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    • This only confirms the point I made previously in the "Parity" thread. More Canadians will watch CPL matches for free, than pay for a membership to watch games on OneSoccer. That is why OneSoccer isn't releasing any ratings numbers. If the CPL is really serious about attracting a greater audience, then it will have to forego the peanuts it is currently receiving from OneSoccer, in order to generate real $$$s once a market has been established.
    • Somebody heard you. Vancouver Whitecaps FC confirmed that midfielder Simon Colyn joined Italian Serie B club S.P.A.L. for a two-week trial with their youth teams this week. https://www.whitecapsfc.com/post/2020/09/25/vwfc-colyn-spal
    • Putting the troll aside   CPL pulling MLS level TV ratings (Excluding Onesoccer data) is more than we could hope for for a year 2 league. That means MORE sponsors and ad revenues which leads to higher budgets. CPL will be a Top 3 CONCACAF league on all metrics by the end of the decade  
    • France Jonathan David starts for Lille vs Nantes
    • I think you are onto something there. New CPL opportunities in Spain https://www.mediterraneanflightschool.com/en/commercial-pilot-cpl/
    • It looks to me like Bair is at least equally at fault. He misjudged the flight of the ball. He could have dealt with it and his presence might have been why Gutierrez backed off instead of attacking the ball. I’m giving Gutierrez the benefit of the doubt with this interpretation. But basically either could have gotten to it, but the one in front went forwards and the one in the back went backwards.
    • While third or fourth tier Croatia is not a high level, the country has football culture and does have strong academies. Of course depending on the age of these players, nothing better than to be surrounded with quality and ambition like yourself and prove your mettle. Just what we do not have in Canada.
    • Marko Misic(2002) has signed with NK Trnje zabreb in the Croatian 3rd division. Another one from Norval Croatia.   NK "NK TRNJE", ZAGREB: Mlojo Luka (HNŠK Moslavina, Kutina), Čl. 34/1 MISIC Marko Mario (Croatia Norval Soccer
    • I also heard that Fraser might be back this weekend and I don't believe Marky is out too long either.
    • Like I said, I didn't watch the game so I'm not totally letting him off the hook. For all I know, he could have made an obvious error. I've just never really been a fan of zonal marking on corner kicks for that reason. Why have a 5'8" guy marking a zone, when the attacking team can just put their biggest player in that zone and lob it to him? Its never made any sense to me.
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