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  1. The only reason not to name a replacement to the roster would be that Herdman somehow believes Davies will be fit in time to return to the squad for the knockout phase.
  2. Sorry to say but no chance Pasher gets called ahead of Millar (who knows all the tactical systems and is well integrated into the culture) for WCQ. Gold Cup sure give him a look but no chance for WQC.
  3. Who is the internet wizard that got Marcelo Flores to appear as part of the squad in that link? Brilliant stuff.
  4. Corbeanu is on the bench for Wolves. Hope he gets a debut today.
  5. Another ESPN article up yesterday with a long discussion about USMNT needs for 2021-22 including finding a striker that lists just about everyone except Akinola. Hopefully he’s read it.
  6. Word out of Vancouver is Baldisimo is carrying some kind of injury so maybe just not available if he was in fact in the plans. Exciting roster for a January get together.
  7. This is it. From what I understand Herdman invites him to everything but Atiba has to manage his body so picks and chooses. Apparently he was willing to go to the November Europe camp that got cancelled. Hoping the blank 2020 for MNT will mean Atiba turns out for WCQ in 2021
  8. I think that surpasses Teibert’s career total. Someone please fact check me.
  9. It is so painful to watch Gonzalez and Ciman this season. Dreadful most nights. More painful to think of the salaries. How can Dunn not get his chance next season?! Would be hard to Be worse than those two geezers are.
  10. This is Keyser Soze agent driven rumour stuff. Nobody called him up. Have been asking around a bit and as best I can tell nobody in Herdman’s staff has ever heard of this guy let alone called him into a camp. Happen to proven wrong about this but I might as well hire an agent to announce that I was also called up for the March window lol
  11. Any highlight of his goal by chance? Great start for him hope he turns some heads!
  12. Weird the first set of lineups I saw on the FIFA app had him on there but I see it’s changed. Maybe it was the scotch playing hopeful tricks on my eyes!
  13. Martin Amuz is on the bench for Danubio this afternoon In Uruguay if he is still be followed?
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