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    • Without looking it up I think he was at around 230k or so, which is a pretty good deal for teams looking for an international fullback in his early/mid 20s - who's also played over 100 matches in the league.  I don't think he qualifies as a home grown player, so would he take up an international spot stateside? 
    • USL is only marginally better than CPL and the pay is (probably) better, with more teams and bigger crowds, but I don't think he needs to make that move now at this point in his career. He's 21 years old and was making how much in Montreal? Low 6 figures? Maybe he doesn't have an immediate need for money at that age, coming off that contract. Not saying he should go to CPL, but if CPL and USL are his only options, does it really make sense to take 60K in USL versus 40K in CPL? I would say it may be better to take the 40K in the CPL and (hopefully) shine and then move on, instead of getting lost in the shuffle in the USL, where there are so many teams and players and he probably has to do more to get noticed. 
    • As another aside, I have to say that it is really startling to see the proliferation of sports betting in all sports events.  It is pervasive in every aspect of pro sports now and that seems to have happened relatively quickly.  I know it is far from a brand new phenomenon, but the level of saturation seems to have exploded in the last decade.  They are huge sponsors of teams, intermission shows are dedicated to detailing the odds, and commentators have clearly been instructed to reference that aspect of sports on a very regular basis.  Don't get me wrong - I couldn't care less if someone chooses to bet on sports.  But as someone who has never really done it much, I find it really interesting how it has become such a dominant theme in sports coverage.  
    • Whoa, that's a lot.  Not sure if that will actually hurt VWC, but it's harsh.  League sending some serious power trip vibes.
    • Ya, I agree with Duke, he does seem more polished at this point in time.  Gawd, this means I gotta listen to Marinaro again, pfft.....
    • Sean Rea released by CF Montreal.  Hope he lands at a higher level than the CanPL, but at the same time hoping he returns to Valour.
    • Not surprised but was hoping the exit of Losada would see him stay. I think his best path forward is probably another MLS team, unless he goes to Europe at a lower level, like Sweden or Norway, somewhere like that. But after missing out so much last year, I don't think he even gets a move like that, despite his potential. Nelson (same age) moved to Norway off the back of playing 31 MLS matches, so maybe he would have to accept a much lower level/club if he wanted to move to Europe. Conversely, he could sign elsewhere in MLS at a place where he could develop. He's good technically and is young and has an offensive slant to his game, so players like that are probably going to get a chance in the league as a substitute. If he can go to a Dallas (just throwing out an example), who knows how he could develop? 
    • Pretty surprised at that TBH.  He has generally been a solid option when he gets playing time and has had a few game-breaking moments.  I haven't done enough research to know what the value proposition when he salary was factored in but I certainly never saw him as a liability.  I really hope he lands at a solid club where he can continue getting good minutes in a competitive environment. 
    • Wow, the ZBG one is just as shocking as Rea and Assi.  Unless that's what ZBG wanted, either way, I'm not worried about ZBG, if anything he'll do better elsewhere.
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