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    • I’ll be honest, I haven’t seen enough CPL to really judge Bustos properly. In the Buchanan thread there is lots of discussion about him being one of our top winger/fullback options so yeah I think a lot of people would rate him above Bustos. I haven’t seen anyone really say that Bustos should be called up for a full strength national team.
    • I think Bustos was better. Its always fun playing on the best team
    • I say do the reverse Atiba. 
    • Who's season was better: Bustos this year or Borges in 2019? And Borges transferred to the Belgian 2nd tier. I doubt Bustos could get many minutes in the Chilean Primera for Colo Colo or Catolica, etc.
    • Any reports on how he did in his 59 minutes?
    • Let's put it this way, given his age and his talent and the season he just had for Pacific, he could probably, in my opinion, transfer to the Chliean top league and play for one of the big clubs. I don't think he would be a star, obviously, but he could earn a place on the squad and from there who knows? I could also see earning a starting role on a mid level team like Huachipato relatively quickly. If Juan Cordova can start for a team like that I don't doubt Bustos could, especially after the season he just had. And I mean, really at that point you have to ask, would he really be that far away from earning a Chile call? Remember, we are not talking about Bustos becoming a regular in the Chile national team. The question is, would Chile be interested enough to give him a look? I still don't believe it is as far fetched as some people may think. South American teams like Chile are obviously more accomplished than Canada, but they give a lot of caps to fringe players who wouldn't start in our best 11.
    • Keep in mind the MLS salaries tend to be reported in US dollars, so was that 175k actually +200k?
    • If he drops down I think it would be USL. He's on six figures in MLS and he wouldn't make anything close to that in the CPL.
    • TFC had an incredible 2017 and part of 2018 when they came within a penalty shootout from winning the Champions league. In 2019 had a so so regular season and lost in the MLS cup final , also had a good 2016 season making it to the MLS Cup final. Hosting two MLS Cup finals at home 2016 and 2017 because of having the most points in the regular season between  the last two teams standing themselves and Seattle both seasons . However, compared to the LA Galaxy dynasty teams back in the day and the present day Seattle Sounders who have won two MLS in the last four years and are on track to win their third in fours years TFC had been good but not dynasty material like the above mentioned teams. It’s time for them to start playing the younger players more and from watching some of these youngsters what a nice bunch of young players they have. Priso, Nelson, Marshal Rutty, Dunn , Okello , Peruzza  there is a lot of promise there and if they can get most of these guys going then what an exciting time this can be for TFC and Canadian soccer in general . Pozuelo has been at the highest level and I think has a good understanding of talent , therefore,   for him to say what he said he knows that these young players have talent and has no problem saying that he thinks these players should start playing more , he has faith in them or else he would not be saying what he said .
    • Forge winning is no given considering once again how much time there is between matches and going against a team in season and playing in heat, I know nothing about their opponent other than they beat a Jamaican side which hadn't played! I am pleased once again Forge have arrived early and are training in the conditions they will play in, the team will be ready I'm sure, I just hope they shake off any rust from time between matches quickly!
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