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    • Like physically bar people in their homes, leaving them to starve. Look, my point was that attitudes shape policy, and a shift in attitude will be required for Canada to relax entry rules. You want to deny the political nature of the situation? That's fine by me. Substitute it with "positive vaccine news" if that's suits you. Either way, the point was that a shift in attitude will be required to ease tensions regarding Canadian entry rules. Ideally, an attitude shift will come from a significant drop in cases, but I doubt we will hear such news before the elections.
    • That was my thought.. if the ball didn't hit his arm there is no way it would go in that direction 
    • I re-watched the video of the handball on One Soccer's twitter page like 50 times and it is 100% a handball. If you look at the final spin and direction of the ball, it has a backspin and has a downward trajectory - the pure physics of which means it must have hit a surface much more parallel to the ground, like an outstretched arm, rather than a perpendicular surface like the side of his body. Had it not have hit his arm, the ball would have bounced back away from Forge goal rather than bounce towards the ground. Great call Mr. Referee!
    • Relatively speaking, that's a short term concern.  Unless you're also saying "Well, all the CPL teams are going to lose money this year.  Time to fold the league."
    • I might have posted this before but I feel like some people have this "Liverpool or bust" mindset sometimes. I'm not completely ruling out the possibility of him becoming a regular but obviously it's going to be hard, it's not the end of the world if he doesn't break into the first team. If Liam goes to another team in the premier league, that's still huge for the national team. The fact that he hasn't gotten to play since earlier this year hasn't helped with detractors, until he gets his loan (hopefully to Swansea) he hasn't had a chance to prove anyone wrong. That's a bit of a tough situation, if I was Liam I'd probably want to be playing asap after the loan ended and the pandemic kinda ruined that. It's not fair to judge him on just goals/assists for a low scoring team like Kilmarnock, let's see how he does the second time around. 
    • I'm not still bitter, or anything, but were it not for a Dasovic OG and the most-woeful set of penalty taking ever, we'd have had Maradona play a competitive match on Canadian soil back in '93. 😭
    • Because they are separated by an international border.  The value in being in 3 major markets in another country is being undermined by the current logistical challenges. I hope they can figure it out but right now I am not optimistic, as there is no clear end in sight. 
    • I'm not going to shed any tears for Forge getting the short end of the stick on a referee's decision.
    • Even if an owner wants to sell, they can't just relocate their team wherever they want.  The league still has to approve it.  And despite what some individual MLS owners might think, I think the league likes/wants to be in Canada's 3 biggest markets.  Not because of some "anti-CPL" conspiracy, but because they know there's value in being in 3 major markets in another country.  Plus, MLS keeps selling new teams for exponentially more ridiculous prices.  Why eliminate a market (and that money) by allowing a team to relocate there?
    • As a referee, I never give that as a penalty. It's unclear whether it even hit his arm, even in slow motion. You'd have to take a harsh view of every aspect under consideration in order to justify making that call.
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