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    Purple Reign Podcast E2: Interview with Rob Friend and PFC vs York9 Recap

    The Purple Reign Podcast is a collaboration between Maxwell Mowbray (PFCOntario) and Xav Ouellette (The Hydro Pole). With both hosts building a presence on Twitter, they have decided to take on the world of podcasting. Together these two Pacific FC fans created a one-stop podcast for all things Pacific FC. Despite the hosts being 3300 KM apart, Maxwell and Xav will bring you all the latest news, rumours and discussion regarding VanIsle football.

    The second episode of the Purple Reign Podcast includes:

    • A discussion on the 2-2 draw at the Pacific FC vs York9 FC match on May 18th, 2019.
    • An interview with Pacific FC CEO/Co-Owner/Sporting Director Rob Friend. This interview will include topics such as building Pacific FC, the emphasis on youth players at PFC, the lack of CanPL players on the Canada 40-man Gold Cup roster, and CanPL expansion.
    • A quick discussion on our new signing, Alexander “Makelele” Gonzalez.
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    • Well it's time to get my card out. I want to try and get a seat close to Ted.😉 The Next Sale starts today @ 10:00 am PST   0days0hours21mins32secs      
    • I find the pack animal behaviour as bad as a meltdown.  Just because someone bothered you in the past, does not mean every single post in the present has to be mocked in this manner. It is irrational, and basically cowardly. Because it is done in this mindless pack animal manner. In any case if you know so much about his past, you must have a thing for him. I simply block those that bother me, I have done this for months and even years, and only occasionally will take a peak at those that I think are not worth following. I often make a deliberate point of not responding to their posts. What you are saying that you think he's puking on the forum, but you are still going to eat that puke. So I'd say the problem is yours, not his. You are the ones eating it up and encouraging it by obsessing over it.
    • Last year a backup in the second tier of peru  
    • Thanks for your help. It's "click" "hold down" and "rename."
    • I am just hoping he finally finds his way back to a high-scoring mode, as we saw in Orlando. Many of those goals had nothing to do with soft defending, he has this quick release blast from the top of the box, is tough in the air, he was not just tapping stuff in. If he finds that form again, along with everything else, his stock will rise. Is he on loan in Belgium still? Besiktas is having a rather poor year.
    • I think you and only you have the edit option on the thread title, it must be visible up there.
    • If women's Rugby 7s can be a big event at Westhills, the Canadian national team should be able to handle it as well. We need two wins, ideally. All stats in football demonstrate that playing at home in front of a supporting crowd is an advantage. Even our own record at home is better than away.  Why don't they just sell two-game packs? Or offer all those buying for the first match a deal on the second'  
    • would I have received an email if im eligible for this presale?
    • Eventually...peak. Is the key for me there.  He may have chance to add Champions League games next season to Europa League ones (they got with some luck) they have this season. He may not get that in another league. Watching him a little bit, I would not say he or his team have peaked yet. From experience watching live, those Europa League and Champions League qualifying runs are grueling slogs and I think it helped him this year.  That can be the opposite but if they keep second place, they would have couple early rounds again (pre window shutting). Him being 20 is a great reason to stay, if he continues to develop he will get a chance at the highest level.  It doesn't need to be and, either way, probably won't be next year. Just my opinion.
    • I think you need to mix some art in to your science my friend. They're not just handing out spots based on some kind of spots to teams participating in your league ratio. CPL is catching up to get its league to a more "traditional" amount of teams yes but it is already ahead in structure, resources, ambition, stadia, potential for growth and I don't think you need to be Sir Alex Ferguson to recognize that the level of play is on par with some and ahead of some of the Central American leagues. Plus there is 2 extra spots, in my opinion, waiting and created with the CPL in mind. To be successful in life you need not tell what has happened, you need to tell people what will happen. So make this all more exciting, make this all more money and add Canadian teams now
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