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  1. There's something to be said for showing up for one's national team and performing when called upon. You won't find me throwing any shade at Ricketts.
  2. Just sounds like a baseball broadcast, tbh, and frankly something I'd prefer over what I listened to from a certain crew this morning.
  3. Ciman had some defensive vulnerabilities when playing with Montreal, but his physical attributes have fallen off a cliff since then. There is no longer any ability to recover from a mistake. That said, what does it say for the fitness of Gonzalez and Mavinga that both were asking to come off after 60 minutes of a match where their team was totally in control and the CBs were barely called upon to run at any point.
  4. I'm not ready yet to write off the possibility of playing games with fans in seats in 2020, but we should not be looking to anything happening south of the border as a model for a restart.
  5. Is this news? Am I the new tweet-posting parrot?
  6. I think the teams in Belgium and especially in Holland that play regularly in Europe will have a lot more quality and especially depth, but I don't think a team like Venlo or Sittard or Kortrijk or Sint Truiden is better than your average MLS side. Different story even just 5 years ago.
  7. Off the pitch, Lille would also be less of an adjustment. He already speaks French, and Lille is in the same region as Gent. Heck, if he wanted, he wouldn't even have to move.
  8. Not Davies' best game by a long shot, but when that kind of performance stands out as poor he's set quite a high standard for himself. I actually thought he was better with the ball than usual, playing better short combination balls rather than trying to take on his man or passing back, which are his usual options 1a and 1b. But defensively he was all over the place. Again, for me, he never plays that position for Canada.
  9. It's still not clear to me whether I'm going to have to re-activate my OneSoccer account or if it will be available for free on Youtube like the previous Pokal matches.
  10. This makes me even more curious about CPL's no-university-campus rule. Where is the rule coming from? Seemingly not from any level of government, if the CFL is considering or has chosen Winnipeg as its hub city.
  11. The Manitoba campus is more or less closed for the time being. I don't know how things are elsewhere. The Orlando NBA/MLS model is just as exposed with all the resort staff commuting each day into the bubble. Every plan has a vulnerability. Seems to me there is no season at all if they require a perfect plan. In the end, that may be the correct decision.
  12. Disregarding the fact that many universities have already announced a primarily remote learning model for the fall semester, in many instances the stadium is the only on-campus facility they would need to access. Using IG Field at the University of Manitoba as an example, they would only be sharing stadium facilities with U-Sports football (season canceled) and CFL (also likely to cancel). Unless teams were staying in dorms, they would be staying in hotels off campus anyway. The bubble would be comprised of hotel-bus-stadium and there would be no interaction with staff or students on a largely empty campus. It's all rather nonsensical which leads me to believe this particular detail is not exactly true as we're seeing it reported.
  13. I'm comparing home crowds of maybe 500 tops vs single site empty stadium. You're still refunding a majority of your season's ticket revenue. I don't see a realistic scenario where larger crowds are allowed.
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