Auro, ZBG, Johnston, and Cordova. That would be my RB “depth chart” at this very moment, if he was to switch. Of course with their potential and age, ZBG/Johnston could quickly over take him, but man would he be a good depth piece for us.
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