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  1. Edgar is way older than Cornelius. Think he is leading on the death chart 😀
  2. "La semana del 13 de octubre jugarán un cuadrangular con México, Canadá y Nueva Zelanda. Luego, Aimar definirá el equipo que estará en el Mundial". Hoping, "cuadrangular" translates as quadrangular with Canada also playing Mexico and New Zealand.
  3. Sloly also played for the Toronto Blizzard and in the '85 FIFA World Youth Championship alongside Alex Bunbury. He must have some good soccer stories. 👏👏👏 http://www.canadiansoccerhistory.com/Topical news/Brian_Budd_Recipients.html https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1985_FIFA_World_Youth_Championship_squads#_Canada
  4. Thanks. Seems Brym has been contacted by Mauro Biello of the U23 team for a camp this summer that didn't come to pass. Sounds as though Charles Andreas would be willing to play since it would not affect his ultimate choice of Canada or France.
  5. ?? I guess that puts paid to the Marshall-Rutty allegiance question ... for now.
  6. ^ Fair enough @Ansem. I just think this could have been settled sooner and in a clear-cut manner had the CSA taken charge and said "one and only one" more year of sanctioning once CPL is established. Presumably that would have been enough for USL/USSF to tell the Fury they had to go.
  7. So, where does the CSA stand on this? They could end the uncertainty and refuse to sanction the Fury but have chosen not to get involved. The CSA should be helping the CPL establish itself in Ottawa, either with the Fury joining the CPL or preparing the way for a new CPL club to be established in the nation's capital. Standing on the sidelines to see what happens with CONCACAF seems like abdication of responsibility for their jurisdiction. Don't understand it.
  8. Was kind of hoping for him to land in at least B2, but if Ingolstadt are good candidates for promotion, so be it.
  9. He has to switch to represent Canada? But yes, hope he is on the U23s radar.
  10. Wow. Official recognition from FIFA LiveScore. This thing is real!
  11. This format has been used before as in the 2015 Pacific Nations rugby tournament (https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/2015_World_Rugby_Pacific_Nations_Cup ). I see the the advantages of an additional match (as in the example) and playing common opponents but it does take some getting used to.
  12. Overall, York9 might pip the best jersey pair for me. I like the home white of olden days. Cavalry jerseys are close behind. Fairly pleased with the offerings Macron came up with.
  13. One doesn't "Get Teal'd" so much as "Tealing" oneself. Ex: "Oh man, fool gon Teal himself with the Dutch"
  14. Hope that the apertura/clausura thing isn't true. The league should be keeping it simple to start with. Straying too far from the familiar North American sports model is probably ill-advised. Not sure what it does for them.
  15. Owen **********: PLAY FOR CANADA! DON'T FORCE ME TO TAKE YOU OFF THE REGISTER! That always stuck with me - In the now invalid <blink> tags . Memories indeed.
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