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    • The last card FIFA has to clear calendar space is to move the Intercontinental playoff back to September 2022.  That is the last window before the start of the World Cup.  That would give CONCACAF 4 more dates in June 2022.  Remember, it's not just CONCACAF that is pressed.  Asia has no room left to budge either.  This March window coming up is a breaking point. Given the rumours of an Olympic cancellation, I won't be surprised if there are more dominoes left to fall in football. Will UEFA be willing to sacrifice ticket revenue this summer and hold the Euro behind closed doors? Or maybe they push it back another year.  Same with the Copa America and Gold Cup.  Then would that push the World Cup back a year? At this point, I wouldn't be against it.  We could then be spoiled with two World Cups in 2 and a half years
    • Vitoria is pretty nailed. Montreal have up a lot for Miller, I'd be shocked if he isn't starting every game likely in a back 3.  James will get an opportunity to start consistently and Kennedy slowly getting more playing time. Kennedy always seems to be rated high on who scored. 
    • My personal position hasn't shifted. I think 3 MLS teams, 12 CanPL teams, and a nationwide network of 4-6 high-level amateur/semi-pro regional leagues is the Canadian football sweet spot. Promotion and relegation would actually be a detriment to finding that ideal place.
    • I am not that confident Ayo is ours yet. He never made the cut for the USA roster because he wasn't part of the USA camp.  Could still go either way as I see it. 
    • MLS offer basically cushions any major impact to player salaries this year despite the covid hit. But MLS gets a larger share of any spoils from a better tv contract and bump from WC 26. So the players are in a tight spot - get a pacifer today to get royally screwed later unless you believe MLS revenues will have hard time recovering from covid. I don't think most of the players are in a position (or care) to think about the prospects of future players but I also think they won't back down too easily given what they are being asked to give up. So, I think there will be a delay to the season.
    • Good points here. I think we often split hairs when comparing some leagues. None of them are the CPL and none of them are Big 5. I noticed Vitoria has been wearing the armband as of late, he is scoring, and most importantly he has had a consistent run in the team going back to the end of last season. Even starters get rotated, and I think that is the case with him. So I think we can safely say Vitoria is a starter for his club. The rest will have to earn their spot and Henry will have to get healthy and reclaim his starting role in Korea.
    • He must of made his decision by now. Why doesn't he just announce it and finally settle this one way or the other. I'm sick and tired of all this dicking around.
    • Reality is that right now, we have a total of 0 Center backs that are established starters at their current clubs and I believe that they are all playing at comparable levels.  So much that even if one was able to find consistent playing time at their club, it will give them advantage.  A low B2 team is not much different than a mid table Liga Nos team, which is not much different that a top Danish team team, which is not much different that a low Greek Superlig team which is not much different than mid to low MLS team.  For a period there Doneil Henry was the exception who was playing every game for Vancouver and then even with Suwon when he first transferred there.  Now, unfortunately injuries have hit him again. Our current center backs have basically all either finished the season with less than 1,000 minutes or are pace to finish with less than 1,000 minutes (except Vitoria).  That equates to about a dozen full league games in a season. Kennedy has played 433 minutes in B2 this season Cornelius played 904 minutes for Vancouver last season Kamal Miller played 805 minutes for Orlando last season James played 450 minutes in Danish Superligaen/UEFA Champions League this season Vitoria is probably our most consistent CB when it comes to playing time with club and even he gets dropped from the starting lineup from time to time. If any one of these players truly becomes an outright starter for their club, it almost seems a given that they would be in consideration for automatic starter for Canada.  This info above is based on club form.  Both Vitoria & Cornelius have the advantage that they looked well paired together in some crucial games for Canada.  But by our next set of international fixtures, that will be about 18 months ago.  
    • I feel like we all agree on Botman, which must be saying something. I am surprised that Ajax let him go for that price. I think there is a real concern about his quickness, but his intelligence and positioning make up for it. Sort of like a Per Mertesacker, who was always pretty slow but was able to play in a high line. Mats Hummels is maybe another stylistic comparison, but at his peak Hummels was absolutely incredible with his positioning and distribution. Bradaric I am pretty meh on. As a prospect he is better than Reinildo due to age, but as of now Reinildo is the better player. I am more impressed by Celik at right back.
    • I hope you're not suggesting that David is also ready to go to a strong team in a big four league..
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