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  1. My wife drove my son and I to the game (Oakville) Messy Uber ride back home - great times walking Barton St to minimize Uber Surge pricing
  2. Love to see Atiba with the dimes too so cool to see 2 Canadians doing so well AtibaLegend
  3. That is a great move... Also gives Forge some “bench strength” if needed during the season too. He was great player and will make a great coach too
  4. Me too A great day Can’t wait for a return
  5. Smooth as butter type of player. ‘ almost makes it look as though he is not going 100% due to his presence on the field played very well today for LAFC
  6. With his size, skills, touch and athleticism - he is a potential “unicorn” - an amazing upside
  7. Borjan leads the way today in Belgrade - Zvezda 1 Partizan 0 , 3 points in the league and winners of the Eternal Derby Borjan was outstanding today- huge saves, especially late in the match to save the game Zvezda have locked down the league title again
  8. St Clair should have been capped these last 2 games ....if Busti was cap worthy at the time based on body of work - then DSC is 5x worthy on the same scale
  9. Great to see him play for us......welcome addition and hope he stays with us
  10. When our keeper has the ball -does the Mexican broadcast pump up the ‘fake’ crowd noise to drown out the slur?
  11. 10/10 of importance is the W- team played well= worried a bit we would have a Borjan or Henry moment from our keeper - but what is a Canada game without the nerves! Less important but curious - Does anyone know why they wore that red kit yesterday? And not the new Nike kit- I will take the W over how they looked dressed but am wondering- thanks
  12. Love to see Atiba involved too #Legend
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