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  1. Serbian FA just posted to Twitter that they are playing 2 friendlies in Orlando- Dominican Republic and US - no mention of a Canada game Serbian team mostly from the domestic league
  2. Is this thread more logical placed in the World Soccer forum? Unless I am wrong- he is gone and fully with Bulgaria?
  3. Looking forward to when this thread can close. He has enjoyed the benefits of living in Canada (reference theTSN show/interview ) as no doubt the narrative would not be the same if he lived a long time in the US based on the circumstances shown on TV and with all that living in Canada implies.....but goes with the US. His prerogative of course, that said , this journey has been a long one and I will support all that choose red/white vs red/white/blue. We have won our share J David , Tesho etc that were in the same boat
  4. FT is gone..... Another bad short term decision by an eligible player ( aka Teal ) Unlike Bryan C with Italy- doubt FT ever sees another International minute for England Back to topic Manjrekar looking great recently. A physical presence hopefully not red card prone !! We all know who I am referencing ....
  5. Felt bummed out last night- feel worse this morning Game was for the taking- chances missed ( 3rd minute put a foot on the crossed ball and it is in, cross bar free kick, Mo had a free header with no one near him, many more Corners than the opponent ) Forge dominated play and were not sucked in by the diving and Concafing of the other team. Referee was very good IMO Missed opportunity is an understatement- Fark
  6. Zvezda continue the good Europa League form- 3 W and 1 Draw in 4 games today with a 2-0 win in Belgium vs Gent Borjan with another clean sheet-
  7. True bur the butter pass from Tajon to him-could not resist the dig on TB will stand down and enjoy “our” TB and his career progression
  8. Huge 4 caps 2012: Played in 2 games with the USMNT, starting against Venezuela on Jan 21 and Panama on Jan 25.2011: Called into the January USMNT camp and scored against Chile on Jan 22.2010: Made his debut against South Africa on Nov 11
  9. Amazing pass tonight to #Tealisacolour Alanis Morrisette -can I get a ruling v Ironic
  10. Thanks for sharing ,,,,, like it was yesterday ! No one could take a PK like Carlo Corrazin - unstoppable
  11. Every touch tonight was butter Proper Talent so pure - wasted playing garbage time minutes Too good for those minutes
  12. As i sit in my backyard on a Friday night, giving me time to think ( a nice red helps too!) As a Forge fan ( went to Calgary for the final game with my son), I watched last night and was super impressed. The stadium graphics looked good and the production pre, during and post game was amazing- on par with anything TSN or Sportsnet would do. I figuratively “pinch” myself that CanPL has come this far with the help of One Soccer support. We have gone from literally nothing to this and I hope we, as Canada Soccer supporters do everything we can to support this endeavour. The cost o
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