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    • No, he's arguing that we would be better off with a Whitecaps farm team in Calgary instead of having the entire CPL. And we would be better off with having London and KW in the PDL than having the entire L1O. And presumably we would be better off watching the national team on dodgy illegal streams than having OneSoccer with half hour pre and post game shows, not to mention their talk show coverage as well.
    • This. Like Canada celebrating in an empty stadium that we made it to the Octagonal. You can't get perfect fairness. Maybe it's not fair that one team has to travel 5000km and another team 500km to get to the neutral site. Maybe the team that plays the CONMEBOL team last gets an easier game because the CONMEBOL team was already through, as an example. I think the last year and a bit has made it more evident to me that games in front of fans is massively important. I'd rather the unfairness of how it is now than to have a fairer neutral site tourney.
    • The other factor is climate.  If a team from the Middle East is involved then June temperatures would make their playoff home game a challenge.  Qatar may be possible for a neutral site because several of the new stadiums are retractable roofs with air conditioning.  
    • He is... to him, the whole country should have had clubs in USL being glorified feeding teams to the "MLS mighty trinity".
    • Another proof of how much this man hates himself... Canada DARING to have it's own independent league and trying to develop it's own football infrastructure?
    • Are you seriously going to argue we would be better off with a Whitecaps farm team in Calgary instead of Cavalry?
    • In addition to being more fair this may also be more pragmatic, considering the potential for logistical challenges due to government restrictions. They can perhaps market it as a play-in tournament and generate a real buzz. Furthermore, they could host it in Qatar to give them more of a dry run. It would be like a world cup appetizer.  Downside would be that you'd lose the passion that comes with playing home and away for a spot in the world cup, but at least for this cycle it would arguably make sense.
    • No moratorium and there would be no CanPL and no Onesoccer. The rest I won't dignify with a response.
    • The take away from last window regarding Kaye is that he can be outstanding or he can have a poor game. I imagine the LAFC fans would agree with that statement. With Eustaquio it's becoming clear you basically get an 8 out of 10 every game. 
    • Also looks like One Soccer raised their rates. Its now $100 per year. https://shop.onesoccer.ca/
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