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    • Makes you wonder how many guys wound up playing in district amateur leagues that could have made it this big but didn't know somebody with the necessary contacts over in Europe through their ethnic background and didn't have money to spare for an airfare to do a trial. Guess he turned 18 at a time when the Whitecaps didn't have a Next Pro team so there would be less danger now of him not remaining on the path to becoming a homegrown player with them. He'd also have a shot at one of the U-18 contracts that Vancouver FC can offer, if he were turning 18 this season.
    • My thinking is, we bring in the new crop of young guys and replace the old guard with a new leadership group of "Larin, Miller, Johnston, Staq, Davies, and David".  We win vs T&T with the young boys in the Theos, Bombito, and Choniere in the 23 and were in the Copa and ready to gain a great experience in preparation for 2026. If we lose, we are out of the Copa and can schedule friendlies with the same core to prepare for 2026. There is no way the goal is to win the Copa if we get there. So bringing Borjan, Vitoria, Hoilett, Cavallini and Piette would be utterly pointless for the future of the program. 
    • I don't think anyone here thinks Biello thinks else wise. I still thinks he wants to steady the ship, and keep the status quo especially as the "Interim Manager (Rafa Benitez voice)".  My squad suggestion was me laying out our current best players...if I did a squad prediction Hoilett, Vitoria, Piette and Borjan are all in it - I just think it's a waste. 
    • Currently EFL is better than La Liga.. The past 2 seasons...
    • And yet we have no manager and the association is being sued (or suing? I don't even know) I am legit afraid the off-the-field BS will ruin our golden generation
    • 2 of the four EPL teams were last in their Champions groups, four Spanish teams won theirs. If EPL is better that doesn't happen.  If you look at finals over this century the numbers head to head are overwhelming. Europa League is owned by Spanish teams. So the BS argument that Spain is just the top two is just that.  Regardless, Spain has far more Ballon dOr and the Best winners, which isn't counted in UEFA coefficients.  The only real story on the coefficient is not EPL superiority, it is that Barça is in an unusual crisis, which could last, and missed the knockout stage in Champions two years straight. Barcelona is also likely to miss the World Club Cup in 2025 because of shitty recent results in Europe.
    • What irked me is that he scores and wants to celebrate a bit, but no player on the team went to celebrate. Like it had to be a funeral or something. The whole point at 5-0 is to try to build for the next match and have team integrity and cohesion for a spell. I appreciate if you are effusive it's dumb in a blowout, but it suggests poor team spirit and a lack of support from teammates. And worse considering he's the youngest guy out there.  I think if he's there next year in 2 nd it'll be okay for him, they are a likely promotion candidate.
    • "He was brought to the attention of the then sports director of Radomlj, a former employee of the Hajduk Academy, Andri Fistonić, by a Canadian Croat friend. Sigur paid for the plane ticket and accommodation himself to come to Slovenia for the rehearsal. He satisfied the profession, stayed, but was not offered a contract. He then moved to Split with the help of Fistonić and Budimir." https://slobodnadalmacija.hr/sport/hajduk/ovog-nema-ni-na-filmu-prije-dvije-godine-bio-je-bez-kluba-sam-je-platio-let-za-probu-sada-ce-igrati-za-hrvatsku-1369296  
    • Srdjan Djekanovic played pro in Serbian first division age 19… and only after played U-Sports. So it's not even a clear path in one direction.
    • He started regularly for Grasshopper and has played in two of four possible games so far for Granada -- albeit as a sub. I think he will get more minutes between now and the T&T game, but I'm not sure it's that important tbh. Buchanan by comparison has 27 total minutes for Inter out of a possible 11 matches since joining in January. 
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