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  1. Shout out to the person I saw today who had a Canada soccer car flag- nice to see it today in Burlington
  2. I can see that happening …Edmonton is a good soccer town supporting national team events over the years (sorry FC ED). And there seems a general uptick in casual support based on the game this week TSN you so missed the boat on buying these World Cup qualification games from One Soccer so kudos to Sportsnet for the foresight Seems TSN will continue to recycle cheap US programming instead……Went on a tangent …sorry guys Back to Edmonton -am sure the support will be strong and if Canada Soccer has the vision -market this game to all the youth teams and soccer associations in Alberta too
  3. Just home from the game Amazing amazing night-no words and glad I was able to share this night with one of my boys in person - the other was with us in spirit from Vancouver. My boys and wife first in person Canada game was Canada V Ecuador in Toronto 2011 where it felt (pre V’s) in our section we were the only Canada supporters flanked by every Ecuadorian living in Toronto - wonderful to see the transformation from then till tonight A couple of brandy’s down-maybe more, not sure as tomorrow is a work day! see you in Edmonton Drizzy and the other V’s
  4. Am going with one of my sons- the other can’t make it’ Canada and Forge look forward to meeting many of you-put faces to the Voyager profiles
  5. Jamaica hit a post had 2-3 solid chances off of set pieces that with better headers could have gone in We easily could have lost the game so take the point V’s and be happy especially with our depleted squad last night
  6. Wotherspoon deserves more time -played very well Doniel was a force Phonzie - no words so so good I am not going to pile on the players that could have played better - they know 1 point with the squad rotation/suspensions and shite pitch - better than no points See you in Toronto
  7. played a “crucial “ last 3 minutes in a loss to Lithuania today 5th place Team beat 4th place Bulgaria today……
  8. Yes!!!!!! add his TFC account in Mexico and his CMNT account too—proper legend with more to come too proper Canadian lad
  9. Clear cut our number 1-proof positive tonight
  10. Fellow V’s Enjoy this night as after too many years, our team is playing at this stage and we are watching OUR team play and not hate watching (at least for me) other CONCACAF teams Taste the soup and if we get a result or not tonight- hopefully a crucial 3 game window to come
  11. The team Twitter post says he is back ( along with others listed ) that they have recovered from the VID and are back in training with the full team
  12. Borjan back to training with Red Star per the Official Twitter feed for the team
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