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  1. left the match against seattle today in the 5th minute with a bad ankle injury
  2. https://www.mlssoccer.com/post/2020/10/03/minnesota-united-goalkeeper-dayne-st-clair-continues-rapid-growth-he-has-very-bright
  3. When coach Carl Robinson made it clear to him he wasn’t going to be a starter in Vancouver, he expressed his desire to go to Europe to prove himself there. A series of transfers fell apart before the move to Fortuna came through. “I said to him, ‘Listen, my dream is to play in Europe, and whether that’s fifth division, eighth division or 90th division, it didn’t matter to me. That was what I wanted to do,” said Froese. “It was a big learning time because it was the first moment I actually learned what football is, and what can happen. That helped forge my character because then I went to Germany and I got a professional contract, when (Robinson) told me himself, ‘You’re delusional if you think you’re going to have a path in European soccer.’ carl robinson is such a piece of **** lmao
  4. good age, good experience (portugal youth + eredivisie)... the type of shrewd signing that schuster's been brought in to deliver they still have another intl slot open, presumably for korea u23 international CAM dong gyeong lee
  5. i disagree, i think MAK was pretty great last night. still looked rusty in the defensive/pressing phases but his passing and running into space looked like classic MAK as an aside, my god LAFC are fun to watch. i mean i'd be watching them anyways for canadian content but they dominated that match last night from start to end. atuesta in particular is outstanding and should be in a top 5 league soon
  6. don't know where else to post this but apparently there's negotiations about another possible concacaf + conmebol tournament in 2024, ala Copa America Centenario in 2016 https://www.espn.com.mx/futbol/mexico/nota/_/id/6696291/planean-otra-copa-entre-concacaf-y-conmebol-para-2024
  7. davies is easily the best player in CONCACAF right now, only keylor navas and pulisic have even a remote case (and they still lose out imo) and then just imagine what david will do with his next move... what a time to be a canadian soccer fan
  8. this just in: he's pretty good at soccer
  9. Played the full 90 for san antonio in a friendly against fc dallas, and luchi gonzalez (dallas manager) had good things to say (montgomery talk starts at 1:32 mark):
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