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  1. If Akinola accepts the call for the US in December he’s gone for good, one time switch filed or not. It stings a little extra due to the circumstances, but I’m thinking if he easily accepts the call he never really had us in his plans anyways. As for where he sits in our depth chart, it’s 1. Larin, 2. Cavallini then 3. Akinola for me. 4th if we include David in that. If we’re talking potential though, skys the limit. could definitely be a starter in the program if he continues his trajectory
  2. I agree with this. He played all year as a RW, just RB the last 2 games. He played great I just don’t know why everyone is pencilling him in as a RB. Besides, we need more depth on our wings.
  3. If Inglostadt don’t get promoted this year, I would love to see Cannigia at a higher level. I think he is underrated in our Winger depth
  4. The take and the finish!! thats the Ice Man we know and love! here we go boys!!!
  5. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Off the post.... Our boy just cant catch a break
  7. 10 mins in and hes looking really hungry.. My gut is telling me he puts at least 1 away today
  8. With Fannis contract ending this year, and Camacho In 21, one would think the Impact would be a good place for Cornelius to go
  9. That, is one hell of a finish. The man is back
  10. I agree with this, I would take Buchanan over Choiniere though
  11. this is our best lineup. I like Larin up top at this moment, but this is top 3 in CONCACAF worthy
  12. Im confused, what is he taking a pill about? All he did was say Odunze was called up but no surprise because he was a long shot?
  13. The assist for all who didn’t see:
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