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  1. Anyways. Let’s get back to Borges, since this a thread about him. Hope he gets a nice vertical move after the season, wherever that may be.
  2. No I am not. Both the MNT Scotland friendly and U23 sides were selected by Findlay before Zambrano was hired. Yes Zambrano took over on the sideline in Qatar but the roster was already selected. Findlay himself said as much when I had the chance to speak to him at an airport later that summer. Zambrano apparently had not even met some of his assistant coaches before he took over, let alone select a roster for a camp.
  3. Kaye and Cordova were both selected by interim coach Michael Findlay to participate in that U23 camp in Qatar before Zambrano was even hired. Zambrano was at that camp after his hiring and most certainly evaluated them and followed them after - hence the Gold Cup opportunity for Kaye and the friendly call up for Cordova. Neither were “discovered” by Zambrano.
  4. Really glad to see Cordova get a chance to show himself. I imagine Laryea will get the home game at BMO and Cordova will play the away match? Playing time aside, wondering if James was just really unimpressive (on and / or off the pitch) when he was in under Herdman last? Maybe he just doesn’t fit in the current culture we hear Herdman speaking about so he’s trying out other capable pieces.
  5. My call is Cordova and Laryea with both get a look at RB vs Cuba. ZBG and Godinho stay home.
  6. Umm no. It’s a 2 game window this time around. Some rotation is probable playing Sept 7 and Sept 10 with a travel day in there.
  7. I think we’ll see Johnson back and possibly Wotherspoon too if we are short on defensive mids with Hutch and Piette injured. The most likely youngster to get called would be Fraser or Shome IMO
  8. Johnson is there. Arrived late. I’m sure some training pics of him will turn up soon.
  9. The above lineups look great but I honestly think we are going to see Both Atiba and MAK on the backline for the Gold Cup in order to manage Atiba’s aging body and to get the best 11 on the pitch. Agree Millar is in the second 11 at the moment but imagine he’ll see time in at least 2 of the group phase games. For me the toughest call is Godinho / ZBG. Can’t wait.
  10. **** ya! Well done lads I suppose world cup qualification is not too bad for no scouting and getting out coached every match I guess. (Sarcasm)
  11. If he’s not injured, really Makes me wonder if he is moving on for some reason or if the club plans to move him?
  12. Having a cast on his already busted up hand probably helped too!
  13. My bet is on zero CPL players. Too soon. No one has proven anything, save for the players who already have caps. None of them are really anywhere close on the depth chart either at the moment I’d think tho anyways. DeJong closest if not for injury. Sorry to say, but give it time.
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