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  1. i wanted armas out,now i want our PEP out,im surprized he didnt bring in mullins to secure the tie.
  2. yah its great that 10k are watching a community cable production of the best team we ever had,btw ive had one for 6 mths i barely watch it,i watched fox for the gold cup.
  3. does ONE soccer have the rights to the octho?
  4. so how people actually watched last night on one soccer,5-10-15k
  5. money money money,i think concacaf would sell there mother for cash
  6. i love the way we played,but we were never going to win that game one way or another,in xtra time it would of been a sending off or another pk on the one inch line of the box,this touny is so fixed to have a US- MEX final,i cant it take serious.
  7. double win for me...great game by canada and didnt have to listen to wheeler and dunfield.
  8. im not a fan,the fact he plays endoh is enough proof there,why would he not play shaff at lb ,it couldnt be any worse,nyrb had a 18 yr old lb why not play yefe on the right a bit more that game,keep him the rest of the season.he better not be another lazy hire.
  9. i dont know what people were watching last night,he had a rough 1st half but so did the whole team,but he was real solid in the 2nd half,i rather him learn and make mistakes than see delgado make the same blunders every game,oh yah delgado has got a engine.
  10. Qatar look like a good side,they can win it,afterall Qatar Airlines are one of the main sponsors,i wonder if there any under the table payments lol
  11. a long run for Canada in the gold cup which keeps Caldwell out of the broadcast booth double win for me
  12. 3 things can happen,they make a run and the kids wont play,they suck and the kids will play.they make a half ass run and nobody wins.the next 3 games will chose the path of the club.
  13. my ears are bleeding after watching that highlight package.i rather watch a weather channel broadcaster do the play by play
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