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  1. With Valour he played most often on the right and centrally in a sort of #10 role.
  2. Rea at 19 years old was by far the best creative player ever to lace up the boots for Valour. Maybe it says more about the team than it does him, but I thought he'd at least become a useful player in MLS.
  3. Salter is a striker. Rea is not. He'd be competing for minutes with Bassett, for example.
  4. It's not so much that I don't like Campbell missing (though he is a key player) but I really don't like Verhoeven playing 90 minutes.
  5. Injury updates, sort of: Dante Campbell is day-to-day with an ankle injury, while Juan Pablo Sanchez is out a few weeks with the same. No updates on the long-term injured (Polisi, Williams). https://canpl.ca/article/preview-valour-fc-vs-pacific-fc-2024-match-36
  6. For me, the only way that Canadian Championship matches will have impacted attendance for CPL matches this year is that the big crowd of school kids Forge had for Montreal would have been a big crowd of school kids for a CPL match had they not advanced in the cup.
  7. and a willingness to foul constantly and persistently and bet (correctly) that the ref will be reluctant to call all of them. That's not a bet that the defending player can afford to make.
  8. I suppose what I meant is I don't consider Hiebert to be the first choice backup at any of the defensive positions. Maybe Marsch thinks otherwise. I know Miller is not in form right now with Portland but we know what levels he can reach. I haven't seen the same from Hiebert, who could develop further but might not (he and Miller are the same age).
  9. Forget Hiebert. Backups should be able to cover more than one spot. Miller and Laryea can both do so (though if Laryea is in form I'd consider starting him ahead of Johnston).
  10. https://valourfc.canpl.ca/article/match-report-valour-fc-0-atletico-ottawa-2 Match report gives 4228 as the number. I'll agree with the bird that there likely weren't that many bums in seats. Unlike some other teams, I don't think Valour ownership has much incentive to inflate their numbers (Wade wants to kill the team and poor attendance numbers help his case) but for whatever reason there was a big number yesterday.
  11. On the one hand, yes. On the other hand, if they aren't threatening the playoff spots, a points penalty is irrelevant, as is the performance penalty of throwing in a bunch of kids late in the season.
  12. There is a place for one-dimensional midfielders, but he always just seems so... bad. Taking two or three touches and a turn to play a simple give and go. He really doesn't seem comfortable at all on his right foot, and you don't usually see such one-footed players in the middle of the park.
  13. Every moment Hiebert was on the screen was terrifying. Otherwise what a fun little performance. Kone!
  14. It's not the only reason it all came apart, but Canada were at 0-0 against Netherlands until Marsch starting making subs. I don't blame him really - he needs to see his guys - but it disrupted whatever defensive cohesion there was, even just the first Shaffelburg for Millar sub. I hope he sticks with the starting XI, with the possible exception of Larin, for a bit longer.
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