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  1. Pretty much exactly what I would have. I would just have Johnston in for Henry simply for the fact that it makes it easy for a formation change to a 4-4-2/4-3-3 if we’re having troubles with our back line getting penetrated on the counter
  2. Once again, a little positive spin on Larins injury
  3. Wouldn’t mind Akindele as a replacement, certainly deserves it. But how would you all feel giving Bustos the call? Good finisher and could play the goal scoring playmaker role at the 10. Unsure if he was on the provisional though
  4. A lot of time on the ground for the Americans, and you just know it’s going to be a short injury time
  5. I’m okay with some rotation but I do NOT want to see Sturing, not against our biggest rivals. it is weird how the constant narrative is we need to play “ocho level teams” yet when the time comes everyone’s calling for a rotated squad. I understand the circumstances but I say go for the throat
  6. Herdman already said they’re treating the USA game like a derby, and it’s not very common to start your bench squad in a derby game.
  7. Tajons ceiling is more then likely above Liga MX, but more Canadians in the league would be great for the program. You don’t see too many players move from Liga MX to top 5 Euro leagues because the majority of Mexican National players in the league are very comfortable with staying in Mexico, the league pays great and has a good skill level, dominating the region. Any player with the quality to play regularly in that league is capable of top Euro leagues.
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