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  1. he is at the oilers game tonight,when does the copa camp start?
  2. davies should be up the field more ....we need more fullbacks on this roster not cbs playing fb
  3. bro...which team do you support...because you know nothing about how nat teams are run ....do you expect nat team gaffers to scout 17 yr olds in the 3rd div and start them on the big club ..they will take the best players in there top domestic league MLS in canada s case and players in other top leagues mold them into hopefully a good team...jus like every other country in world.
  4. alot of his previous post are anti tfc....way to much mls vs cpl drama on here these days
  5. bruh ...im sick of your negative crap...he brought them to a world cup jus tfc hate from you like always
  6. i still rather still have him has a late in game sub than those 2 guys
  7. i really doubt they will add or change players for the copa.i rather have victoria than a herbert or a zator
  8. he did make a great pass on kerr s 4th goal
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