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  • Loyal Company of the River Valley - Episode 209

    The Loyal Company of the River Valley podcast is the result of Nathan and Adam just having a few conversations over some beverages about FC Edmonton. Eventually they just decided to add a couple microphones to these conversations and make it a podcast. While they may be lacking in the analytic knowledge, they certainly make up for it with passion and optimism with all things Eddies. #FearNoFoe


    On this weeks episode, we go a little off topic with some nerd talk because not much has really happened in the league over the last week.

    We also look ahead to an unfortunately scheduled Al Classico and how it speaks to a larger topic we’ve focused on in the past with the schedule mishaps the league has had.

    We then talk about the other game this week against Pacific and the travelling contingent of FCE supporters that will be there.

    Listen & subscribe via the NSXI Network

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    • Not sure what article he's referring to, but there was one posted 20 hours ago in Relevo that literally has no new information - just the standard Real Madrid is very interested, they're rumored to have an agreement with Davies, but can't agree with Bayern on a selling price. That said, now that Kompany is in charge, and is rumored (along with Bayern's sporting directors, Eberl and Freund) to want a significant squad overhaul, I suspect we'll see a lot more "Breaking: Davies to Madrid" articles.  One of these days, who knows, the article might actually be fact instead of rumor...  
    • Him breaking out the French in the video after the game and everybody cheering warmed the  cockles of my cynical sporting heart. We can have our rivalries and disagreements but bringing diverse people together is still something we do okay at in this country. (Even in semi-rural Alberta, I was watching my nephew play baseball last night and the soccer field next door had hugely diverse teams playing. Lots of different accents and languages.)
    • Depay is gone, I think there is a path to minutes there. Their only senior attackers are Griezmann, Morata, and Correa.
    • I want to see a derby action between David at atletico and Davies at Real Madrid..one can dream. I’ll be there with my 🇨🇦 flag 
    • It wasn’t much, but he did look very solid against Ipswich in the FA Cup (guess that’s premier league opposition now!). Marsch has so many guys to test out over these next few games, but really hope he gives LDF solid run time in at least one of these games.    In the picture you posted, it’s interesting that he looks as wide as Piette who I always picture as this super sturdy guy with a wide frame. He puts on 15-20 pounds of muscle, which he will- he’s 18- and I certainly don’t think his size will be an impediment in him hanging in the premier league.    Also- love that picture in general. Montreal representation, but you have one guy who’s never lived here in LDF, Kone who comes from Cote D’Ivoire, Piette who’s a suburban guy too. Good representation of what the city is. That could damn well be our municipal flag. 
    • And he ain't thin either.  It's happening boys, we *might* be a year away from a fairly solid and balanced backline.  My baseline for solid at the moment being very reasonable, 2-3 CB's in good teams in the 6-10 range of leagues (i'm putting Championship in there).
    • He looks to have a good frame, if he can add mass and maintain his pace, he should be a good physical type for centre half. At the end of the day, he was first rated highly by Fulham as a ball playing defender.  Still needs show that against non-friendly adult opposition but it's a nice trajectory for us.
    • Think it’s more reasonable to be irrationally excited than irrationally disappointed when it comes to sports. In any case, I’m sure Americans would be “relieved” for Koleosho to commit to Canada, that fraud. Just like we are “relieved” that Fraudcelo Flores played for Mexico, god forbid we had to deal with all of *that*”. Very relieved that Montreal won’t be getting any WC games so my taxes can stay flat. Everyone’s relieved when their rival gets something that was theirs. 
    • Sounds like a columnist pulling a name out of their ass.
    • No need to put any restrictions on yourself, mate.  It's just a football site. And it seems you are losing the battle already. 
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