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  1. Is Tg11 stealing your thunder Robert?
  2. Nice summary I lived in NZ for 10 years, (wife from there, kids born there). I played soccer there, went to many Nix games, even saw NZ qualify for WC against Bahrain in Wellington. I had a good friend that i worked with that played in the Semi pro league for Team Wellington, he made a decent paycheque from that but had to work a regular job as well. The quality of play wasn't to bad. Where kiwis lack in skill they will make up for in heart and hard work. I remember Rojas when he was 16 and won this weird scholarship type thing from the Nix supporters that got him in front
  3. I have a very close friend who knows a guy from his work, who was talking to someone on the bus who has an unnamed source with inside knowledge, that Herdman once refused to help an old lady cross the road. Swine, fu**king swine
  4. I get it... people are frustrated but wow, there is a whole lot of stupid on the board tonight
  5. Every fucking call going the way of the piss baggers!!
  6. I hate these diving piss bag fuckers!!!!!! Lets go CANADA!!!!!!!!!
  7. I'm not worried about us, we'll take care of the bizo However, if we out right win, and the other pool results go as they should, its Martinique & El Salvador that might get screwed and should be pissed as well. To think that a team that doesn't win a game or potentially might not even score a goal, but makes it to QF's
  8. I guess, after all the game is in the USA, they could just shoot him. Or Maybe another option, the ref gives him a red card right from the start of game, then maybe we get watch something like this live
  9. http://www.sportsnet.ca/soccer/concacaf-overhaul-archaic-world-cup-qualifying-format/ About time. And I like the idea of a name change for our region as well.
  10. Yes, lets re-hire Floro as now we know it was Johnson's fault all along. I can't wait until we go for the 3 draws next gold cup. What a fucking beautiful system. Maybe 6 draws in WCQ will get us through next time. Lets shoot any players with opinions, regardless if they work hard on the pitch. Lets make wild accusations that these players boycotted the system, and didn't execute (actually the evidence is clear on this one, as after we scored against El Salvador we continued to press for more, much to King of Spain's dismay) Lets call out players for not committing t
  11. Sorry I was being sarcastic. As in no one wants to give them credit. You know they had an easy group that Canada would have just waltzed through. Beating Guatemala is easy after all
  12. This is Canada This is soccer He will not have to answer to anyone, and will likely get praised for a job well done and given a participation ribbon.
  13. YEah!! It's not Floro's fault Mexico can't score
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