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  1. Sorry for my ignorance, but can anyone explain to me why Suriname plays in CONCACAF instead of CONMEBOL ? I mean, they are clearly a south american country...
  2. Here's an interesting article (in French) relating his background. Apparently, he came to Canada at 9 from Ivory Coast and only played his first organized soccer game at 11 after his school teacher noticed his abilities when he was playing soccer with other kids in the school yard ! https://ici.radio-canada.ca/nouvelle/1760073/jean-aniel-assi-impact-montreal-soccer-royal-beauport-cote-divoire
  3. Hi everyone, I'm new here so sorry if this topic was discussed before... I was wondering what everyone feels would be our best possible lineup for world cup 2018 ? Let's dream that we qualify and assume that all eligible players commit to us (Hoilett, Aird, Akindele, etc.). I know it is still far ahead and a lot can change until then, but how do you see it as of today ? Thanks !
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