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  1. finally a rumour that lines up with the need for a DP creative midfielder, benfica midfielder chiquinho being linked to the whitecaps https://www.record.pt/futebol/futebol-nacional/liga-nos/benfica/detalhe/mls-chama-chiquinho
  2. kaye and LAFC heading to CCL final versus tigres on tuesday after incredible win over club america
  3. massive trade, austin acquires alex ring from nycfc for over $1 million in allocation money https://www.mlssoccer.com/post/2020/12/17/austin-fc-acquire-midfielder-alex-ring-nycfc-blockbuster-deal
  4. mihailovic put up decent numbers this year (2g/7a) but that is a giant overpay imo. who knows though, maybe henry can coach him up to the standard of this pricetag
  5. yep, montreal plays with 5 at the back and he should fit very well as a LCB with binks at CB and waterman at RCB
  6. they have opara, dibassy, and boxall signed for next year, seems more like he'll be the 4th CB (maybe even 5th if billinsgley is any good, who's also signed for next year). nonetheless he'll get his chances IMO
  7. traded to minnesota united https://www.mnufc.com/post/2020/12/13/mnufc-signs-callum-montgomery
  8. left the match against seattle today in the 5th minute with a bad ankle injury
  9. https://www.mlssoccer.com/post/2020/10/03/minnesota-united-goalkeeper-dayne-st-clair-continues-rapid-growth-he-has-very-bright
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