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  1. I confidently believe that once we get to see what Estaquio is really capable of the “will Hutch accept the call” anxiety ahead of each camp will dissipate.
  2. Lol on what planet does De Jong get called after a ruptured Achilles and one CPL appearance this year? Nevermind. Same planet as Estaquio with a torn ACL and a few U20 games under his belt I guess.
  3. Zator did not have a fantastic finals but played very well much of the year at right back. I think fair to say Laryea has grabbed the RB spot in the eleven at this point but that Herdman is still auditioning young players there. Who knows. Godinho has been playing regularly in Germany so again who knows maybe he gets called back if Cordova is on ice because of unrest. Also, on the road I think we may see a more defensive formation especially late in the game if tied or up. That might look like a back 3 with Vitoria, Henry, Cornelius with Miller (also CB option) and Laryea. Big bodies like Didic (apparently did well last camp) and Zator could be useful down the stretch if US is pushing for win and we are facing a barrage of set pieces in our own half (not that I think either would see the pitch unless emergency like injury or early red). Having said that, I am still holding my breath that Laryea comes through MLS finals healthy.
  4. My bet is Cordova is out for this one so Zator gets a look.
  5. Umm...we literally had a two match window last month.
  6. I think Cordova gets called again for USA ahead of ZBG and definitely ahead of Godinho. If he does, he’s the current #2 RB.
  7. I was honestly expecting a link to bushchicken.com to take me somewhere very different
  8. Since Henry is suspended and James seems to be not be in Herdman’s plans for now at least, does anyone think Amuz will get a called in for USA? Has anyone ever seen him play? Does mostly riding the pine on a lower table Uruguayan club make him more likely to get a call over Straith or some CPLers? Do we have indication if he would even accept a call for us? This of course is presuming Tomori is declining Herdman’s advances.
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