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  1. With Bustos, I wonder if his extreme one-footedness would be even more of a liability in a league with better defenders. It has already cost him a few goals this year and renders him less effective in many situations.
  2. Attardo has a weird-looking running style but I think he's plenty athletic. Where it's clear that there's still plenty to learn is his tactical understanding and making the correct runs. I don't know that a disorganized Gale team is the best place for that learning to happen but he has improved in that area since the start of the season. And I don't think he'll ever be plying his trade at the "highest levels" but if he can be useful CPL player at 17-18, it wouldn't be a surprise for him to move up at least a few tiers (MLS? Belgium? Second division in a big 5 nation?) before his career is over.
  3. I thought this referee was excellent in the first half, but she's had a number of big misses in the second.
  4. Poor defending from both Garcia and Ohin on that goal.
  5. Bustos did Something Very Good with his right foot!?!
  6. I've said several times he shouldn't be starting... as a winger/midfielder, where he's really quite bad, but where Gale has run him out too foten. As a forward, I like it.
  7. Corner into the box, and a Sacramento screamer. This game has to be making @Lofty happy.
  8. Is LBG drunk? Every touch has been sloppy and was in position to clear that cross easily but swung and missed.
  9. I think it's time Paolucci sees the game from the bench. He is better at nearly every forward-related skill than Attardo, but he just isn't fast or fit enough to match Attardo's movement. I'm not sure the trade off is always worth it but it is definitely time to give Attardo another look in his natural spot.
  10. ^ Those Ohin moments are exactly what you'd expect from a guy who is not a defender being made to play at the back. Lineup is out and Murrell is back in at CB. With Thomas, Le Bourhis sits. Le Bourhis probably deserves the bench at this point, but not if Murrell in the middle is the only alternative. Of course, it is literally impossible to defend worse than the team did in the last two matches, so we'll see. Ohin stays at RB.
  11. ^ He has 5 league goals, it's just that 4 are against Valour. He looked overmatched in the CONCACAF League matches against Olimpia. I guess I haven't seen much of Forge's other matches. What was crazy to me was that two or three times last night he beat the very rested Jordan Murrell for pace on straight line runs. Not a good look for Murrell.
  12. I don't know why I'm looking for silver linings in this shipwreck of a season, but the one Valour goal yesterday was a well-worked passing sequence from the 4 Winnipeggers on the pitch. Bustos-Sacramento-Bustos-Carreiro-Attardo.
  13. Until now I thought that Mitter had many of the qualities and instincts of a decent defender but was simply too unathletic to be a good player. Now I don't know what to think.
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