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  1. No way in hell that top 3 should have anyone but Davies David and Hutch on it.. Dont get me wrong I’m an Oso fan but I think those 3 are undisputed at this moment
  2. Yes sir, Abbotsford Mariners. He also coached our Abbotsford Y League academy team. Once he went full time at FC Edmonton, he was replaced with Alan Errington/Ian Knight, also 2 well established Canadian soccer coaches. Needless to say growing up I was lucky to have some top level coaches
  3. Subs: Hoilett, Arfield, McKenna, Bernier, Stalteri, Bunbury, Borjan went for a “best XI” based off of who I’ve seen live/tv. Went with Colin Miller just based of the fact that he’s a former coach of mine. Felt silly to not have Davies or David on there because I think they will go down as the most talented/successful Canadian soccer players of all time. Currently working but I’m thinking I’m going to do another lineup including all of our missed duals
  4. Yes, I don’t disagree. But I also think you underestimate the amount of countries that also watch/play hockey more then then basketball. I’m not going to name the obvious countries, but Denmark, Austria, Poland, Latvia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Japan, Korea are just some off the top of my head that I’m willing to bet Ice Hockey is more followed, played and watched in those countries. I’m also willing to bet in countries like Germany, France and Italy there isn’t much of a gap, if any at all. This isn’t even including the obvious countries. While I’m not saying Hockey is BIGGER then basketball, I Think your comment claiming “it’s not even close” is just not accurate. If anything, they’re probably pretty comparable on the world stage edit: I follow international Ice Hockey and basketball probably just as much as I follow international soccer.
  5. Respectfully disagree, i wouldn't say Basketball is much more of a "world sport" then hockey. Both have relatively large followings outside of North America.
  6. Ugh. Clearly CSN doesn’t IP ban
  7. I was just looking at this same thread too haha. No footy is making us fans do some weird ****. Wonder how a fully healthy Canadian side would do against a German side now a days? Or even a Canadian side barring a few key injuries
  8. 1. Davies 2. David 3. Millar 4. ZBG 5. Tabla 6. Nelson 7. Bassong 8. Habibullah 9. Brym 10. Bair Honourable mentions to Okello, Shaffleburg and Rutty edit disclaimer: Would’ve included Fraser but wasn’t sure if 21 is considered “u21”
  9. Named Bayern’s POTM for February!! (Sorry I’m still learning this whole forum thing and don’t know how to link a graphic tweet)
  10. Named to the AFC Champions League team of the week today
  11. I was at the game, and I agree. To be honest, aside from maybe Malinkovic the entire team looked a step too slow, and a little flat yesterday. Lucas should’ve finished that through ball from Adnan to tie the game. Help is on the way though and let’s hope it’s only up from here for Cavallini and the caps 🤞🏻
  12. Can’t he file his one time switch if it was only for youth teams?
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