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  1. Harry Paton might be flying under the radar a bit here. 21 and getting decent minutes in the SPL would have been huge not too long ago. U23 team candidate?
  2. Are the rankings not put out at the beginning of the month? If so we the Hex is based on the June rankings meaning that the June semis would not factor in.
  3. Lot of names I don't recognize but I am having trouble picking out the 6 Canadians for Halifax? I am guessing some count as domestic despite their wiki listings showing them as international.
  4. Cornelius looked overmatched against Elis the whole time he was out there. Would not want to see that matchup again come WCQ.
  5. Did everyone get the Season Ticket brochure sent out today. Nicely presented I thought and priced reasonably. I assume Supporters Section is the place I want to be? 2019 SeaonTicketing.pdf
  6. Subbed off at half time in a 2-1 loss to Romania on September 7th then didn't get off the bench in Portugal's U21 2-0 win over Wales yesterday. Portugal is still in a dog fight to qualify with Bosnia and Romania. They have a free 3 points against Liechtenstein followed by a winner take all game against Bosnia October 16th. Pos Team [ v t e ] Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts Qualification 1 Romania 8 5 3 0 13 4 +9 18 Final tournament — 2–0 1–1 12 Oct 1–1 16 Oct 2 Bosnia and Herzegovina 9 6 0 3 22 7 +15 18 Play-offs if among four best runners-up 1–3 — 3–1 1–0 3–0 6–0 3 Portugal 8 5 1 2 20 9 +11 16
  7. Hmm on second thought you are probably right. If it was CPL related the CPL twitter feeds would be all over it.
  8. This could be good https://twitter.com/CanadaSoccerEN/status/973299768750374912
  9. Looks like TFC jumped the gun. Osorio, Ricketts, Morgan and Chapman all called. Based on this we might see a larger North American contingent than we thought. https://www.torontofc.ca/post/2018/03/12/four-toronto-fc-players-called-canadian-national-team
  10. If Wassey isn’t in the next camp we need to find out why. The guy has earned a call
  11. Hope its not Vancouver he needs to start. Would be a domestic league wide under the Canadian Home Grown rules?
  12. Played 90 and picked up a yellow in a 1-1 draw versus Romania U21 in UEFA U21 qualifying. Still remains to be seen if Portgual will make the main tournament as they have played less games than the other teams. Qualifying games for youth tournaments don't provisionally cap tie do they? Would this mean he has to use his one time switch to come back?
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