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    • So that puts them 8 above relegation with 7 games to go. Not done yet, but close. Having Scott play another year in B2 is big for us, for his age, the experience it will give him. 
    • Yes. The host confederation gets an extra place in the 2026 intercontinental playoff. It's 6 teams playing for two places. 1 from each confederation except UEFA plus one more from the host confederation.  Single leg KO at a neutral site.  Two seeded teams get a bye to the 2nd round.
    • His reluctance to attack is so complete that it seems it must be on instructions. But it actually weakens Bayern as the opposition know that he will not take them on. It does not make sense, especially when most of the attacking on the night by Bayern was mechanical and not too hard to defend against. They could have used a few drives down the left to mix things up and unsettle the defence.  I agree with several posters that Hernandez was superior in this game, which is actually the first time I have felt that so clearly. I don’t see Bayern changing Davies’ position but I hope they unleash him a little to get greater benefit from his skill set which leans offensive.
    • Lots to like. If our vets are injured, TFC is not bringing in anyone new, might as well. I'd rather see a bunch of green-ish, passionate and talented (if unrefined) young players who give a damn than vets who aren't in shape and might be a little unmotivated by the situation (which is awful for any team).
    • I doubt he'd take money from TFC without some disclosure. He's a true journalist that way. Still, he might freelance with SportsNet, CBC, TSN and maybe the US networks (Fox etc..) who cover MLS. I don't think that's very lucrative, but if he's able to draw 500-1000 paid readers he might do OK. Molinaro's stuff is really good -- he's one of the most thoughtful writers in the Canadian soccer scene. I'd hope he would expand his view outside of TFC -- maybe over time. Let's see. I wish him well in this and might subscribe. $50 to support a quality writer when the big media outlets are doing so little isn't too much in my eyes.
    • They wouldn't, but for those teams that aren't doing fine it might be an idea. The East is the only part of the country that's been consistently stable and might allow for training to go without a stop/start/stop/start sequence. It's a fair bit of effort, but if Athletico can go off to Madrid, it's not a crazy idea.
    • When is FIFA doing the intercontinental draw for the 2022 World Cup? All I can find is at a later date. 
    • As I said earlier, I'm not so convinced about our attacking ability.  We are overly deliberate in most attacks, while not having the ability to break down the structured defense that has time to organize itself.  Against a poorer defense in Wales, nice through-balls behind the back line were misplayed time and again by our attackers, usually not even resulting in a shot on goal.  All this was also apparent at the She Believes Cup.  We are going to have a hard time scoring against good teams if things stay as they are.  We need to figure out how to be more effective on attack, or we'll have to rely on luck and hope that the opponent makes mistakes like England did.  At the very least, we should try to improve crossing the ball into the box.
    • Really important win for Regensburg, and another solid performance from Kennedy. Good awareness as usual with his tackling and heading, but his passing looked a lot better today too. He didn't lob the ball to the other side of the field without pressure, and actually played it forward competently. He even held up possession with runs up the left a few times, and I'm not sure if we have other defenders (let alone CB's) who can do that. 7.1  rating on sofascore.
    • Priestman has maintained the solid defensive structure seen under KHM. But it looks like the back line seems more comfortable playing out from pressure. Offensively, she has improved the structure from being lethargic to showing some flashes of dynamism. No one really emerged under KHM but it seems Quinn is stepping up. Creativity in midfield is still hard to find but given Carle, Riviere & Chapman all can handle being fullbacks, Lawrence should be in the middle of the park against most opponents. Otherwise, it's about relying on speed, power and jumping on mistakes. And it looks like Canada can play and score without Sinclair. Viens is a good technical poacher in a similar vein as Sinclair. Huitema can bring energy and physicality as a sub.
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