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  1. If Bustos does end up returning, I like the 2020 roster at least as much as the version we had at the beginning of 2019 (after the Golubar injury).
  2. The production was so-so, tailed off as his half-season went on, and he is not going to improve any at his age. Despite his impressive physique, his pace and athleticism were abysmal. I'm only speculating about wages, but I doubt he was at the lower end there either.
  3. I think you put Paolucci in the wrong envelope.
  4. I agree with some others that Valour will miss Petrasso, but that they also missed him for a good chunk of last season because he couldn't stay healthy. That has been a bugaboo of his at some of his other professional stops and not likely to go away as a diminutive player running around on FieldTurf. If Valour can find a player with three quarters of his talent but better durability I'd be happy with the exchange.
  5. Two goals from David at 74 and 77 minutes to put his side up 3-1.
  6. All of the team names in CPL are bad. If they end up going with Atletico Ottawa, that could still be one of the best 2 or 3 least bad names in the league.
  7. Assuming he was on bigger money than most of the other players, Paolucci had to go. He simply wasn't productive enough, and even though he was a decent finisher, he didn't have the physical attributes in order to get into positions to score.
  8. Murrell and Arguinarena are not returning in 2020.
  9. Trying to draw conclusions about a player's ability from their previous club level is a bit of a fool's errand, but you're right that the Malaysian and Spanish teams Baptiste was a part of were not at a high level. On the other hand, Baptiste was most recently playing in the Swedish third tier, the same level as York's Adjei and Forge's Achinoti-Jonsson, both useful CPL players in 2019. I'd be more concerned about Baptiste's paltry total of professional appearances since 2017, although one has no idea if he was healthy during that period.
  10. Still a better professional resume than Mitter.
  11. He's a decent signing. I'm not necessarily thrilled about loading up on mid 30s internationals, but even if their physical attributes are diminishing (obvious especially with Paolucci this past season) they should at least bring some needed professionalism to the side.
  12. In no way a surprise that Mitter isn't coming back, but unlike some of the other rumoured and confirmed departures, for me this is a case of addition by subtraction. Mitter was poor in every match, was far too slow even for this level, and seemed not to understand how to interact with other players on the pitch.
  13. No stream, only a few video highlights, yet the Americans' (not so?) friendly vs Iran (#IranvsUSA) is trending in Canada. SMH. Soccer has long way to go in this country.
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