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  1. that worked really well...now we are in a battle for the spoon again
  2. achara has become the new endoh ,no matter how bad he plays he gets the start,pep has to go,
  3. you can now add pep perez to the list of donkeys running this club
  4. they asked him if any players had rejected to play for canada,he said no,there are couple guys playing in italy who said no,you are a soccer broadcaster in canada i think you should know that,the euro snob part is that herdman is not ready to coach in europe,he should coach in mls first,if he takes canada to the WC,im sure he would get some offers from europe
  5. i like james,but he seems to be a euro snob kinda of guy,do some research some pretty good players have said no to Canada,and im sure herdman could get a job in europe if he wanted
  6. i doubt JP will get the full time gig ,they will try to bring in a name.they need to sell tickets,hence the gio signing if it happens,im sure it will,its going to be a bloody big deal type off season
  7. is the edm field grass or turf and what is the cap for the crowd?
  8. i dont get the mullins thing,does he have pictures,he is barely usl level,and he makes the same or more than richie.
  9. win...win...win for me tonight.1st win dont have to listen to wheeler tonight,2nd win if tfc win great we move on,3rd win york win and tfc have to clean house.
  10. basically...pro mtl for playing canadians anti tfc for not playing canadians.mtl are developing canadians and tfc are not
  11. and so are tfc...not all of them play for tfc,but they are products of the academy
  12. i dont watch mtl much,what postion does he play and is he cmnt material?
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