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    • Question if we have to go the long route. Is the inter-continental playoff going to be against a randomly picked continent? It would suck to make it that far and have to play against Chile or Colombia.  We should have a good chance if it’s New Zealand but the AFC route would probably be the biggest toss up. Assuming Qatar automatically qualifies, we’d get placed against Iran/Japan/Korea/Australia?  
    • Well if we get the final .5 spot in CONCACAF and cross over with Asia, at least we have a first hand  player scout :).  Remember Australia was the .5 spot in the Asia 4.5 team allocation.... Australia got by Honduras including an away result in San Pedro.  Really hope it works out for him, any idea on $ and length? 
    • As been mentioned before he doesn't have Canadian citizienship. I'll just assume people are joking because the thought that the Whitecaps are directing players to play for the US is a lets just say... an interesting thought.  Another bigger picture item is.. if we don't want the US picking off dual nationals we shouldn't have them playing in the USSD or whatever it's called. Especially since our teams always excel and get in to the final rounds where the spotlight really turns on these players
    • I should have asked his mom at the Taphouse while we are all watching the game last week. 😕
    • Not by 2021 and certainly not if they are playing in Dartmouth. Hand-egg fans are willing to drive to suburban stadiums because the game is 3+ hours long and they can tailgate beforehand to make a day of it. Soccer is a more like a movie, play, or concert where you meet up with friends at a bar, go to the game/show/gig and then either go home or head to the bar to keep the party going. This is, BTW one of the big reasons why I have been arguing against mid-day games on weekends here in Victoria. A soccer game is NOT a big enough deal for casual fans to spend the entire day doing it. People out here want to be outside doing things on a sunny afternoon. Hiking, gardening, kayaking, cycling, sailing, spending time at the beach but a game kicking of at 12:30 or even 3:00 (two standard times PFC chose this last summer) means you cannot do both. Kicking off at 5:00 pm or later means people can do their things and still come to the game.  
    • If he does, the move probably wouldn't happen this year since his contract at Hansa Rostock is until summer 2021.
    • Has anyone actually seen him play??  
    • Lareya should get the wages they claw back from Morgan...Ashtone is in the same spot as Hamilton a year ago.  They'll resign him for 100g, saving themselves 40g.  
    • I remember DAZN carrying some games last year. Not sure if they still intend on playing those matches. They've really cut all their football programming after they got their greedy hands on the premier league. That's all they care about nowadays.
    • David is perfectly designed to play as a false 9 because he's shown he can drop in and play as a 10 really well, and one of his biggest strengths is late runs into the box.  Davies is a perfect compliment to play with a false 9 because of his ability to run behind so well and attract a ton of attention for a roaming 9 like David to exploit.  I think we should be building towards using those two in that role, I think for now the best match would be Hoilett/David/Davies with David pulling CB's out of place and having a couple wide forwards with pace to exploit that space.  
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