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  1. Was really scratching my head over Cheeta's "Two Tysons" framing, but I guess Tyler (Attardo) is close enough.
  2. Not sure where I saw or heard it. Probably Twitter, I guess, since there wasn't much of a broadcast on Wednesday. But word was that Janssens was out with a minor injury and didn't make the trip to Edmonton.
  3. The match kicked off again just now. Would be nice to be able to see it though.
  4. If they get things under way soon they'll be done before 11 local. Not unreasonable if you ask me.
  5. I'm all for dropping Murrell and especially if he's being asked to play as a left-footed RB as you predict, but I wouldn't be surprised if Gale squares that circle by starting Murrell at LB and finding a way to play Arguinarena further forward (Gutierrez at RB, Bustos on his off wing).
  6. How likely is it that we see Galan tomorrow vs Edmonton? And how great is it that the team finally gets to play again? It feels like it's been forever.
  7. If I heard correctly, he mentioned that he knew Adam Mitter from having crossed paths in Asia. I found this a bit curious because, as far as I can tell, they haven't played in any of the same countries (which is kind of amazing considering how many countries each have played in). Maybe there's a support group for guys who don't last more than 6 months at any team.
  8. Gale/Galan presser, when asked why they are signing a midfielder when goal scoring is a clear need, Gale responded rather confidently: "Watch this space". As for Galan, seems pretty clear that Golubar was a massive part of how Gale imagined his team playing, both in terms of offering some professional experience to a team with very little, and also his particular positional talents. It remains to be seen if Galan is up to the task, but it's obvious this is the role he is being asked to fill. It doesn't speak particularly well of Gale that he couldn't find another way to play and be successful, or to replace at least part of Golubar's production internally, but so it is. Given Mitter's possibly-even-worse professional resume and the fact he hasn't been a total disaster, I'm willing to give the benefit of the doubt until we've seen Galan play, and especially if an attacking signing is on the way. (I don't particularly expect any new defenders as they've probably already blown much of the salary budget on Murrell and Thomas).
  9. Not many more teams than Mitter in nearly twice as much time, but Adam's been OK. I suspect that what we'll find in the first few years in this league is that veteran internationals have something to add to most teams, even if their talent level isn't the highest. Just think of Valour's roster where half the guys are in their first season as actual professionals.
  10. Similar journeyman profile to our other veteran internationals, Mitter and Golubar. As for the injuries, the two biggest injuries (Golubar's ACL, Petrasso's lingering hamstring issue) are courtesy of Spruce Meadows and repeated scythings down by the Cavalry players. Mitter's shoulder injury probably didn't have much to do with the pitch either.
  11. Seems like a Josip Golubar replacement. I wouldn't have thought midfield is the most pressing need for Valour, but Ryan Brandt says he's an attacking central midfielder which, if he's the type that can create chances, has been sorely lacking since Golubar's injury. His resume doesn't really impress, but we'll see.
  12. It feels like so long since their last game (and 5 days still until their next!) that I had to look up the roster to make sure I haven't forgotten anyone. I like the 3-5-2 for what it allows the team to do with Gutierrez who, despite mounting evidence to the contrary, I still believe is a really good player. The unfortunate side of the 3-5-2 is I think that means Murrell has to play. Attardo-Bustos (in a withdrawn/free role) Arguinarena-Sacramento-LBG-Gutierrez-Petrasso Murrell-Mitter-Thomas Janssens Toughest calls for me are in goal, and who sits between the Ohin and Sacramento, and since they play different roles, that messes with the midfield configuration a bit. Sacramento and Gutierrez playing in a more advanced role than Beland-Goyette. Kind of crazy that we've all conceded that our best striker for now is a kid who just finished high school, but it is what it is. I do suspect, @Lofty, that Gale's lineup will more closely resemble yours than mine, although he seems less favourably disposed to Sacramento than you are. Can this lineup score more than 1 goal over 90 minutes?
  13. Vancouver fielded an A squad, or close. Montreal didn't have many regulars in the XI.
  14. Well, on the bright side, with this format guaranteeing a steady diet of minnows, Jonathan David will be Canada's all-time scorer by age 21.
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