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  1. Been very good of late. Also seems not willing to resign at the moment. Rightly so deserves to explore options.
  2. What about the sitter from Johnson. Or not running to waste time at the flag with 2 remaining. Equal gaffes which collectively led to the draw
  3. While Bayern must realize they have the future on their team, they must also realize that Canada won’t be in the qualification cycle next time around. Next 6 months will be the last time to be making these trips for a long time.
  4. Not sure if mentioned elsewhere but I really wish we were in Toronto on a good field against an inferior team like the ticos. If it snows or is inclement doesn’t a shitty surface help neutralize the skill and passing and make it a long ball game? Against Mexico I’m all for Edmonton by the way but not Cora rica. I’d like to max our quality and skill.
  5. Even one of these guys on the field tonight would have changed things. Both are indispensable
  6. Hard to argue it’s this take either. Except for the elbow which looked straight red
  7. First off I loved that Mexico draw a lot. Second, KJ and Oli also thought Davies would start on the bench. The two aren’t mutually exclusive. There are tough decisions on starting lineups to be made. I get that. Fair to say we’ll debate again on Wednesday if Davies sits and we don’t get three points.
  8. Herdman could have focused non this game instead of Mexico and gotten 3. Instead we are at 2. Panama is getting some breaks on an own goal today and we were a post away from losing today. Still not clear why we didn’t see Hoilett tonight. I thought he was going to be a starter. He would have tested Blake more really hoped we would bring Davies into the game as a sub tonight.
  9. Tough sailing. Why didn’t Hoilett start this. Really just need to latch onto a ball first time to score in these conditions. Guys are knackered
  10. Set pieces were much (better after the first one.). Wonder if the altitude did things on the first.
  11. No mention by the Mexican commentators about the kick-out. Also Univision called Osorio Colombian didn’t they?
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