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  1. i hope tfc loan out shaffs to halifax and make him play LB,its seems the in thing to do these days wingers into backs
  2. i think shaff will go on loan out east this spring and will play LB
  3. yup or even Europe,i guess it depends on the new french gaffer lol and jozy,
  4. i wont lose much sleep if he does choose us,if i were TFC i would sell him now he is kinda injury prone,his value is high right now,TFC have a few young guys coming up perruzza,rowe,and priso s brother,but they wont.
  5. it would of been a 3 way tie,if the oly were not cancelled the ice fishing guy was great.
  6. All the Fraser fans,which i am one,are going to have a shit lol,they probs kept him because they want to get some compensation for him.
  7. at this point i rather have hercules playing cb then molasses omar.
  8. dont think piatti is under contract,may be a club option,but he is not a dp,if they could sign him has tam i would keep him,a winger,striker,cb is what they need,and maybe a fresh face in the coaching staff.
  9. if im not mistaken.i think his son is at the TFC academy?
  10. oh my,, thats what happens when im on 2 chat sites at once .lol
  11. i wonder where he ranks with okello now,if im not mistaken doesnt he have a younger brother in the acad he is a striker and a beast and may be the best prospect ive seen at the acad,
  12. and where are those teams 15 and 20 points behind tfc.
  13. i get that,,,i want canadians to do well also,but dont bite the hand that feeds you,without the mls clubs the nats would be where they were 10 years ago
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