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  1. The more Alex Bunbury delays the so-called "announcement", the more credibility he loses. Just a thought.
  2. He's back!!!🙄 Bunbury: CPL-Related Announcement Coming Next Month - Northern Tribune
  3. Why Canada Isn't Ready For a Rumored Second Division - Urban Pitch
  4. The stands remind me of the old Blue Bonnets racetrack in Montreal and resemble CEPSUM stands (U de M). All you have to do is remove the track bring the field closer and this seems like a winner for Saskatchewan CPL.
  5. It's good to use Prairieland Park, this could be like Spruce Meadows for Cavalry. Just a thought.
  6. Montreal Manic Brings In Sandro Grande - Northern Tribune looking to build a stadium in either Montreal or laval. testing the waters for CPL hoping to reach out to some Impact alumni
  7. Montreal Manic Brings In Sandro Grande - Northern Tribune talks of plans to gauge interest for a CPL club
  8. If I remember the Manic were originally the Montreal Rangers FA, part of Glasgow Rangers. The Manic was originally the name I grew up with when I started to play and have an interest in soccer. Long before the Impact and now CF Montreal. As the reach for this academy extends to Montreal and Laval, I would not be surprised if the 5000 to 8000 seat ampitheatre is placed in Laval (as long as it is near the Laval stops on the Orange line). But then what is the future for Alex Bunbury group who wanted to bring a CPL team to Laval?? As I see that you support FC London, do you see this
  9. Actually when the establishment of a Canadian national league for soccer was being studied by Duane Rockerbie (Univ of Lethbridge economics professor) he said such a league(which would become the CPL) could only support 10 to 12 teams. Just a thought.
  10. And do we really have 24 markets to create a closed 2 tier league? After you leave the big cities, there is not really at lot of room for growth. And can smaller to medium sized markets withstand the costs of coast to coast travel?
  11. But how many teams would be in each tier, if this were to be the case?
  12. Like the idea as long as East West conferences applies to the CPL as well, to keep travel costs reasonable.
  13. I've also noticed that teams like the Marconi Stallions and Melbourne Knights, Gold Coast and a few others are the ones that seem to be involved with this AAFC and pushing for A-League pro/rel. If I remember the A-League did NOT want "ethnic" teams in the league. I am not sure if pro/rel will be viable for Canada or Australia because of the travel costs. Do you see a D2 happening with pro/rel happening for either country?? (i.e a full pyramid)
  14. I will support the rebranded team, the Impact will still be a part of me.
  15. Totally agree there, every loss it seems in 2020 was from a Camacho mistake. But who will take him in MLS??
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