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    • Grimsby is also one of the town`s named in the KLK`s Its Grim Up North.  
    • Tourney begins tomorrow. Canada arrived last week. If they played closed door friendlies, nothing has been disclosed. All 3 Canada group stage matches on Thursday, Sunday & Wednesday are at 2200 EDT on TSN. Four nations will continue being ever-presents by playing in their 10th FIFA U-20 Women’s World Cup: Brasil, Germany, Nigeria and USA. Tourney matches are on at 1300, 1600, 1900 & 2200. Weekday matches are largely on TSN's linear channels. Weekend matches are more split between TSN linear and streaming. RDS seems less committed with only 1-2 match showings per day. Non-Canada group stage matches to watch are: Spain v Brasil Wednesday @1900 Japan v Netherlands Thursday @1600 USA v Netherlands Sunday @1900 USA v Japan Wednesday Aug 17 @1900        
    • Fine, if you guys don’t think the 1975 is cool then have this  
    • Pretty sure it’s a little over a 100 million with Onana recently getting a move to Everton.
    • And he bangs in 3-4 every season. Throw mavinga, Oneill, Salceido (before he left) and Mcnaughton in a bag and shake.  From their play you couldnt tell which was the DP, the TAM/GAM guy, the MLS journeyman and the rookie.  From my viewpoint, watching every week, you;ve got a couple guys adjusting to new leagues, one space cadet whose play has fallen off the table and a couple cheap guys doing pretty good as depth 3-4th CBs.  Still too early to tell whether how effective Henry will be this time around.  
    • Grimsby, see how Pepple and 70s music find their harmonious resolution:  
    • Starting in the League Cup v Crewe Alexandra 
    • England League Cup: Corbeanu starting for Blackpool v Barrow (League 2). Pepple starting for Grimsby v fellow League Two club Crewe Alexandra.  Hoilett not dressed for Reading v Stevenage
    • I'd like for him to succeed as well, and there were certainly other contributors to the breakdown leading to the penalty goal. However, over a season, and a career, it's the sum of all these little plays that add up. TFC gave up three goals, he played a role in two of them. No defender is going to stop every chance from occurring, but both of these were plays where he had a chance to and did not. If that's a trend, then that's a problem. I haven't watched all the games, but it hasn't been pretty on the back-end for TFC. It would have been nice for him to step into a well-functioning team D, but he didn't, so he's going to get exposed to more pressure than he would with better defenders around him. Can only hope he keeps adapting and doesn't lose his spot.
    • I wonder where Lilles debt is at and how much that will help a David sale? Most recent reports are from 2021 and had the debt at around 130 million. However, they have been killing it the last couple years on the transfer market. So far this year they have made 81 million, nearly 50 million the year before that,  60 million in 2020, and 50 million in 2019, 60 million in 2018. This team knows how to sell snd should have every motivation to do so.
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