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  1. Potential roster management. IIRC they have a cup game Thursday. Still don’t see why you just give that game to Hernandez
  2. Apparently Alaba out due to “muscular problems”. Still questioning the Davies bench. Bayern twitter responses are a mix of jokes about making to many videos with his girlfriend, while other suggesting he’s playing back up to Sane with Coman out.
  3. Davies on the bench with Hernandez at LB for start of FC Bayern season.....
  4. He had been promised some minutes in each of the last 2 games but the red cards hurt his chances there.
  5. Obviously nothing but speculation as he’s seemingly been traveling a bit recently.. but Zorhan checked in @ Gent today on his Instagram story. Would be a great spot for him to land
  6. I’m confused, ZBG has started a lot of games this year at RB for impact and has been a definite bright spot for them there as well. Maybe I’m reading your comment wrong ? ZBG looks great going forward
  7. Well I guess you really never watched Stephen play while at Pacos. He’s a pretty impressive ball winner AND ball mover, truly bosses the midfield. He’s a big reason why Pacos started climbing the table, and that’s including the games against the big 4
  8. As I said before, the attractiveness of playing on a mid/bottom table team in Portugal is the exposure of playing in Europe itself.
  9. I agree with this. I think the big seller for playing for a mid/bottom table Liga NOS team as compared to an MLS team would be the exposure of playing in Europe itself.
  10. If we were to play some friendlies before WCQ begin, but NA/Euro based, how would you all feel about these squads ?
  11. Both Miller and Johnston go the distance. Gotta love it
  12. Yes sir, he’s played RB that last 2 games IIRC!!
  13. Just played 90 at RB in 1-0 win for Nashville, and apparently had a strong game. Looking good for our depth at RB going forward
  14. Couldn’t help but notice Ferdi is pretty versatile across the midfield, having experience at CAM/RW/LW, although I’m not sure how much experience on the wings. Couldn’t help but brainstorm some possible lineups with Ferdi in: edit: my bad on having Henry in net on the 3rd formation 😅
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