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  1. Found this page which provides details on his bio and a short highlight video : https://www.ftfcanada.ca/fr/players/jesse-costa/. Apprently he's already been invited to train with Sporting Lisbon, Belenenses and Puskas Academy in the past.
  2. I've seen this today : https://www.985fm.ca/nouvelles/sports/394373/samuel-piette-nest-pas-sur-le-banc-uniquement-a-cause-de-sa-blessure Here is the translated quote from coach Nancy when asked about Piette remaining on the benching last game : "Yes, he still has this knock to the foot, but when I dress a player, it means he's fit enough to play. If he didn't play, it's not only because of his injury, but because I wanted to see something different"
  3. Definitely has an haitian accent, but you can also hear that being in France and Belgium had an influence on his accent.
  4. I'm a bit surprised nobody came up with this yet, but MAK was named the best CM in MLS by Extratime : https://www.mlssoccer.com/post/2021/03/14/extratime-ranks-top-5-central-midfielders-mls I'm really not knowledgeable enough to debate this, but it seems like a bit of a stretch to me to claim he's the best MLS CM at the moment. I'm curious to read what everyone thinks. Anyways, that's nice to see him named there !
  5. Sorry for my ignorance, but can anyone explain to me why Suriname plays in CONCACAF instead of CONMEBOL ? I mean, they are clearly a south american country...
  6. Here's an interesting article (in French) relating his background. Apparently, he came to Canada at 9 from Ivory Coast and only played his first organized soccer game at 11 after his school teacher noticed his abilities when he was playing soccer with other kids in the school yard ! https://ici.radio-canada.ca/nouvelle/1760073/jean-aniel-assi-impact-montreal-soccer-royal-beauport-cote-divoire
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