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  1. Can we bring back the ability to mute posts by certain users please?
  2. Surprised no one has commented on Steven Simpson. The only new name I didn't recognize at all. Anyone know his story?
  3. From when i can tell the Superettan doesn't start until April 10th 2021... Aren't we thinking the CPL will start sometime in the same ballpark. Hopefully not a sign they don't expect to play on time.
  4. Hutch was subbed late in the last game and then misses out on the squad today. Seems like he must have picked up some sort of injury. Anyone heard anything? Hoping its minor.
  5. Not sure how he looked, but they were down 1-0 when he came on and they came back to win 2-1 for their first win of the year. Can only be a good sign for his chance at future minutes. They are still bottom of the table.
  6. I believe he would be, but not until it has been 3 years since his last Bulgaria game so probably pretty unlikely at that point since that would suggest he will be a part of their program.
  7. Just to be clear if he doesn't get into the game today or the next one nothing has really changed? Is it all possible he has, agreed to come in and train and get a feel for the program, but with explicit direction that he will not make an appearance at this time?
  8. https://www.futwiz.com/en/fifa20/player/jonathan-david/23931 Fifa gives him a team of the season so far nod with a 94 rating topping Davies 92.
  9. Considering Fraser got into the US win ahead of a number of players we had all thought were more established it wouldn't be surprising to see him start given his strong performance.
  10. Harry Paton might be flying under the radar a bit here. 21 and getting decent minutes in the SPL would have been huge not too long ago. U23 team candidate?
  11. Are the rankings not put out at the beginning of the month? If so we the Hex is based on the June rankings meaning that the June semis would not factor in.
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