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    • I think they said they were making a mini documentary too
    • I can't see them playing CPL matches behind closed doors. That may make sense for the EPL with their massive broadcast deal, but not for CPL, particularly while 1S are giving away subscriptions. My feeling is that we will not see a 2020 season. And if that happens, let us hope the investors can handle the hit along with the impending slump in the economy.
    • Thanks for quoting that! He is like a yappy little dog continually biting at my ankles, always trying to get my attention while I ignore him. @Unnamed Trialist Heel!  😂
    • He started a thread about the Hexagonal  (we already have one) making some rather obvious point and then suddenly he and the thread were gone.
    • I guess there is potential for fans paying to watch online. How many people would sign up to One Soccer to watch and would that money would go back to the league somehow? It is nothing in comparison to the season ticket money and revenue they would get obviously but I am imagining there are people that would sign up, certainly with the current lack of sport to watch. Lots of clubs (if not all?) threw in a OneSoccer Subscription with season tickets but surely everyone would be getting a refund on the tickets.  Another thing regarding OneSoccer there is already talk that if the EPL goes back behind closed door they will air games free on channels everyone gets (BBC/ITV etc). It is possible there would be some pressure or agreement to air on CBC. By the time things get rolling CFL would likely be overlapping too.  If the league was based in one city and played on the same ground that would save operating cost. They could likely play two (three at a push) games a day if they wanted. In that case though what upkeep/expense do the regular grounds need if they are unused all season and would people fly in every weekend or would there be the expense of housing everyone in that city and pulling people away from families? too many questions! Ultimately as  @Unnamed Trialist says,  is running the league with likely very little revenue better than cancelling the year? Players will likely want to get paid so provided the health risk is low I am sure most would want that as they will likely be put on furlough at best should the season be cancelled. 
    • Yup - playing in empty stadiums is viable for leagues kept afloat by TV deals. But if your revenue is dependent on match day, which the CanPL likely is, playing in empty stadiums is worse than not playing at all.
    • From the Canadian Press: Toronto's ban on city-led events through June 30 does not prohibit sporting events at private facilities. That means the Maple Leafs and Raptors could still play games at Scotiabank Arena, and the Blue Jays could play at the Rogers Centre.
    • Anyone who has to post this sort of garbage given the current circumstances is far more desperate and worthy of being blocked than Robert. What a douche you are @Lofty you post the exact opposite of your username, you post gutter.  
    • Great post @redcard It is clear that mass events are the ones to avoid if you want to keep some control as we move out of the crisis stage into something manageable. So that is sporting events, concerts, nightclubs, as well as weddings or religious holidays and ceremonies. Cruise ships, mass travel to resorts. We have to be realistic: the economy can get back on track in about 80% of sectors without leisure and pleasure. So we have to let that happen when the risk is under control, and do so by regions as well, not hinge the entire nation on one region or focal point doing badly.  This suggests that league matches with fans is highly unadvisable. League matches without fans could work, if MediaPro and the clubs decide it is better to have some league rather than no league. But that is a question of costs. Will players consent to extreme reduction of salaries, possible isolation in certain cities or regions, and a short season, playing without fans, just to ensure that 2021 has a bit of a foothold?
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