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  1. Big O might work until snow hits the roof, at which point they can’t insure and ensure a roof from collapsing! I’m not even sure David and Davies will be allowed to play on it! Might pull a Thierry Henry and come down with an “injury”
  2. Don’t mind Sams army but not sure about the others. At the World Cup American fans seem mild mannered. I would think they’d want Canada to win if it wasn’t against them.
  3. Maybe one in both Toronto and Montreal to max revenues with a bit of scarcity?
  4. Rapids With an owner who consistently underinvested in their greatest assets and often lose them for nothing.
  5. Agreed. Winning trophies is huge and even getting to semis is huge. I think our expectations have been so low for so long, getting a result here has been off our radar. Similarly getting to the Octo/hex has been such a long wait that it has also taken some precedence for us, like we can’t relish both for what they are. Not to mention how hard it is to get player commitments no longer.
  6. Really should be selling tickets soon for home matches. 15k now allowed at Saputo stadium
  7. I don’t think he’ll want to play on field turf at this point in his career. Toronto would be great but so would Montreal!
  8. Plays like real grass but did I hear this field was indoor and air conditioned? Is it field turf?
  9. In hindsight US soccer federation must be already regretting Nashville for its Canada match with covid vaccine rates amongst the lowest in the country.
  10. Yeah we’re not as good as the Ticos, but I agree that winning quarters is aligned with what we would consider a success and less than that a failure. A real failure would be to be out at group stage. to my original point, I was being hypothetical and yes a bit overly concerned about the replica of the 2000 gold cup trophy followed by a disappointing World Cup qualifying campaign!
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