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    • That Sam Salter goal might prompt some scouts to take a closer look and earn him more playing time in the here and now. Not sure the defender should have been so quick to assume he was going to take the shot on his left foot though. Very few CanPL strikers are two-footed enough for that. He sold it very well though.
    • A key point about Marsch's press conference: the translation in situ was a disaster, altering entirely his meaning. And then various agencies including EFE, the Spanish news agency, has fragments that alter his meaning which are then quoted in the Uruguayan press verbatim. Most notably, when he says that our foul to card ratio was far higher, indeed for all the Concacaf teams, inferring that Uruguay had the least cards per foul, this is expressed exactly the opposite: that the South American teams had more cards. I have seen various Uruguay sources repeat that erroneous translation, not surprisingly which softens his words entirely, and to their favour. Then the reports plain ignore what he says about the bias in the US game. That is simply removed from the official agency summary.  If Marsch wanted to condition the refs for our Uruguay match-up, it may not work, simply because of the interpreter's errors as picked up by agencies and repeated across the Latin American press, and most notably--because they are interested in the story--the Uruguayan press. Marsch clearly was saying that 1-if Canadians had done what Uruguayans did in the stands we'd be sanctioned for sure (favour to Uruguay); 2-that Uruguay was favoured by refs when it came to fouling with impunity; and that the US game completely favoured them, inferring that perhaps they should not have even been in quarter finals.  And he did not even mention the fact they played a man up vs. Colombia. Something Bielsa manipulates by saying that sure, but in the 2nd half there were  22 real minutes of play and just 7 minutes of added time.
    • Im thankful for Jesse Marsch!   
    • The future CanPL player angle was my first thought as well. I guess he's referring to the standard of play that TFC can achieve when fringe players like him don't have to be selected because players like Richie Laryea are not injured or on international duty. Just as earlier rounds showed that there isn't much of a gap between a top L1 club and a CanPL side doing a lot of squad rotation to give its roster depth some playing time, the Canadian Championship also highlights that the gap in quality between younger MLS roster depth like him that is being kept around for future potential reasons and the top end of what CanPL has to offer with more experienced starters all playing isn't that big, if it even exists at all in some cases.
    • Do they have real promotion chances? I would think they would but really do not know.   
    • Can't find a number for Vancouver vs Atletico: https://canpl.ca/matchcentre/aa2wf5gjrj9nrcsiruute5n2s/highlights But there would need to have been brisk game day sales on the camera side for it to be in four figures in actual tickets scanned as opposed to announced terms.
    • https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/articles/c0jql14vyevo Signed to Bolton for 1 year with an option of another 12 months.
    • Yep. Just ahead of Scotland Here's the website, just make sure you are using an ad blocker.. https://football-ranking.com/fifa-rankings    
    • Was hosted by Americans not Conmebol.  Conmebol just got the cash
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