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  1. Lol except that in the Lucas lands in Vancouver videos from the signing announcement both days the club staff brought him Tim Hortons so he’s gotta be at least 5-10% Canadian right there if not more.
  2. Fact check: Actually, It turns out that Chapman left the squad after the second Barbados match and that Teibert was not even on the bench last night for whatever reason (injury, illness etc.) so how about we all understand which players were even dressed before the collective “we” calls for someone to start or come off the bench in a particular setting. General comment just saying.
  3. Didic is the pick of the lot and will probably start vs Iceland ahead of James.
  4. Davies has scored in the first half of Bayern’s friendly in Nuremberg
  5. Heard that Tabla was committed but withdrew From camp poutine because of illness. As a result, another fortunate young player got called and got their first cap the other night it or might get it tonight so there is a silver lining. Maybe Borges was the call up to replace him? Who knows. Wishing Tabla speedy recovery and hope to see him back on the pitch somewhere soon.
  6. Have learned that this also camp includes 1-2 other friendlies against Caribbean opposition. Looks like Herdman is going Hex or bust. Awesome IMO. Also learned that there will be at least 2-3 new faces for their first MNT camp, including possibly a player from the U17 World Club team. The squad will apparently have a healthy dose U23 eligible players.
  7. Good to see Jonathan David back in the 11 for Gent today
  8. Have learned that the services for his mom are Saturday if anyone wishes to send condolences to JD and his family directly or if a V’s admin can or will coordinate something here is the reception location below. Kelly Funeral Home 2370 Boulevard St Joseph Orleans, Ontario K1C1G1
  9. I think Diop is out of contract so Hoping Pantemis will be with in the 18 this year. The Impact definitely rate him and so does Herdman’s staff.
  10. FWIW I heard Akindele was brought in as a training player in Orlando last month. Proximity, sure. Also suggests he is still very much on the radar.
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