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  1. Liam Fraser if he can get out of Toronto.
  2. Love Junior and watched him a lot over the last few years for club and country. Dynamic yes. Cracking with both feet yes. Often fades badly after 60 min yes. Disappears at times to conserve energy it seems. Lots of miles under his belt. For that reason I think for MNT in future we should see him start and subbed off around the hour mark or come off the bench around 65-70 min depending on opposition and how many games in the FIFA window. My guess anyways.
  3. This just might be your most sensical post yet bud. Glimmer of hope!
  4. Paton will be with U23 yes for sure but I don’t think there’s a depth chart deep enough for Trafford at the moment.
  5. T + T x 2. Less points available for us.
  6. Dear Kyle...The point is that I am pretty much saying this is who Canada will play in March. By all means bookmark the post and correct me if I am wrong whenever there is an official announcement.
  7. If we are playing at all it’s pretty much down to T+T at this point as far as opponent options go.
  8. Davies was clocked at 34.76km/hr vs Leipzig today. Just insane. https://apple.news/AyfTgYMsJT4yfJAMBi3BvjQ
  9. Davies was clocked at 34.76km/hr vs Leipzig today. Just insane. https://apple.news/AyfTgYMsJT4yfJAMBi3BvjQ
  10. He declined calls for ages until it was clear to him that returning to MNT could benefit his club career. He has parlayed MNT 2017 Gold Cup showing first from Uruguay to a bigger contract in Liga MX and now strong MNT performances have played a big role into DP $$ in MLS. Now that he and his family are “set” let’s see if he accepts call ups every window (presuming form justifies it) or picks and chooses when it suits him. If he accepts every call moving forward, then I think it will reveal more about his affinity for Canada (and Herdman perhaps) than it has in the past. Cynical post perhaps but the next 2 windows of playing friendlies will reveal a lot I think about how he feels about Canada and his MNT teammates.
  11. Cordova starting this afternoon as the Chilean league is up and running again.
  12. Lol except that in the Lucas lands in Vancouver videos from the signing announcement both days the club staff brought him Tim Hortons so he’s gotta be at least 5-10% Canadian right there if not more.
  13. Fact check: Actually, It turns out that Chapman left the squad after the second Barbados match and that Teibert was not even on the bench last night for whatever reason (injury, illness etc.) so how about we all understand which players were even dressed before the collective “we” calls for someone to start or come off the bench in a particular setting. General comment just saying.
  14. Didic is the pick of the lot and will probably start vs Iceland ahead of James.
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