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  1. Load me up by M Good has some ok soccer video footage and honestly a great Canadian band Alt 90’s jam ……Big Shinny Tunes level tune More Importantly - that Ayo video makes this French Born, came to Canada at 18 months, ex Yugo , Bosna heritage parents Serb,LOVE this country and what it brings to all of us ….#bestcountryintheworld
  2. Received my non personalized Red kit last week ordered the day the shop went online love the notion that demand exceeded supply impacting fulfillment
  3. Joined Twice after Haiti in Chicago 1 for me amd 1 for my son
  4. Bobby at the wheel! so confident with his skills and coaching too- 3 peat
  5. Last night, the 2021 version became far less important. With the qualifying this September, this tourney should be focused on those players outside of our main core- cap tie and introduce as many as possible to the program Remember in previous years, this tourney for Canada had a focus to reset and retool after World Cup qualifying disappointments or help elevate our FIFA rankings too, since we don’t play many friendlies. Can’t fathom an injury to a star- looks what they did to Phonzie over the last few weeks and for a time last night, it looked like D Henry was hurt badly and we can’t afford anything like that going into September
  6. Checked TSN.ca landing page at 6.10 EST- Nothing on the Canada v Haiti game on the main page- sliding into broken record territory perhaps but my gosh ....
  7. TSN.ca has nothing on their landing pages about the game tonight - nary a word about the match but if I want to read about North Macedonia, then my content needs are fulfilled Sportsnet.ca has a link to a P Gallindo article but nothing on then landing page re the match tonight To be fair-cbcsports.ca has the match result prominently on the landing page so for those Twitter people that complain every match ….why are the games not broadcast on “ regular channels” the answer is academic IMO
  8. 24 hours later and still can’t get over you remembering this photo being taken. Still amazing His first Can MNT game live to see was at BMO versus Equador June 2011, 2-2 draw with mostly Equador support at BMO My first game live was In Edmonton in 1994 vs Northern Ireland- not to get too preachy here ( but I will l) ‘time flies as it seems like those events were yesterday !
  9. My son and I with J David after the USA match at BMO- great times
  10. Saw video last night on One Soccer before the game- Phonzie wore 12 and LC wore 19 ( white kits- maybe gold cup? ) So pre Bayern time- regardless love this guy since the goal in Nashville knocked out the Yanks and bye bye Teal
  11. Bit of a moot point IMO- re the leagues He is stud- played at TFC at 19, scored goals too and yeah some red cards for them and us - then went to EPL ( albeit with some Cyprus stuff- but this is before our others who took regular routes to those leagues in Europe) Every coach and fan will be enthralled with the goods that he delivers -
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