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  1. If were going to be in the world cup, we're gonna need our top end talent out there. It hasn't been smooth and the skills sets might not fit perfectly but tajon, davies, David, and larin (and herdman) are going to have to figure it out.
  2. I think its wild that a predictable few who have some other predictable views on other things, seem to be more upset that homophobic changes are being punished when other things aren't, than they are about the other things not being punished. Why bring up them up at all, other than to show that you're upset they can't chant puta??? Just say punish people for throwing stuff at players, it's not hard. Then go get vaccinated
  3. How on earth is this a free speech issue, and if it is why don't I have free speech to express my opinion on what he thinks? It's almost as if you, along with me, are not the government and have literally zero to so with someone's right to free speech, and me criticizing someone's decision on what and where to say it is not the same as somehow legally stopping him from being able to say it He can do or say whatever the Hell he wants, my point is that it would be wise not to unless he's suddenly flushing cash in to the CSA cauffers
  4. I guess it just comes down to the fact, whether you thought forrest's tweet was funny or you love or hate drake, canada soccer has a potential gift horse and an ambassador for that is trying to kick it. He undoubtedly has helped players look at the raptors differently, and financially has helped greatly with Canada Basketball and local basketball programs. If you can get even a little of that for a program in sore need of it, you should probably keep your awesome jokes to yourself when you have the canada soccer logo in your profile picture. Roll your eyes as much as you like while you bite your lip. We shouldn't, he shouldn't, really be mocking anyone for getting excited about cheering for Canada. My two cents. Great goal by phonzie
  5. Gets pretty gross! But alright, I hope I missed the trees on that one. Haven't used or heard the term in a long time and reading it there sent a definite red flag up, I don't think I'll choose to use it. That said I'm not about to try to get others to agree on language, and it's not a super flagrant word or anything. Just hit a lot harsher than it did a decade ago or whenever I would've heard it last
  6. I'm not offended by it or anything, and certainly don't think Craig Forrest means it in a homophobic way -- but there's a reason it's not jersey sniffer. I've got a tough time believing there isn't a homophobic connotation there that would make me rethink the use of the term. It's literally suggesting you're the type of person who would sniff someone's penis holder, doesn't take a leap to guess the origins
  7. If you don't want any bandwagon jumpers, (and were calling sitting 3rd half way through a qualifying process for our first world cup final in 35 years watched by 350k Canadians, a bandwagon) then its just gonna be the few dozen of us here watching this splendid team. Sounds fun. Glad you can all keep the gates free from new fans, after just saying how great it was that phonzie would draw in more fans.
  8. Your post has determined *checks card* That was a lie (Also he has 3x the population of Canada following him on instagram, but sure, yeah, just a toronto thing)
  9. Alistair always in the middle. Also loved doneil pushing davies back, like "you're valuable get out of here, I've got this". Ultimately Henry was wrong but it was the ref who caused this. The ref needs to come in and tell him to move, cause until he does then Henry is fine where he is
  10. I'm not far off, but if ever there was an appropriate time for an Okay Boomer moment, that was it
  11. Also seems pretty damn homophobic https://twitter.com/craigforrest1/status/1448481405437190150?t=LOAnackBVKZvsdmfjAsunQ&s=19 I'm not even sure one can have a "bandwagon" half way through a world cup qualifying as the 49th ranked team in the world hoping to make their first world cup in 35 years. A team that's your home and natural team none the less. dont even think he knows what that word means. Here's an obvious time to become a fan -- loser I can't believe you're becoming a fan now
  12. Such a bad look and disappointing tweet from someone still around the program. Drake has donated/sponsored/helped raise millions of dollars for Canada Basketball and local basketball programs and courts. Are you putting that money in to the soccer program Craig? Then STFU cause he may. No one cares you don't like his music, image, or his fandom cause all the players who matter certainly seem to. I'm not some huge drake guy and was very leery when the raptors partnership started, but there's zero question he has helped their image with players and if he can do that for guys like Flores, Jebbison, etc that's a huge potential win. Especially as a dual citizen himself who chooses to represent canada. Sit down boomer
  13. All of a sudden people are expecting wins against Mexico
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