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  1. if they are tied, is it GD or head to head first? presumably, it's GD since 4 points means winning more than just the next game to seal the league
  2. Not going to be easy one for PSG to be fair between CL matches.
  3. Well spoken In French and seems to have incredible respect from the presenter.
  4. Tough outing for sure. Also wasn’t getting decent efforts through offensively was he. But it was a tough ask without the three missing stars. good for Neymar. He can play well under right conditions.
  5. It was off deflection to be fair.
  6. https://www.theguardian.com/football/2021/apr/06/lille-win-psg-a-reminder-fame-ligue-1-france-title-race?CMP=Share_iOSApp_Other
  7. Heat alone is a factor which both Canada and US had to face. See things dwindle from 65 min as players run out of gas.
  8. Honduras have gone the last few cups. No surprise in the Mexico heat really.
  9. Even more of a accomplishment given how hard his first couple of years were. Shows you need time and opportunities to make it happen and luck and good timing the payoff is ahead either way. also I recall Hutch in conversations with EPL teams at various moments. I think he was close but never guaranteed to really get a good look.
  10. Updated stadium!!! Yeah right. Dreams /Nightmares
  11. Nah! Never going to happen if it’s close to league title.
  12. Canucks and Yanks always gonna be mates in international football
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