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    • But he's right all options are on the table
    • Well at least he's a football fan. When they were giving out assignments at the bot farm in Nigeria they were like ok who wants to be a White Supremacist on youtube comment sections? Ok do we have any takers on pretending to be Black Lives Matter on twitter? K good. Oh here's an interesting one, who wants to stir up **** on a Canadian soccer forum? "Robert" was like oh oh oh me sir I'll take that one! Yes! He couldn't believe he could combine both his passions and get paid for it. Tearing at the cultural fabric of western civilization and football. What luck
    • What can I do?  IP block doesn't work.  Just make a new email, use a vpn.... if russian bots can do it, so can he. The platform is dead. ******** like him killed it long ago.  
    • Wow, that brings back memories. That was the year I discovered I wasn't the only person in Canada who cheered for the football team! It was sheer serendipity that the game was on while my brother was visiting from the UK. I remember I had to call and talk to Winnipeg Fury (a complete stranger at the time) to get the tickets because he was obviously being very careful to keep Jamaica fans out of the V's section. I do a fairly good fake Jamaican "Hellooo Mon" and for a joke I was going to open with that when I called him but decided against in case I didn't get the tickets! So we went to whatever pub it was in Toronto to get the tickets and the place was absolutely packed. Four deep at the bar just to get a drink. So, priority one, I found Fury (or whomever it was) at the back and got the tix. Priority two, we fought our way to the bar and decided it would be best to get two pints each instead of one to put off having to go through the ordeal a second time. No sooner had we extricated ourselves from the crush at the bar and had one pull from the first of our two hard won pints than somebody yelled "TIME TO GO" and everybody streamed for the exits! My brother has a hollow leg that I do not possess so he downed his two in about 30 seconds. I choked mine down as quickly as I could because wasting beer is a sin and we quickly caught up to "The March", which was awesome. Atmosphere at the match was magnificent, Canada going ahead was glorious, and man we should have got the win. Such a shame that Onstad fluffed his lines on that corner. Anyway, a red letter day for Canadian football based on the incredible home support and we have gone from strength to strength in that regard since. Too bad about the result but subsequent results proved it was not in the cards for us anyway, and it was a great day out despite the draw. Good times!  
    • CONCACAF has released a statement to say the Nations League Finals "will be rescheduled to a later date" and the Gold Cup qualifiers are "postponed".    That should eat up at least one FIFA window. https://www.concacaf.com/en/article/concacaf-statement-regarding-the-suspension-of-the-concacaf-nations-league-finals-road-to-gold-cup-qualifiers-and-flow-caribbean-club-championship   Could be a moot point because FIFA is starting bilateral discussions about changing the FIFA calendar in response to Covid     Concerning the men’s international match calendar: To postpone all international matches due to be played during the upcoming June 2020 window; and To organise bilateral discussions with confederations concerning 2022 FIFA World Cup qualifiers in order to finalise a revised match schedule pending health and safety developments. https://www.fifa.com/who-we-are/news/dedicated-covid-19-working-group-proposes-recommendations-after-first-meeting
    • Right now the only expected signing is Viti (Victor Martinez, from Gimnastic). That doesn't mean ex-Fury won't be signed, but there also aren't many of them left available. By my count, only 5 (Oliveira, Obasi, De Freitas, Tissot, and Mutambala) played 2+ games last season and are currently available. Tissot's been discussed and it seems rather unlikely he'll be back in Ottawa at this point, I haven't seen Mutambala's name mentioned. Maybe he would, since he's young? No idea.
    • Gold cup can't be used because some countries would be eliminated before it ever began. Doesnt  matter that the US Virgin Islands wouldn't have qualified to begin with but they still deserve the chance.
    • Yesterday, all the sports sites in the Hispanic area of Concacaf highlighted that it is virtually certain that El Salvador would be in the final hex after the cancellation of the friendly dates in June. Even the Spanish journalist closely linked to the Concacaf Mister Chip (Alexis Martin-Tamayo) referred to it. In fact, this journalist usually anticipates the official statements of Concacaf, because he works indirectly for this Conferderación, advertising his tournaments. In Panama there is a saying that says: when the river sounds, stones bring.  Let's not be surprised that all of this is well cooked. The best thing that could happen is that more FIFA dates  will be suspended and thus a total format change would have to be made. I attach some links, sorry they are in Spanish but they refer the same https://www.tvn-2.com/deportes/Panama-oficialmente-Hexagonal-CONCACAF_0_5547195251.html https://us.marca.com/claro/futbol/seleccion-usa/2020/04/03/5e86bf8f22601da71a8b459f.html https://us.as.com/us/2020/04/03/futbol/1585865160_195411.html https://www.lateja.cr/deportes/hexagonal-de-concacaf-rumbo-a-catar-2020-esta/H7Z3HM7CD5D7POEBQKW2V24PH4/story/
    • anymore ex fury expected to be signed
    • If I remember correctly, Hume was wrongfully given a card on the play to add Insult to injury. 
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