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    • Hi, I have been away from this group for a long time. I have some Ottawa Intrepid lineups for 3 games in 1990. Do you want me to send them to you? (You already used my Ottawa Intrepid game program from June 3rd, 1990 and my Montreal Supra program showing the Supra playing the Intrepid in 1990 that I posted in this thread a few years back. It isn`t a problem, just saying) Let me know about the lineups. Great website by the way.
    • I'm sure I've read quotes from Angus McNab that the new foreign singings aren't in the country - if that's the case I don't think they'll be part of the team for whatever form the season takes this year.  Has anyone else read or heard anything about them? 
    • Bulgaria I don't think have qualified for a World Cup since USA 1994 I believe. But then again Canada has not qualified since Mexico 1986 which is an even longer drought. But then again you're right, absolutely right Canada is going through a golden generation of talent right now. So the thought of being a part of that is and should be appealing to Yankov but it is only a matter of if Bulgaria cap tie him first at senior level. If they do that, then we can kiss our chances of landing him goodbye. But if Herdman and his staff were doing their due diligence, they would be getting him to switch nationality now.
    • If only Canada qualifies for the World Cup and coming from CONCACAF region like Canada has a golden generation of talent which includes Alphonso. But with that golden generation of talent comes disappointment time and time again. I mean Canada have the talent to qualify for major tournaments but they just can't seem to put the formula together when it comes to qualifying. However, with the new format Canada does at least have a chance to qualify for Qatar but it all depends on the Group Draw for CONCACAF qualifiers.   If and only if Canada qualifies, then yes of course Davies' stardom will grow exponentially even further.
    • Okay that all makes sense, thanks for clarifying. Like I said, I have not seen him in a game, so thanks for providing your feedback on him as well. It is exciting to hear about his attacking qualities. The more of that we can get I  our pool, the better!
    • Wishfull thinking and I hope this comes to fruition but I just don't see it. It would take an incredible run at a World Cup for this to happen. Too many Canadians only watch or care about soccer during that Tournament. I will be the first to commend you if it happens though. 😉
    • It’s true, my most hated hockey memories are Salt Lake in 2002 and Vancouver in 2010. Totally ruined hockey for me. /s
    • Oh he is for sure a number 8, I should've made it more clear. I should've said that if Canada were playing the box formation again, that his competition would be with Oso and Arfield. The more advance spots. While Fraser will be up against Piette, Kaye, Eustaquio etc. Yankov doesn't have the defensive capabilities to play in the more defensive role of that box as of now. Ya when I've watched him, a lot of times he starts as a 10, but mid way in the second half they would pull him back as a 8. I've personally never seen him as a DM. I disagree with Fraser's offensive game. Watching him for years starting as a CB, I just never saw him near the box and do much with it. He truly is a "Bradley" type of player imo.  
    • He played with both of them at a Canada U15 camp.
    • It’s great to have Canadian players at these pro academies in Europe, but it’s still not easy and a guarantee of ever making the first team, but it’s a start . Was looking at an old program from an exhibition game between TFC2 team made up of mainly U21players playing serie A’s Roma U18 team played in 2015 at the Soccer Center in Vaughan. Looked at a lot of those U18 Roma players and where are they today and could not find one player that has made the Roma 1st. team or even another seria A team . Every player I looked at was basically playing in Italy’s 3rd and fourth division , with the exception of one player in Italy’s second division and one playing in Serbia’s top league. These former Roma U18 academy players are all around 22 or 23 now. So while it’s great  making a pro teams academy , it’s still very difficult to make it to the first team or even any high level pro league .
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