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  1. Johnson is there. Arrived late. I’m sure some training pics of him will turn up soon.
  2. The above lineups look great but I honestly think we are going to see Both Atiba and MAK on the backline for the Gold Cup in order to manage Atiba’s aging body and to get the best 11 on the pitch. Agree Millar is in the second 11 at the moment but imagine he’ll see time in at least 2 of the group phase games. For me the toughest call is Godinho / ZBG. Can’t wait.
  3. **** ya! Well done lads I suppose world cup qualification is not too bad for no scouting and getting out coached every match I guess. (Sarcasm)
  4. If he’s not injured, really Makes me wonder if he is moving on for some reason or if the club plans to move him?
  5. Having a cast on his already busted up hand probably helped too!
  6. My bet is on zero CPL players. Too soon. No one has proven anything, save for the players who already have caps. None of them are really anywhere close on the depth chart either at the moment I’d think tho anyways. DeJong closest if not for injury. Sorry to say, but give it time.
  7. Great goal. Wonder if Odunze would have made that save with all that height if the US started him?
  8. Ha ha thanks missed that sub while taking a piss!
  9. Just wondering then if you have seen the complete list of players who declined invitations or were not released by their clubs? Actual insight would be nice if you can provide any.
  10. Shome (1st MLS goal) and Jackson-Hamel (has 2 after coming on as a sub around 70th min) have scored for Impact vs NE tonight. ZBG, Bahiya and Piette go the distance. Choiniere in for the last 8 min also. Good showing overall for the Canadian contingent tonight on the road, ZBG and Shome in particular.
  11. Six Canadians starting for Montreal tonight in DC! Choiniere Jackson-Hamel Bayiha Piette Shome ZBG
  12. I think we’re gonna see Kaye play at left back (for now) in a 4-3-3 so Phonzie can move up the pitch. MAK is versatile enough to play it smoothly with freedom to roam forward
  13. Same old? Cornelius has what, 4 caps lol. And zero goals against in any appearance for a +/- of like +15. Early days I know tho ha.
  14. Had anyone been able to confirm the extent of the injury Eustaquio sustained a few weeks back when he debuted in Mexico? Any news in the Mexican media? If it was a “done for the season” Ferreira style knee injury, I’m not sure he’d be the guy to announce while on the long term injury list. Hopefully his knock was not so serious but haven’t seen any news about him so wondering. Him or Tomori would be great to add to the pool.
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