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  1. What a disgusting display from Montero in his interaction with Camacho. Stands over and taunts an injured player and goes down like he's been shot after getting flicked in the knee. Obviously Camacho deserved red but you'd think Montero could face a fine for that sort of simulation. I also wonder whether incidents like those that occur in the penalty area should be punished by giving a penalty. It has nothing to do with removing a scoring chance. You wouldn't give a penalty for dissent if the argument occurred in the penalty area. That said, 'Caps looked decent. Kept it level 11 on 11, then took advantage when up a man. Veselinovic doesn't look as good as he did in Orlando but Cornelius and Gutierrez look solid at the back.
  2. Garcia threw himself do the ground, but Wheeldon was getting handsy.
  3. I do agree that the player side of his role seems a bit incongruous with the aims of FCMB and other teams in that league, but getting involved in management is the bigger story. He could be an important contributor to the sport in Manitoba if he sticks around.
  4. Is there any requirement for teams to play their U21 Canadians going forward in the tournament?
  5. You asked the question regarding whether the CPL needs parity when it's obvious you have answered it for yourself. So if parity is not to be desired, what is the value proposition for fans in, say, Edmonton and Winnipeg in an unbalanced league if they were perennial doormats?
  6. In local time, all games are on the 9th, 12th, and 15th, so the difference in rest is a matter of hours, not days.
  7. An unbalanced league is fine for the teams at the top, but it's hard to imagine supporters staying excited about a team that finishes near the bottom every year, especially without the intensity of a relegation battle. Especially in a new league where fans have no history of winning to draw upon in the lean years.
  8. If they didn't fire him after last year, there's no reason to get rid of him now.
  9. Ignoring the forward position was a huge mistake, but where else did this team lack depth? Dunn was key player that came late on a loan deal, but he was basically a one for one replacement for Soto. It's hard to imagine the depth being tested more over a 28 game schedule with proper rest than it was in this 7 game tournament with at best 3 days off between games. Six of the players to line up in defense for Valour were injured on the island. I don't think that would be likely to be repeated under any other circumstance. I agree about the U-Sports draft, though few of the other draftees have made valuable contributions so far. The team wasn't good enough this year, but much improved from 2019, including in organization, defense, and especially mentality. As much as I hate to admit it, much of the credit for these improvements has to go to Gale.
  10. I was pretty harsh on Pena's play as a left back, but it's not really his fault that he's the best option after injuries to Bouka-Moutou and Levis. But we saw today that when he is played in his actual position he can be an effective player.
  11. The new signings were big, but the development of the central midfield also made a difference, and that was largely with their existing group (Ohin, Gutierrez, Galan, and Carreiro). As long as Gale can resist the temptation to play Gutierrez and Ohin all over the park wherever there's an injury like he did last year, I think that is something to build on in addition to some of the new signings.
  12. I'm pretty sure that logo does not represent the Calgary Strikers, given it includes the map of Minnesota.
  13. Ricci is a really frustrating player to watch but he was hauled down for what looked like a pretty clear penalty late on, which would have been the third one he's drawn in the tournament.
  14. I wonder what happens to Julian Dunn in 2021. I don't see him getting MLS minutes with Vanney in charge, but do they look to transfer or loan him out again?
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