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  1. I was convinced that Canada being now head of CONCACAF had rigged this thing to ensure we'd be in the Hex. Now I'm depressed that we are so bloody honest that maybe we didn't rig anything, even though I thought there was perhaps a Quid pro quo around the 2026 World Cup hosting. What happened? And to think we don't even seem to have guaranteed entry to 2026?
  2. Tell us how you really feel? LOL 😀
  3. Can we all agree that we didn't see this coming? Patrice and Thierry together as coaches for Impact? Terrific stuff Almost ANY other coach would have been subject to a ton of debate, criticism, consternation and more. Was this the only choice that will be almost unanimously approved? Even those who are skeptical? Gilmore/Saputo - don't **** this up. I heard that Whitecaps tweeted asking if Henry coaches on turf, harkening to his days of skipping games at certain parks?
  4. Any ideas if Pulisic decided to stay at Chelsea to “focus “ on his career? Would be good no?
  5. When they didn’t finish in the 1st half I thought it would bite them. Vanney played it perfectly to have all that control up to 54 Minutes. But just didn’t have enough firepower without Jozy taking Osorio off seemed odd. Lareya also didn’t seem as potent tonight. pozuelo trying to do too much. Seattle were good defensively And buried their chances
  6. yeah yeah - that's what i meant! : ) it eventually got to DeLeon
  7. This is a Vanney win - Lareya, Ciman, DeLeon - all signings to fill roles and all were needed tonight and in the playoffs. Can't say enough about Lareya - this kid stood up on defence in the second half and also made the run and pass over to Leon. He's the difference maker for me coming off the bench in these playoffs.
  8. Funny was thinking the same, but he's been making those missed slide tackles for several years, including when he was in Montreal. The MLS guys were really positive about the defence tonight, but also suggested that Ciman wouldn't start the final. Either way, he was an astute signing for TFC. Will he re-sign for Impact since his family is here in Montreal anyways?
  9. he did what was needed offensively I think - but the damage was done. I was surprised how good he looked all things considered. Still, Seattle was very compact defensively which made it hard to find openings. To be fair, one of his passes to Rossi should have led to a goal.
  10. Looks like they needed him on the field from the start. He looked good coming on, but all the damage was done in the first half. LAFC were not good playing from behind.
  11. All analysis suggests MAK missing in the midfield really cost them the game tonight. Defensively the midfield didn't bring it. should Bradley have started MAK tonight? Seems so
  12. Loved how Laryea looked once he came on the field. Seemed checked into the game and was good even before he scored that goal. Whatever the salary he's pulling this year, I hope he gets a raise and a better contract.
  13. was it that low? did it feel empty? Looked pretty full to me. with the new format, i guess more need to get a return on those home games.
  14. Of course they are - for the money, or the potential for future earnings through increased interest from fans in the future. But don't tell me TSN showing Champions League wasn't making money before - of course they were. They put an asset on their rotation and sell ads, but they also link to other media to get more ad revenue and clicks. So either this asset becomes more valuable, stays the same, or declines. And the next round of negotiations with UEFA comes to a new agreement. DAZN wins and sells subscriptions and knows exactly what their viewership looks like. More data etc. Different model, same need to ensure profits. I think my question is different - what happens to the asset valuation when fewer people tune in, fewer people click on CL or EPL stories etc. Doesn't it just stagnate? In other words, does CPL do itself a favor being on a subscription service in the long term? Wouldn't OneSoccer do itself a favor (in terms of building more fans and getting more subscribers) by sharing its broadcast with a national sports network? In fact, wouldn't DAZN benefit from sharing its asset with a national broadcaster to show SOME CL games in order to get more subscribers to jump on DAZN in order to watch the other games?
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