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  1. At the risk of derailing this match day thread, are there any Winnipeg parents of youth soccer players that can inform whether group sales are being marketed to youth clubs?
  2. It's hard to say for sure as new blocks of unsold seats have been showing up on Ticketmaster in the last few days, but if all the grey dots on TM today represent sold seats, Valour is at just over 4000 so far for this evening. It will be definitely be lower than their first two home crowds but not terrible for a cool-ish early spring match on a Thursday.
  3. I enjoyed the guy doing the Blainville match.
  4. The defense has been iffy or worse, but Thomas has been mostly fine. Murrell has been a problem, especially when playing in the middle.
  5. Weather for game time actually looks pretty decent. Clear, calm and 10 degrees for kickoff, says Environment Canada.
  6. I have two CWNT caps (friendlies in Winnipeg vs USA in '14 and vs Costa Rica in '17) in addition to my one measly CMNT credit (WCQ vs Cuba in Winnipeg in '99).
  7. I haven't rated Murrell very highly so far but he's been the captain each match and I don't think Gale takes him out. I expect a lineup that resembles very closely what we saw vs Edmonton, but with Janssens in goal and Bustos and Musse taking the place of the injured Golubar and Petrasso. But who knows. A good article in the Free Press today mentioned that Federico Pena is the only Valour player not to see the pitch yet this season. Has he even made the subs bench?
  8. Oh, absolutely. When I finally get around to buying the Valour away, I'll do it at the Bomber store. But an option for some people, and some jerseys (Valour away, for example) don't appear to be available online anywhere else.
  9. Hadn't seen this before but all the CPL jerseys are available on the Macron online store. https://www.macron.com/int/en/catalogsearch/result/?q=canada Not sure about the price is at doesn't seem to change when you switch country/currencies.
  10. I hope if they get another crowd close to 10k, like the opener, they adequately staff the concessions. The lines and the concourses at halftime of Valour-Edmonton were more congested than for a Bomber game when there are often nearly twice as many people in the lower bowl.
  11. Last match, home or away, until June, so this is good to hear.
  12. He's having a great season. I'm not sure I believe he intended that goal as a shot though. We'll probably never know.
  13. ^ It sounds as though Golubar is not expected back any time soon, so I expect Sacramento will continue to get his chances.
  14. Also thought Bustos was great, especially considering his short time with the team. I preferred this ref to Wednesday's, and I think Valour, more than most CPL teams, benefits from a ref that calls the rulebook tight, due to their mostly small and technical group of midfielders.
  15. I liked her analysis but she clearly lacks polish as a broadcaster. Which is fine, as I suspect this is the first time she's been in such a role.
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