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  1. and where are those teams 15 and 20 points behind tfc.
  2. i get that,,,i want canadians to do well also,but dont bite the hand that feeds you,without the mls clubs the nats would be where they were 10 years ago
  3. i dont get all the injuries,and most seem in training.
  4. why the tfc hate on this site,3 finals in 4 years,top of the league on the road all year and injuries left and right.what should they do start 3 teenagers to please the canadian fan .btw fraser was not good last night looked slow and stiff,
  5. how about reading the whole quote before replying
  6. i guess we will see if the club will resign him,its up to him he will hold the cards, maybe the club dont rate him like we do.the fact they signed Priso ,maybe the writing on the wall for Liam.you got bradley delgado oso and priso okello at the DM pos.
  7. MAK...is the one that comes to mind,a few other guys have gone to europe and the jury is still out on them
  8. lol.. i wish i was,because i would chatting be with you from the warmth of bermuda,and not the cold of the 6ix,mind you i think he is playing in england.
  9. TORONTO — Tosaint Ricketts remains sidelined with a thyroid abnormality that has seen him miss multiple preseason games, the Toronto Sun has learned.
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