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  1. Great news to bring back this solid core group! Hopefully Kadell Thomas will see the field more in 2020 - great potential
  2. Feel Horrible for the fans..... Owners had a choice and decided not to go CPL Bye Felicia
  3. This makes sense IMO looks better on TV atmosphere will improve and team only needs concessions on one side not both of stadium i like it
  4. Dear Co-Founder, We've officially entered the final stretch of the CPL's Inaugural Season! While Coach Bobby and the team are focused on securing the top of the Fall Season table, our Forge FC business team is hard at work preparing for next season. Today, we'd like to share with you an important update regarding Tim Hortons Field's seating configuration for 2020 Forge FC matches. From day one, our club's goal has been to build the best possible match day experience for our fans. Following both of our Concacaf League matches this summer, we received resoundingly positive feedback from Co-Founders, supporters, and our players & coaches regarding the East Side-only (Sections 112 to 118) lower bowl seating layout, along with Club Level and Suite Level. We've heard you loud and clear! Having all of our lower bowl ticket holders together on the East Side creates a loud & vibrant atmosphere, a more intimate viewing experience and enhances the home field advantage our fans create for our players. As a result, moving forward for the 2020 CPL season, all lower bowl seating will be on the East Side of Tim Hortons Field, in addition to Club Level and Suite Level on the West Side. Great news, as a West Side Co-Founder (Sections 103 to 107) you will be receiving a complimentary upgrade on the East Side/Club Level next season, depending on your current season seat location. Your Forge FC ticket representative will be reaching out to you in the coming days to discuss in further detail. West Side Co-Founders will have the opportunity to 'test drive' seat locations on the East Side or Club Level during our remaining 2019 home matches. If you plan on test driving seats on the East Side, be sure to explore the amenities and social spaces Tim Hortons Field has to offer, including the Coors Banquet Bar (behind Sec. 111), Craft Gardens (behind Sec. 118) and the FirstOntario Community Lounge (behind Sec. 119).
  5. The only disappointment from this game is a cap tie issue- Ashtone? could have tied Okello? otherwise a great result
  6. Great service from them there was a glitch when I enrolled and our SSH discount not taken and we paid full price followed up with an email on Saturday to them and our refund of 25 was processed today
  7. I was at the Forge Match and did not watch the second match. Assume Herdman had he been in Hamilton would have been involved in something with the opening ceremonies Does anyone know if he was at either match?
  8. I am a founder and went to pick up the kit today smallest size left is macron XL no L sizes or smaller for men more to arrive within 2 weeks we were told some nice gear available however / Macron and New Era merchandise
  9. I was looking on Bet365 no betting action available on the game (yet?) look at the other leagues that take action !
  10. Slightly off topic for anyone who was at the game any Nike Canada soccer items available for purchase ?
  11. Am a TFC SSH ( at least for one more year) Live where the drive to Forge and TFC matches are about the same No brainer- the TFC game is dead to me- will give those tickets to anyone ( If I can) Forge match all the way
  12. I like the delay of launch till April for a few reasons; 1.No conflict with release of Nike Canada soccer jerseys for attention or $$$ 2. Builds hype the shirts for when they are released 3. It is Canada- we all are in Parkas till April so no one will see them till then
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